Tuesday Aug 14, 2012

WebCenter Imaging and Process Management for Accounts Payable

Oracle WebCenter Webinar Series

E-Business Suite Customers

You're Invited to join Oracle’s WebCenter Product Management Team and Sena Systems in an
Exclusive Webinar for E-Business Suite Customers

WebCenter Imaging and Process Management for
Accounts Payable

Learn how Oracle E-Business Suite customers achieve the following with WebCenter Imaging for Accounts Payable:

  • Eliminate the need for paper processing and storage
  • Speed up Accounts Payable processing
  • Reduce Accounts Payable operational costs

Please join Oracle’s WebCenter Product Management team and partner Sena Systems for an overview of the solution, a review of previous customer success, and a product demonstration.

Thursday, August 30, 2012
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST

Kindly RSVP to this event by contacting Justine Eller via email at justine.eller@oracle.com or by telephone at: (650) 633-6635.

Webinar details will be distributed upon registration.

Thank you for your support of Oracle solutions!

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

USDM and Oracle Offer a New Part 11 Compliant Solution for Life Sciences

Guest post today provided by Oracle partner, USDM 

Regulated Content in WebCenter
USDM and Oracle offer a new Part 11 compliant solution for Life Sciences
 (White Paper)

Life science customers now have the ability to take advantage of all of the benefits of Oracle’s WebCenter Content, a global leader in Enterprise Content Management.   For the past year, USDM has been developing best practice compliance solutions to meet regulated content management requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 in WebCenter Content. USDM has been an expert in ECM for life sciences since 1999 and in 2011, certified that WebCenter was a 21CFR Part 11 compliant content management platform (White Paper).  In addition, USDM has built Validation Accelerators Packs for WebCenter to enable life science organizations to quickly and cost effectively validate this world class solution.

With the Part 11 certification, Oracle’s WebCenter now provides regulated life science organizations  the ability to manage REGULATORY content in WebCenter, as well as the ability to take advantage of ALL of the additional functionality of WebCenter, including  a complete, open, and integrated portfolio of portal, web experience management, content management and social networking technology.  Here are a few screen shot examples of Part 11 functionality included in the product: E-Sign, E-Sign Rendor, Meta Data History, Audit Trail Report, and Access Reporting.

Access Reporting
Audit Trail Report



Metadata history

Gone are the days that life science companies have to spend millions of dollars a year to implement, maintain, and validate ECM systems that no longer meet the ever changing business and regulatory requirements.  Life science companies now have the ability to use WebCenter Content, an ECM system with a substantially lower cost of ownership and unsurpassed functionality.

Oracle has been #1 in life sciences because of their ability to develop cost effective, easy-to-use, scalable solutions which help increase insight and efficiency to drive growth for their customers.  Adding a world class ECM solution to this product portfolio allows life science organizations the chance to get rid of costly ECM systems that no longer meet their needs and use WebCenter, part of the Oracle Fusion Technology stack, with their other leading enterprise applications.

USDM provides:

•    Expertise in Life Science ECM Business Processes
•    Prebuilt Life Science Configuration in WebCenter
•    Validation Accelerator Packs for WebCenter

USDM is very proud to support Oracle’s expanding commitment to Life Sciences….

For more information please contact:  khutchings@usdatamanagement.com

Oracle will be exhibiting at DIA 2012 in Philadelphia on June 25-27. Stop by our booth (#2825) to learn more about the advantages of a centralized ECM strategy and see the Oracle WebCenter Content solution, our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant content management platform.

DIA 2012

Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Join Oracle @ FREE AIIM 1-day Content Management Boot Camp

Starting 1st week in May 2012
Attend a free 1-day AIIM Content Management Boot Camp in a city near you.
Be Part of the Process Revolution!

Join Your Local Information Professionals, Be Inspired and Get Excited about the Future of Content Management.

What You'll See and Hear:

  • Inspiring keynote by AIIM President John Mancini / AIIM VP Peggy Winton: an engaging, rapid fire call to action for information professionals.
  • Cool new approaches to managing content and process in the new era of mobile, social and cloud from cutting edge technology companies.
  • Shared ideas from your peers in the world of content management and social business in an awesome professional networking environment.
  • Real-world ideas, planning tools and how-to guides to help you lead your own organizational process revolution.

Get Answers to the Questions Keeping you up at Night.

  • How do I move my organization to the cloud without losing control...and getting fired?
  • Can I get my organization ready for business on tablets and phones, instead of laptops?
  • How do we get rid of all the #$^%FG paper?
  • Could my organization use social technologies to help real work get done?

Give Us 4 Hours and We'll Give you 4 Steps to Revolutionizing your Processes.

  • Cut costs and reduce bottlenecks by moving your business processes to the cloud.
  • Get your content and information ready for mobile access and engagement.
  • Communicate and collaborate across geography and time zones with social technologies.
  • Make better decisions by exploring analytics and new opportunities in the world of big data.

Don't wait... Register Today for the Content Management Boot Camp in a city near you.

For you records managers and information professionals, the event has been pre-approved for 4 hours of ICRM Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) credits when you attend. You'll also get CIP credits.

All attendees will also receive the new ebook "#OccupyIT: A Technology Manifesto for the Cloud, Mobile and Social Era," a practical guide for leading your "Process Revolution."



City State

May 01, 2012

Renaissance Houston Greenway Plaza Hotel

Houston, TX


May 03, 2012

Renaissance Dallas Hotel

Dallas, TX


May 08, 2012

Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center

Denver, CO


May 10, 2012

Sheraton Anaheim Hotel

Anaheim, CA


May 15, 2012

The Westin Bellevue

Bellevue, WA


May 17, 2012

Palace Hotel

San Francisco, CA


Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Do MORE with WebCenter

Do More With WebCenter

Do you need to lower costs? Raise Productivity? Foster Innovation? Improve Online Engagement? But you’re still stuck with Documentum? Step away from the ledge – there is hope – let us help you.

Top 4 Content Imperatives

· Lower Costs - Reduce labor, maintenance fees, storage and electrical consumption

· Raise Productivity - Automation and integration, communication, findability

· Foster Innovation - Enable collaboration, expertise location

· Improve Online Engagement – enable user-driven, dynamic marketing initiatives

With the coming technology wave we see four content imperatives. Every organization has had to reduce costs, cost cutting has become a way of life. Everyone is working three jobs as positions are eliminated. And so we have to reduce labor, reduce maintenance, and reduce money we are wasting on things like storing content that is redundant or no longer useful.

We also, to fill that gap, need to raise productivity. Knowledge workers represent the fastest growing segment of the workforce, accounting for 40%-75% of the employees at organizations in sectors like financial services, life sciences, healthcare and retail.  What’s more, their wages total 18 percent of the United States GDP. And so we can’t afford information systems that don’t let our top performers be the best they can be. We look to automate the content processes, provide ways to integrate that content into our processes, provide communication to make decisions, and to make content more findable so people can make the right decision and move the process forward.

And really to get ourselves out of the current financial status, we can only cut costs so far. We have to innovate out of economic tough times – to find new products and new markets. And to enable the innovation process, we have to enable collaboration and expertise location. So much of innovation is about building on innovations that have come before. To solve problems, we have to be able to find what our organization has already created. We find that problems we need to solve have already been solved if we can find the right document, the right person. So we have to provide systems that enable us to stand on the shoulders of our organization’s accomplishments.

Good content drives great marketing. Online engagement is growing as an absolute necessity for modern growing marketing organizations that require the business users be enabled for dynamic marketing content creation, updates and targeted content creation and management. Unfortunately – if you are currently stuck with Documentum, you are really lacking in your Web Experience Management capabilities. Documentum previously used FatWire for web publishing. Now FatWire is part of Oracle. Oracle provides powerful web engagement capabilities:

  • Increase sales and loyalty by optimizing online engagement
  • Create, manage and moderate contextually relevant, targeted and interactive online experiences
  • Optimize customer engagement across, web, mobile and social channels
  • Manage large scale multichannel global online presence with integration to enterprise applications
  • Enable business users to control their content and make their own updates
  • Publish content from native files – enable navigation of project documents, procedures, policy information
  • Enable content display and updates from existing web applications – one click to drag and drop content management functionality
  • So you get the ability to self-publish information and make it navigable, to move the process of publishing from IT to business users, and the ability to address a whole new area of user engagement with web experience management.

So… if you are still stuck with Documentum and don’t know what to do – contact us – not only will Oracle help you step away from the ledge, but also with the MoveOff Documentum program, we are offering you a way – trade-in your Documentum licenses for a 100% credit on Oracle WebCenter.

How’s that for a nice bonus? It’s time to stop maintaining Documentum, and to start innovating with Oracle WebCenter. Learn More Here!

To learn more about what Oracle WebCenter can offer you today – join us for a webcast – your eyes will be opened to all that’s possible.Watch the Webcast OnDemand: Do More with WebCenter: Extend Beyond Content Management


Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

Oracle WebCenter 11gR1: Electronic Signature Support

Oracle WebCenter 11gR1: Electronic Signature Support
by: John Klinke Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle WebCenter

sign here!The latest point release of Oracle WebCenter 11gR1 ( introduces native electronic signature capabilities in WebCenter Content along with PDF watermarking enhancements to allow you to display signature information on the approved document.

Secure Signing of Documents Electronically

WebCenter Content has supported electronic signatures in the past through 3rd-party integrations. With our new release, electronic signature capabilities are now natively available within the WebCenter Content Server. This allows you to include the electronic signing of a document or other content item as part of a business process you set up within WebCenter Content. A common scenario is having one or more people electronically sign off on a document as part of a review and approval process. For example, requiring electronic signatures as part of approving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other quality control documents is a common practice in many industries, including manufacturing and life sciences.

Built-In Flexibility and Ease of Use

In designing electronic signature support within WebCenter Content, we’ve focused on making it easy to administer and use.

Administrators can set up electronic signing for any content item or class of content items as well as configure what fields a user sees when presented with the signature form. Leveraging the existing WebCenter Content workflow engine, the administrator can design a review and approval process that supports numerous steps as well as multiple signatures.

For users, the electronic signing of a content item is a guided process that usually starts with an email notification that a content item is awaiting review. The user is then taken to a web page where they can review the item and approve or reject it. To approve, the user is shown a signature form where they must re-enter their system password before filling out any required fields (e.g. meaning of signature, disposition) and submitting their approval.

WebCenter Content then authenticates the user before recording the electronic signature approval event so that it is available as part of the detailed audit trail within the system. Users with the proper permissions can view the signature information for the content item as well as request a PDF rendition of the item with the signature information displayed on it using WebCenter Content’s PDF watermarking technology.

Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

Oracle WebCenter 11gR1: Extending Imaging and Content Management Integrations

Extending Imaging and Content Management Integrations
by: Jamie Rancourt | Senior Manager, Product Management, Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 ( introduces several new capabilities in WebCenter Imaging and WebCenter Content that facilitate the integration with Oracle Applications, and now with custom or 3rd party applications as well.

Content Enabling Applications

WebCenter already supported integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards, and now with the brand new Enterprise Application Adapter Framework, customers and ISV’s can build their own integrations into their custom applications or 3rd party applications if they require robust Enterprise Content Management and/or Capture and Imaging capabilities in their business operations. This new addition to WebCenter provides a SOAP-based interface that exposes WebCenter Content, WebCenter Imaging, WebCenter Distributed Capture, and the AXF (Application Extension Framework) task list and task viewer. Using the Enterprise Application Adapter Framework, you can content-enable any application, whether the requirements are as simple as attaching documents to transaction records, or more complex requiring high speed imaging and automated routing of documents to support your business flows.

Broader Support for Oracle Applications

Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 ( also introduces new certifications and new features in the E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel Applications Adapters for WebCenter. There are new global settings for user preferences such as the default viewer, and which panels are shown. These provide administrators ease of administration by being able to set corporate settings, yet allow the flexibility for users to change their preferences to their liking.

Moreover, administration of AXF is easier with Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 ( with the introduction of the Solution Editor web interface. Direct access to underlying AXF tables is no longer necessary for configuration of end-user facing UI elements as these settings can now be controlled from any web browser, pending the proper permissions of course.

E-Business suite customers will be pleased to learn that Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 ( introduces support for HTML-based (OAF) E-Business suite modules, whereas previously only Forms based modules were supported. This new addition now means that WebCenter Content’s Managed Attachments solution can be extended to every E-Business Suite module where attachments are required. Additionally, E-Business Suite 12.1.3 is now certified with this integration.

New versions of PeopleSoft and Siebel are now also supported with the Applications Adapters for WebCenter. PeopleTools version 8.51 is now certified for the PeopleSoft Adapter for WebCenter, whereas Siebel 8.2 is now certified for the Siebel Adapter for WebCenter.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

New Release of Oracle WebCenter Content

Today Oracle released 11g Release 1 ( for WebCenter Content. Our patch sets are mainly targeted at releasing customer bug fixes. However, we have added a few additional product enhancements that demonstrate our continued goal of driving innovation for our customers. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing information regarding enhancements for WebCenter Content in greater detail.

For today we wanted to offer a high-level list that will notify you of the new capabilities in the following areas:      

  • User Engagement
  • Content Enabling Applications
  • Infrastructure
User Engagement
The key areas of enhancement for user engagement:

  • A newly architected Folders Component that supports Desktop Integration and Query & Personal Folders
  • Desktop updates, including support for our new folders, the ability to contribute to profiles directly from Windows Explorer using drag-n-drop, enhanced handling of local copies of managed docs, and easy access to frequently used documents from Office apps.
  • Native Electronic Signature Support - includes a configurable signing form plus the ability to print a PDF of the document with a configurable signature watermark
Content Enabling Applications
There are a number of new application adapters, as well as better support for AXF including
  • The brand new Enterprise Application Adapter Framework that enables 3rd party applications to leverage WebCenter Content’s imaging and attachments framework
  • Global settings for all user preferences such as default image viewer, show/hide panels in task viewer, and end user overrides
  • Solution editor admin UI enhancements that enable you to customize AXF display without direct AXF table access and AXF Task List UI column sorting
  • Managed attachments configuration admin UI including global configuration, business application, and business application entity with no need to manage preferences.hda file
New Application Adapters include:
  • EBS Adapter for ECM
    • EBS OAF Plug-in
    • EBS 12.1.3 certification

  • PSFT Adapter for ECM
    • PeopleTools 8.51 certification

  • SEBL Adapter for ECM
    • SEBL 8.2 certification

  • Enterprise Application Adapter Framework for WebCenter
    • Enable 3rd party apps to leverage imaging/attachments framework
    • SOAP interface to AXF
    • Access to task list, task viewer, and managed attachments views
For infrastructure, there is IBM WebSphere Application Sever 7 support, SAMQFS support, and Database File System support. We’ve also extended Retention Management to specify retention rule by simple categorization, retention specified by age or mapping to an RM category, and a number of other enhancements.

Over the next few weeks we will provide detailed blog posts on these WebCenter Content features, here on the Oracle WebCenter Content blog.

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

Oracle WebCenter Named a Leader in Enterprise Content Management by Independent Research Firm

Oracle has been named a Leader in the November 2011 report, “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management, Q4 2011.” Based on Forrester’s assessment, Oracle WebCenter received high marks due to its broad set of capabilities for managing foundational, business, transactional and persuasive content types. According to the report, “Oracle ranks as Leader in all content technology segments due to its broad set of capabilities.”

The report continued, “Oracle WebCenter, which includes Oracle’s new portal platform, weaves ECM into the fabric of the portal application. By integrating ECM into the Oracle WebCenter portfolio, Oracle’s ECM functionality provides the foundation for many content-centric business solutions, such as contract management or team collaboration. The Oracle WebCenter portfolio is made available to all of the core Oracle products, thus providing ECM functionality to other Oracle products, such as Siebel or PeopleSoft. Oracle’s ability to surface ECM functionality in Oracle WebCenter provides organizations with the ability to implement an enterprise portal with extensive ECM capabilities.”

“Many organizations are faced with a difficult balancing act as they try to address increasingly complex content management issues while meeting the demands from information workers for simple and easy to use content management tools,” said Andy MacMillan, vice president, Product Management, Oracle. “We believe that Forrester Research’s recognition of Oracle as a Leader highlights our commitment to delivering a complete and unified portfolio of tools that help our customers address these challenges by seamlessly connecting people and information.”

For more information, read the Oracle press release.

Monday Aug 29, 2011

Oracle WebCenter: The AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference

Oracle is a proud sponsor of next week's AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference. What is a Social Business Virtual Conference? It's an opportunity to hear from thought leaders on the state of social business, and how they see organizations taking advantage of this new way of working.

One of the things we are most excited about here at Oracle is how many of our customers have embraced social business and how they are seeing results. In Andy MacMillan's session at 12:30 PM EDT, Today's Successful Businesses are Social Businesses, you will see how companies are actually transforming into social businesses. Some examples are internal changes, some are externalizing their social business model and creating communities with their customers and partners. The results are spectacular. Better engagement, more innovation, and better loyalty among both customers and employees. 

Here is a video of one customer we will not profile in the event, but you can see how they are working together better using Oracle WebCenter 

With our customers, we see organizations where collaboration is taking place in the context of business processes. With Oracle WebCenter, you have access to your business processes and your enterprise applications integrated with your tools to engage. Often when folks are in the midst of a business process, they turn for expertise on making a decision. This might be to look up more information in a content repository, or to find an expert for input. With Oracle WebCenter, searching, expertise location, instant messaging and other tools are right there so you can decide and take action quickly. It's the only product that has integrated social business with enterprise applications and business processes. 

Oracle WebCenter Content is part of Oracle WebCenter: Oracle WebCenter is the engagement platform powering exceptional experiences for employees, partners and customers. Ensure timely, relevant and accurate information with enterprise content management


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