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  • August 31, 2016

Introducing AppToCloud

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> Typical Workflow for Migrating Applications to Oracle Java Cloud Service


Oracle’s AppToCloud infrastructure enables you to quickly migrate existing Java applications and their supporting Oracle WebLogic Server resources to Oracle Java Cloud Service. The process consists of several tasks that fall into two main categories, On-Premises and Cloud:




The on-premises tasks involve generating an archive of your existing Oracle WebLogic Server environment and applications and importing it into Oracle Cloud.


  • Verify the prerequisites: ensure that your existing Oracle WebLogic Server domain meets the requirements of the AppToCloud tools.
  • Install the tools: download and install the AppToCloud command line tools on the on-premises machine hosting your domain’s Administration Server.
  • Perform a health check: use the AppToCloud command line tools to validate your on-premises Oracle WebLogic Server domain and applications. This process ensures that your domain and its applications are in a healthy state. These tools also identify any WebLogic Server features in your domain that the AppToCloud framework cannot automatically migrate to Oracle Java Cloud Service. 


Note: This step is mandatory. It cannot be skipped.


  • Export the domain to Oracle Cloud: use the AppToCloud command line tools to capture your on-premises WebLogic Server domain and applications as a collection of files. These files are uploaded by the tool to a storage container that you have previously created in Oracle Storage Cloud Service.  The domain export files can also be manually uploaded to an Oracle Storage Cloud Service container using its REST API.
  • Migrate the databases to Oracle Cloud: use standard Oracle database tools to move existing relational schemas to one or more database deployments in Oracle Database Cloud - Database as a Service.
  • Create an Oracle Java Cloud Service service instance: create a service instance and select the AppToCloud option. As part of the creation process, you provide the location of the AppToCloud artifacts on cloud storage.
  • Import your applications into the service instance: after the Oracle Java Cloud Service service instance is running, import the AppToCloud artifacts.  Oracle Java Cloud Service updates the service instance with the same resources and applications as your exported source environment.

Note: The import operation can only be performed on a new and unmodified service instance. Do not perform any scaling operations, modify the domain configuration or otherwise change the service instance prior to this step.

  • Recreate resources if necessary: some Oracle WebLogic Server features are not currently supported by the AppToCloud tools. These features must be configured manually after provisioning your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.  Use the same Oracle tools to perform these modifications that you originally used to configure the source environment.
    • WebLogic Server Administration Console
    • Fusion Middleware Control
    • WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)

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