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  • July 17, 2014

Exciting New JTA 12.1.3 Feature “XA Transaction without Transaction Logs”

Monica Riccelli
Product Manager

One of the most exciting new features in WebLogic
Server 12.1.3 is a JTA new feature

“XA Transaction without Transaction Logs.” This
feature does not only provide performance optimization when applications use XA
transactions, but also has great advantages for Disaster Recovery

transactions provide a standards-based mechanism to preserve data integrity for
mission-critical applications.
XA transaction recovery requires the transaction manager to persist
transaction records to stable storage (TLog) after all of the transactions
resources have been prepared, and purging them after
 all of the transactions resources have been completed.
However, recording pending transactions for recovery purposes requires
additional I/O which affects performance. In cases of disaster recovery transaction logs need to be replicated to
make sure that global transactions can be recovered.

XA Transaction without Transaction Logs,” uses a
determiner resource which can be either a DataSource or a WebLogic JMS resource
to determine the recover outcome of pending transactions. When using a determiner resource, WebLogic
Server will no longer write and purge transaction checkpoints to TLogs.
XA Transaction without Transaction Logs,” takes advantage
of the two-phase-commit protocol, as well as prepare and commit ordering of resources
participating in the global transaction to determine if pending transactions
need to be recovered with a commit or a rollback.

The advantages of this feature are:

· Up to three times performance throughput

· Prepare
and Commit ordering

· I/O
latency removed by not writing to TLOG (default file store)

· Resource
and/or batch blocking removed (JDBC Tlog)

· Memory
consumption reduced

· Capacity
requirements reduced

replication made easy

WebLogic Server 12.1.3 “
XA Transaction without Transaction Logs,” is restricted to transactions
that involve a single Transaction Manager (WebLogic Server). The mixture of transactions that enlist determiner
resources and span single Transaction Managers, with those who do not enlist a
determiner resource and/or span multiple Transaction Managers is
supported. In the future, WebLogic will support
not logging transactions that involve multiple Transaction Managers.

Check out the YouTube recordings that go
into detail how this feature works
"JTA 12.1.3 New Feature and Optimization". There is even a demo that shows you
how it is configured, how it works, and how you can debug your transactions to
verify if the determiner is working
XA Transaction without Transaction Logs" and Demo.

Refer to the WebLogic Server 12.1.3 documentation
JTA documentation "
XA Transaction without Transaction Logs" for
further details on how to configure and use the feature.

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