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  • December 10, 2020

Jakarta EE 9 is Released

Will Lyons
Senior Director, Product Management

As announced by the Eclipse Foundation and at JakartaOne Livestream, Jakarta EE 9 has been released.  Jakarta EE 9 is a new version of the Jakarta EE platform and component specifications.  Jakarta EE 9 transforms the use of the javax.* namespace to the jakarta.* namespace in order to enable future innovation of the specifications.  This change has been implemented in a well-defined and consistent manner that will facilitate adoption and usage by compatible implementations, tools, and applications. We have the first Jakarta EE 9 compatible implementation in Eclipse GlassFish 6.0 RC2 available today, with delivery of additional implementations expected soon.  The great community turnout for the Livestream announcement event is a testament to the momentum we have created.

Jakarta EE 9 is the result of an open, community-driven, vendor-neutral process.  Whereas in Java EE releases, and in the initial Jakarta EE 8 release, Oracle played the leading role in driving specifications, the GlassFish implementation and the TCK technologies, in Jakarta EE 9 these roles were led by Kevin Sutter (Platform Spec), Steve Millidge (GlassFish), and Scott Marlow (TCK) with significant contributions by the broader Jakarta EE community.  See this JakartaOne Livestream presentation that celebrates leading contributors and committers.   A big thank you to all.

Although Oracle supported others taking on leadership roles in Jakarta EE 9, we continue to invest heavily in the platform and technologies.  I’d like to personally thank Ed Bratt, Dmitry Kornilov and the entire Oracle Jakarta EE team for their extensive contributions. Names of Oracle leads on critical specification and implementation projects are listed below:

Spec/Implementation Project Lead/Co-Leads 
Eclipse Project for JSON Processing Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle), Nathan Mittlestat (IBM)
Eclipse Project for JSON-B Dmitry Kornilov
Eclipse Yasson Dmitry Kornilov
Eclipse Project for JAF Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Project for JavaMail Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Project for JAX-WS Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Project for JAXB Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Project for JPA Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Implementation of JAXB Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Metro Lukas Jungmann
Eclipse Jersey Jan Supol
Eclipse Tyrus Jan Supol
EclipseLink Lukas Jungmann (Oracle), Joe Grassel (IBM)
Eclipse Project for JAX-RS Santiago Pericas-Geertsen
Eclipse Grizzly Anand Francis Joseph


Many others from Oracle have contributed to the above projects, and to the transformation of the Jakarta EE TCK that will be used to certify compatible implementations across all specifications.   Thanks to all members of the Oracle Jakarta EE team.

Finally, I’d like to add a note of gratitude to Bill Shannon, who passed away earlier this year. Bill’s contributions to Java EE and Jakarta EE stand alone - it was an honor to work with him. I highly recommend watching Ed Bratt’s tribute to Bill, delivered at JakartaOne Livestream.  It’s more than just the technology.  Thank you Bill.

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