Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

Oracle WebCenter Interaction: What’s New in 10gR4 (10.3.3) Release

Igor Polyakov, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager is here to share what's new in Oracle WebCenter Interaction. In December 2011 we released a new version of WebCenter Interaction – 10gR4 (10.3.3) release, which is also known as ‘Neo’. This is a significant feature-bearing release that is based on WCI/ALUI/Plumtree portal architecture. When planning WCI ‘Neo’ we had selected several feature themes for enhancing portal capabilities:

  • Social Computing
  • Collaboration Enhancements
  • Development Support
  • Content Management
  • Infrastructure and Platforms
  • Integration of WebCenter Services

In the Social Computing and Collaboration Enhancements area we added to WCI an embedded tagging engine that allowed us to make tagging available in the Knowledge Directory, Search Results pages and in all functional areas in Collaboration projects – users can now tag Collaboration documents, discussion messages, threads, blog posts and etc. Portal users can search for tagged content using a suite of Tagging portlets that we provide in WCI. We also enabled Tag Cloud on the Search Results pages so that now users can narrow down returned search results using available tags. Screenshot below shows Search results page – on this page you can see tagging widgets for each result as well as a cloud of relevant tags.

Another new feature in this area is addition of Wikis and Blogs to WCI Collaboration server. These new services are built to support a standard set of WCI features, i.e. they posts are secured, versioned and full text searchable. Also since Wiki and Blogs are part of Collaboration project, users can documents or discussion threads to any post. In WCI portal Wiki and Blogs are available as portlets in the extended suite of WCI Collaboration portlets (Calendar, Discussions, Documents, Tasks, and etc.). All portlets in this suite received a ‘facelift’. Screenshot below shows Wiki Portal and how a wiki post is being edited in-line in this portlet.

To allow portal users to follow portal content updates we added Activity Stream service and portlet, as well as various ‘social portlets’ – User Status, My Picture, Profile Viewers, etc. – that portal users can add to enhance their User Profile pages. If this is not ‘enough’, it is also possible to use the following WebCenter Services that we integrated into WCI via Pagelet Producer (aka Ensemble):

  • Document Manager 
  • Take Polls and Polls Manager 
  • Discussion Forums 
  • Lists 
  • Blogs 
  • Announcements 
  • Activity Stream and Tag Cloud for WebCenter Services 

In WCI 10gR4 Pagelet Producer became tighter integrated into the portal – we added a new Web Service – Remote Pagelet that supports pick & choose selection of available pagelets as well as mapping between WCI preferences and parameters that pagelet exposes.

WCI ‘old-timers’ probably remember good old Excel portlet that was very popular with business users who want to quickly create and publish data from their spreadsheet on the portal. Well, in ‘Neo’ we added support for displaying any Excel file uploaded to Collaboration project in a portlet as the following screenshot illustrates:

In the Development Support area we allowed use of Adaptive Page Layouts for more portal pages, such as Advanced Search Page, Error Page, my Account Page, and etc. which gives developers a very simple way for customizing these pages. In WCI 10gR4 we added new Adaptive Tags and to help developers with using the tags we introduced portlets that demonstrate tags functionality:

WCI developers reading this blog might be asking if there are any changes in IDK – yes, we added remote APIs for Wiki & Blogs as well as made IDK available for Java 1.6 and .NET 3.5. For .NET portlet developers we have a new tool – CSP Producer for .NET, which allows exposing ASP.NET applications as WCI portlets. In these applications you can use advanced ASP.NET 3.5 controls, ASP.NET Ajax, Silverlight, and etc. We are planning to release CSP Producer for .NET on OTN. CSP Producer is replacing Web Controls Consumer (WCC) and Application Accelerator for .NET that got deprecated.

There are a lot of changes in the Infrastructure and Platform Support area. WCI 10gR4 can natively run in 64bit mode on Intel 64 bit platforms running either Windows 2008 or Linux OS. We certified latest versions of Oracle and MS SQL databases and also updated Data Direct JDBC and ADO drivers in WCI to version 3.5. For the complete list of new platforms and software support I recommend to check Release Notes that are included into documentation library http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23010_01/index.htm for WCI 10gR4.


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