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Announcing the New WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator

Monica Riccelli
Product Manager

We are pleased to announce the release and open sourcing of the Technology Preview version of the Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator! We are releasing this Operator to GitHub for creating and managing a WebLogic Server domain on Kubernetes. We are also publishing a blog that describes in detail how to run the Operator, how to stand up one or more WebLogic domains in Kubernetes, how to scale up or down  a WebLogic cluster manually or automatically using the WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF) or Prometheus, how the Operator manages load balancing for web applications deployed in WebLogic clusters, and how to provide integration for managing Operator logs through ElasticSearch, logstash and Kibana.

A Kubernetes Operator is "an application specific controller that extends the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage instances of complex applications".

We are adopting the Operator pattern and using it to provide an adapter to integrate WebLogic Server and Kubernetes, allowing Kubernetes to serve as a container infrastructure hosting WebLogic Server instances. And so the WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator is an operator that extends Kubernetes to create, configure, and manage a WebLogic domain.

The Operator uses the standard Oracle WebLogic Server Docker image, which can be found in the Docker Store or in the Oracle Container Registry.  It treats this image as immutable, and all application and product runtime state is persisted in a Kubernetes persistent volume.  This allows us to treat all of the pods as throwaway and replaceable, and it completely eliminates the need to manage state written into Docker containers at run time (because there is none).

The Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator has the following requirements:

  • Kubernetes 1.7.5+, 1.8.0+ (check with kubectl version)
  • Flannel networking v0.9.1-amd64 (check with docker images | grep flannel)
  • Docker 17.03.1.ce (check with docker version)
  • Oracle WebLogic Server

WebLogic Server  domains on Kubernetes are certified and supported, as described in detail in My Oracle Support Doc Id 2349228.1 for details.  The WebLogic Kubernetes Operator is a Technical Preview version and is not yet supported by Oracle Support.  If users encounter problems related to the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, they should open an issue in the GitHub project https://github.com/oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator.  GitHub project members will respond to the issues and resolve them in a timely fashion.

 A series of video demonstrations of the operator are available here:

The overall process of installing and configuring the Operator and using it to manage WebLogic domains consists of the following steps. The provided scripts will perform most of these steps, but some must be performed manually:

  • Registering for access to the Oracle Container Registry
  • Setting up secrets to access the Oracle Container Registry
  • Customizing the Operator parameters file
  • Deploying the Operator to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Setting up secrets for the Administration Server credentials
  • Creating a persistent volume for a WebLogic domain
  • Customizing the domain parameters file
  • Creating a WebLogic domain

Full up to date instructions are available at https://github.com/oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator/blob/master/site/installation.md.

We hope to provide formal support for this operator soon, and intend to add new features and enhancements over time. WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator.  Please stay tuned for more information. We hope this announcement is helpful to those of you seeking to deploy WebLogic Server on Kubernetes, and look forward to your feedback.






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