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Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS

Jacob Thomas
Software Development Manager

We are pleased to announce another aspect of the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft. 

In early June 2019,  Oracle and Microsoft announced their cloud interoperability partnership.

We are now announcing another key piece in that story: Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS.

In addition to the exciting work on the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator and Coherence Kubernetes Operator, the WebLogic team at Oracle is hard at work creating several interoperating Azure ARM templates and corresponding Azure Marketplace Offers to cover the most common needs of deploying WebLogic Server to IaaS resources on Microsoft Azure.

The following collection of Marketplace Offers are all based on Oracle WebLogic Server running on Oracle Linux 7.6.

  • Create a single VM with WebLogic Admin Only domain pre-configured
  • Create a N-node WebLogic cluster with the admin server on one VM and cluster members on other VMs.  Admin server and all managed servers are started by default when the provisioning completes. Admin Server and NodeManager are started as systemd services and CrashRecoveryEnabled is set to true for the NodeManager so even after a VM reboot servers are restarted automatically.  Additional nodes can be added to the cluster using the Azure CLI.

  • Create a N-node WebLogic cluster as in the preceding offer, but with an Azure LoadBalancer automatically configured for the cluster.
  • Create a N-node WebLogic dynamic cluster with the admin server on one VM and managed servers in a Dynamic cluster on the other nodes. The WLS administrator can scale up from the admin console or WLST to start additional managed servers on the available VMs.  As in the preceding offer, the services are configured to auto-start, and more nodes can be added with the Azure CLI.  

Please follow this blog for updates on the availability of these offers.  We expect to have them available in the Azure Marketplace by end of October 2019.  You can also visit our "Contact Me" offer in the Azure Marketplace to be notified of the availability of the offers.

For more information on the Oracle on Microsoft partnership, visit https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/oracle/

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Sheerish Tanwar Wednesday, May 27, 2020
    Hi Jacob,
    This is really good! Can you please provide additional details about availability and configuration on Dynamic Clustered environment.
    Oracle Recommendations on -
    - What kind of Azure Storage will be available for Shared Storage (Admin Server Configuration) Is it Azure files ?
    - Database provisioning (for this installation) and its Affinity with virtual network of Weblogic domain. Also Shared storage affinity with Weblogic Virtual Network.
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