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  • July 29, 2013

New Whitepaper – Cloud Performance, Elasticity and Multitenancy with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Database 12c

Guest Author

of the exciting focus areas of Oracle WebLogic 12c release 12.1.2 is the
deep integration with the recently available Oracle Database 12c.

hear live about these key integration features, please join
our launch
on July 31st

of the advantages of having the world’s most popular Database and the #1
Application Server under one roof, is the simple rule of 1+1=3, and what do I
mean by that?

our Engineering teams on the Database and Middleware side working hand in hand,
Oracle WebLogic Server 11g introduced Active GridLink for Real Application
Clusters (RAC). In conjunction with Oracle Database, this powerful software
technology simplifies management, increases availability, and ensures fast
connection failover, with runtime connection, load balancing and affinity
capabilities. Deltek is one of the early adopters of these capabilities. Watch their video

the release of WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.2), tight integration between
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.2) and Oracle Database 12c enhances these
capabilities with improved availability, better resource sharing, inherent
scalability, ease of configuration and automated management facilities in a
global cloud environment.

worth noting that Oracle WebLogic Server is the only application server with
this degree of integration with Oracle Database 12c.

white paper, authored by Monica Riccelli and Frances Zhao from the CAF Product
Management team, explains how these unique database, clustering, and
application server technologies work together to enable higher availability,
scalability and performance for your business. It starts by introducing Oracle
Active GridLink for RAC with attention to ease of configuration, manageability,
and performance. Then describes the impact of Oracle WebLogic server on several
leading features of Oracle Database12c such as Multitenant Databases (Pluggable
Database), Database Resident Connection Pool, Application Continuity, and
Global Data Services.

the whitepaper
and let us know your feedback!

can read more on this topic in these blogs by Steve Felts:

1 - 12c Database and WLS – Overview

2 - 12c Database and WLS - Application continuity

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  • guest Tuesday, July 30, 2013

    When trying to download whitepaper I had to apply to become a member. When done I tried to login but Oracle system didn't recognize my login Username. One would think there is a bug in the Oracle system due to this event. But, the Oracle system may need some time to handle my new account. Usually I rely on Oracle system to be stable and trustful, and hopefully also not this slow. Perhaps Oracle people have the opportunity to investigate why this Oracle system fails this way. Oracle people can turn back to me via my email when they have sorted out the error in their Oracle system.

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