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Disaster Recovery in Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Adrian Padilla Duarte
Product Manager - WebLogic Server for OCI/OKE and Java Cloud Service

Disaster Recovery procedures for IT systems is a must for any Business Continuity Plan where the time to get back on line is critical. In these systems you need to setup backup environments that are geographically dispersed and maintain the same configuration in both systems, so if one goes down you can switch to the other system with minimal effort and downtime.

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Disaster Recovery guide, the most recent addition to the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA). This document supports an active-passive topology where only one of the environments is up and running (Primary) and the other is in standby mode (Secondary). It covers automatic replication of the database using DataGuard and either manual or automatic synchronization of the WebLogic domain.



The document includes all the scripts required for configuring your database, your WebLogic domain, and replicating this configuration between the primary and the secondary environment. The document also includes well defined steps for executing a planned switchover or a failover.

The Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Disaster Recovery pdf file can be found in the MAA Best Practices - Oracle Fusion Middleware and in the MAA Best Practices for the Oracle Cloud web pages.

If you want to take a look at the latest features of Oracle WebLogic for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you can look at the What’s new web page.

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  • John Saylor Thursday, September 24, 2020
    Recently I read... move your legacy applications off of Oracle if you are going to the cloud. But wait... the article could not be further from the truth.

    Did you know your investment in WebLogic is secure with BYOL? Oracle provides a substantial discount to move to OCI and protects your investment in WebLogic if you move to other Clouds.

    Move existing Java applications to OCI common WebLogic tooling, support for cloud infrastructure automation and full on-premises compatibility simplifies migration.

    Read supporting post on LinkedIn...

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