Monday Sep 12, 2011

Recording Available: Sept. 2011 Quarterly Customer Update Webcast

Missed the recent Quarterly Customer Update Webcast?

We covered several topics including:

* WebCenter Rebranding overview
* Support Update (note: knowledge base articles to check out: Article ID 1315722.1 and 305.1)
* Marketing Update (upcoming events including the Oracle OpenWorld conference)
* Fatwire Acquisition (rationale, strategic plans, recommended next steps)

Access the Sept 2011 Webcast recording and presentation by going to:
My Oracle Support Site Note: 568127.1

We'll announce the next Webcast here on the WebCenter Content Alerts blog.

Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Online Event: Oracle Announces FatWire Integration Plans

Join us for a live Webcast to hear how the combination of Oracle and FatWire will provide the industry’s most complete and integrated Web experience management solution for marketers.

FatWire technology completes the solution portfolio for Oracle WebCenter sites, enabling companies to fully optimize their multichannel online customer experience through an integrated and scalable platform.

In this Webcast, you’ll learn how this powerful combination can help you:

  • Increase customer engagement across all channels, building loyalty and revenue streams
  • Eliminate concerns about enterprise growth and exponential marketing demands
  • Utilize a comprehensive and dynamic 360-degree view of your customers to understand behavior and proactively engage them

Register today for this live Webcast. By registering, you will also gain access to valuable information about Oracle WebCenter, the user engagement platform that connects people and information to transform your organization into a social business.

Thursday Jan 27, 2011

Samples for Site Studio for External Applications

We've posted some new samples to help you make use of Site Studio for External Applications (SSXA).They're available from the tutorials section of the UCM page on Oracle Technology Network, or directy here.

Note that these samples require UCM Patch Set 3, because they use SSXA's new "managed template" feature to make the samples easier to set up and more reusable.

In any case, the samples provide dozens of components and layouts you can use in your web projects. They also serve as a "cookbook" of examples of how to use SSXA. Sample categories include:

  • Site UI Components, such as navigation
  • Graphical Components, such as end-user configurable flash slide shows
  • Specific content types, such as articles, FAQs, and product pages
  • Lists, such as user-editable queries and multi-column lists
  • Dynamic content, such as A/B splits
  • Site Manager, so users can build out sites
  • CSS-driven page layouts and subtemplates

Tell us how you like the samples and what you've done with them ... and what else you need to be successful!

Friday Feb 05, 2010

Site Studio 10gR4 - New Feature FYI

Back in September of 2009, Site Studio 10gR4 included two extremely useful new features:

On Demand Editors-
This is a new feature that allows the contributor form to load and only show a preview of each of the elements until they are clicked on to activate them. This can be very useful when editing a region with a large number of elements where the intention is to only edit a subset of the elements.

Direct Delivery of Native Documents-
Traditionally when a link was made to a Native Doc, that link would redirect to the weblayout location for that file. This meant that a path containing entries like /groups/public/documents, etc, would be seen in the users browser. A new feature has been implemented to allow PDF files to be delivered directly from a friendly URL instead of redirecting to the weblayout location. This helps to maintain the users context within the website. In addition to PDFs, this feature has also been extended to include any other file type. The feature allows a global list of file extensions to be configured and then overrides may be applied, via custom section properties, at the section level.

See release notes for more details.

Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Site Studio 10gR4 ( - Build Released

A new build of 10gR4 was released to metalink on January 15th. Notable updates include a new version of the Ephox editor (, as well as a new feature for section level replication. From the release notes:

Section level Replication feature -
New section property that allows sections to be considered not ready to move during a site replication. This allows a section to be marked as not ready for replication while significant changes are being made to the section. When the section is ready to be replicated the property can be reset either in the designer application, the manager application or directly from the page in contribution mode (via the new contribution mode banner option). When this feature is enabled, adding a new section or performing a switch content on a section will automatically set this value to not ready so that the new content will not automatically be replicated to another server. The feature is enabled in Designer from the File->Site->Advanced->Enable Section Level Replication menu.


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