Monday Jul 11, 2011

Oracle Solaris Webcast Series

UPDATE: this is now available as a replay, at your convenience, here.

Building on top of the highly successful Oracle Solaris Online Forum, we're kicking off a new webcast series.

The first event will already happen this Thursday, July 14, 9am Pacific Daylight Time
(happy "Quatorze Juillet" to my French friends !)

The Topic:
Extreme Solaris Virtualization Performance, with Features that Can’t Be Matched

Hear some of Oracle’s leading technical experts discuss how to:

  • Utilize the built-in, unmatched virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris

  • Consolidate your existing environment with levels of efficiency you may not have thought possible

  • Increase business agility with the latest release of Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  • Take advantage of Oracle’s latest industry-leading, powerful SPARC
    and x86 systems to quickly bring modern cost/performance levels to even
    your oldest legacy applications

You can register and attend here.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2011

Our First Ever Oracle Solaris Online Forum

I'm quite excited to announce our first ever Oracle Solaris Online Forum.
Great agenda, great speakers, direct access to speakers through a live chat !

Learn about Oracle’s commitment to an increased R&D investment in Oracle Solaris, as well as to provide an update on the advanced Oracle Solaris 11 features that have been in development for over five years and will increase Solaris' lead in the market place.

April 14 2011
Please note that for time zone challenges, all sessions will be available on demand after the event as well.

To register now, and for more info,  please go here.


9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. PT:   Oracle Solaris Strategy Overview
Bill Nesheim, VP Oracle Solaris Engineering

9:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. PT:   An Industry Analyst's View of the Operating System Market
Gary Chen, IDC

10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. PT:   Manage Your Deployments With Image Packaging System and the Automated Installer
Bart Smaalders, Oracle Solaris Engineering
Dave Miner, Oracle Solaris Engineering
Glynn Foster, Oracle Solaris Product Management
Isaac Rozenfeld, Oracle Solaris Product Management

10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PT:   Get More out of Your Oracle Solaris Environments With Virtualization
Dan Price, Oracle Solaris Engineering
Nicolas Droux, Oracle Solaris Engineering
Duncan Hardie, Oracle Solaris Product Management

11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. PT:   Learn How All New Features in Oracle Solaris 11 Raise The Bar For Operating Systems
Markus Flierl, Sr. Director Oracle Solaris Engineering
Liane Praza, Oracle Solaris Engineering
Joost Pronk, Oracle Solaris Product Management

Wednesday Sep 08, 2010

Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 is here

Today, the latest update to Solaris was announced and released, Oracle Solaris 10 9/10.

The first release since Sun was integrated into Oracle. There are therefore quite a few interesting new features.

To complete the Oracle Solaris familiy of products, updates to Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Solaris Studio also have been made.

Details of all can be found here.

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

Solaris 10: One of eWEEK's Top 25 Technologies Of The Decade

It's not just us, or plenty of our customers that think that way, but also eWeek.


"During the latter half of '00s, Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 sat at the
leading edge of operating system technologies, with unique capabilities
that include Containers virtualisation, Dtrace system instrumentation
and the ZFS file system. Solaris 10 also helped put a stamp of
inevitability on the x86-64 architecture and on the
open-source-as-a-platform licensing strategy."

And now, with Oracle heavily investing in Solaris, its future looks good.

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

Solaris 10 10/09 is here

Today, October 8 2009, coinciding with my personal 10 year anniversary in the US, Solaris 10 10/09 has been released and is available for free download here.

Major new features are around ZFS improvements and enhancements, and patching and packaging improvements.

Lots of info in the press release.

Here is also great overview.

And, as always, there is plenty of information on the Solaris 10 web page.

Solaris Technologies at Oracle Open World 2009

With Oracle's pending acquisition of Sun, its publicly claimed interest in Solaris, and with the latest Solaris release out of the door just today, it should be no surprise that both Sun
technologies and Solaris specifically have a major presence at this
years Oracle Open World in San Francisco, CA, Oct 11 - 14.

In fact, Sun is an Innovation Sponsor.

So, if you attend, make sure to check out the plenty of Solaris demonstrations at Sun booth, and listen to the plenty of Solaris talks in the different meeting rooms.

For a great overview, check out the Solaris OOW page.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

Logical Domains (LDoms) Mobility

Logical Domains (LDoms) provide built-in and no-cost virtualization capabilities for Sun's CoolThreads Servers.

It allows you to create virtual machines that take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by these platforms. Create up to 256 virtual servers on one system... for free!

With LDoms 1.1, the ability to migrate a guest domain, i.e. suspend the running Solaris instance to memory, copy it to another physical CMT machine, and resume it there, was introduced.

Watch the following screencast to see how this works and can be done.

Friday Jul 11, 2008

Solaris, OpenSolaris, Nevada, Indiana, SXDE, SXCE - What ?

Several people ask and asked me about what different Solaris version and distributions actually exist, and what are the differences.

Having seen this very good entry on the great - German - Solaris blog "Das Solarium", I thought I take the freedom and translate it into English:

Solaris 9

  • It's still shipping
  • Supported by Sun Services
  • No more innovations or updates
  • Source code is maintained by Sun Services
  • Needs a valid license
  • For SPARC and x86 platforms

Solaris 10

  • Current version
  • Supported by Sun Services
  • Typically a six month update cycle
  • Current update is Update 5 (Solaris 10 5/08)
  • Updates typically bring new innovation, performance gains, fixes, new hardware support, etc.
  • For SPARC and x86 platforms

OpenSolaris - The Source

  • That's what's called "Nevada"
  • Available at, and everything you need to know, at:
  • Source code and tools to produce Solaris binaries and distributions
  • Source code maintained by OpenSolaris community developers
  • Great innovation that might eventually be built into future Solaris releases
  • Ongoing source code updates
  • No support available, bugs and defects can be discussed at
  • Free to use
  • Participate !

SXCE - Solaris Express Community Edition

  • Binary distribution of Nevada source
  • Ready to be installed, like Solaris
  • Test new features without having to build them yourself
  • Typically, a new build by Sun Solaris Engineering ca. every two weeks
  • Free to use
  • For SPARC and x86 platforms

SXDE - Solaris Express Developer Edition

  • Binary distribution tailored specifically for developers
  • To test some features, which also includes developer tools
  • Release 1/08 (January 2008) was the latest and last release (now, OpenSolaris 2008.05 is available - see below)
  • Free to use
  • For x86 platforms only

OpenSolaris 2008.05

  • That's what's called "Indiana"
  • Binary distribution released by Sun Microsystems
  • Bootable LiveCD available
  • Great for developers and students !
  • Lots of new features and innovations, such as IPS, ZFS boot, etc.
  • Several package repositories available
  • Release cycle will be ca. every six months
  • New 18 month support model, specifically for OpenSolaris
  • Free to use, pay for support
  • For now on x86 platforms, SPARC to follow soon

Other OpenSolaris-based distributions do also exist, and can be checked out here.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

Yet Another Blogger

Having been at Sun for several years, I recently joined the Solaris Technical Marketing Team at Sun. It's an exciting place to work, as it is very cool to work with the well-respected and proven Solaris Operating System, but also with some other leading-edge technology such as Sun xVM VirtualBox, OpenSolaris, the OpenSolaris Community, and many more technologies and aspect of the IT world.

I know that there are many other geeks out there.
However, there are also many people that might be thankful for some simpler, yet detailed explanations of certain aspects of those technologies.

I'll try to provide that.


Markus Weber

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