Friday Jan 21, 2011

Recording Available: January 2011 Quarterly Customer Update Webcast

Missed the last Quarterly Customer Update Webcast?

We covered several topics including:

* Upcoming AIIM Info360 event in WA DC
* Upcoming IOUG COLLABORATE 11 event in Orlando FL
* Document Capture release
* ATG acquisition
* 11g Training
* ECM 11gR1 PS3 - new features, expanded platform support, etc.

You can find quick links to all the resources I mentioned on the call, as well as links to the presentation and recording details in My Oracle Support from the January 2011 Webcast Resource Links page on OTN.

We'll announce the next Webcast here on ECM Alerts.

Sunday Jan 16, 2011

Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11gR1 Patch Set 3 ( Released

We're pleased to announce an updated patch set for Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11gR1 PS3 ( Patch Set 3 (PS3) supports additional platforms and applications, and adds several new features to the products. Highlights include:

  • Content Server (repository for UCM, URM & I/PM): New security capabilities, file store provider updates.

  • Desktop Integration Suite: Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2010 (32 & 64-bit) support and new "Recent Content Items" menu.

  • Universal Content Management (UCM): Site Studio Manager for Site Studio for External Applications, new template management options and ability to run Site Studio & Site Studio for External Applications 11g components on Content Server 10gR3.

  • Imaging and Process Management (I/PM): Now certified with Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) 11g, Oracle Single Sign On (OSSO) 10g and Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 10g, export search results to Microsoft Excel.

  • ECM Adapter for PeopleSoft: Support for UCM 11g Managed Attachments (support for 10g released earlier in 2010) and certification with PeopleTools 8.50.

  • Information Rights Management (IRM): Desktop support for Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Reader X and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Customer Webcast
We'll be covering this new release in our Quarterly Customer Update Webcast scheduled for this week, January 19/20, 2011. Register today.

More Information

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

E-Business Suite Adapter for Oracle ECM - Managed Attachments Solution Released

The new E-Business Suite Adapter for ECM - Managed Attachments is a UCM (10gR3)-based integration that offers the ability to reduce costs by consolidating information silos, and streamline operations using ad-hoc document attachments from within the context of business applications. Download | Documentation


Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

New PeopleSoft Adapter for I/PM is Now Available

The new integration between I/PM and PeopleSoft is now available. It builds on the same framework as the E-Business Suite Adapter for I/PM and allows you to configure access to image centric workflow tasks and images from PeopleSoft screens.

If you would like more information about this updated integration please see the I/PM data sheet on OTN or contact your sales rep.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2009

Siebel Adapter for Oracle UCM Release 2 Now Available

New features in the R2 release include Distributed Document Capture integration, support for Case Management objects and Siebel 8.1.1 certification.
Siebel Adapter for ECM - Managed Attachments (for UCM 10gR3)

Overview | Download | Documentation | Datasheet

Monday Jul 27, 2009

PeopleSoft Adapter for I/PM

We are putting the final touches on an updated integration between Oracle Imaging and Process Management and PeopleSoft. This integration will allow you to configure access to image centric workflow tasks and images from PeopleSoft screens.

If you would like more information about this updated integration or are interested in a pre-release demo and sharing your feedback please contact your sales rep or product management.

Thursday Jun 04, 2009

JRockit Now Distributed with Oracle ECM Products

You may have noticed that ECM 10gR3 Licensing Document and OTN downloads were recently updated to include Oracle JRockit JVM with Content Conversion Server, ECM Suite, Universal Content Management, Universal Content Management Standard Edition, and Universal Records Management.

These Oracle ECM products are now certified with JRockit JDK 6, Oracle's Java Virtual Machine built on Oracle Fusion Middleware (formerly BEA JRockit). It provides customers on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms with an alternative implementation option to the Sun JDK 1.5+. For detailed certification information, check out the certification matrix for each product on OTN.

Visit OTN if you'd like to learn more about Oracle JRockit JVM.

Monday Mar 09, 2009

UOA 10gR3 Developer Kit now available

Oracle UOA team has published UOA developer kit. This kit provides a comprehensive set of services that enable developers to integrate existing applications with UOA archive platform or build specialized archiving applications on the Oracle UOA platform. UOA supports Web Services standards, enabling any SOAP capable client to use the published services. The UOA Developer Kit includes Web Services bindings, utility classes, documentation, sample code, and more.


Site Studio 10gR4 External Application Support

Site Studio 10gR4 allows external applications to display and edit web content created and stored within UCM by simply executing two new custom services via http. The two new services are “WCM_PLACEHOLDER” and “WCM_BEGIN_EDIT_SESSION”. Correct usage of these services will allow the designer to include a fully editable Site Studio specific XML Datafile into their application.

Calling the “WCM_PLACEHOLDER” service via http, and passing in the appropriate parameters can return a datafile in a number of different formats. The content that is returned can be embedded into virtually any application. Executing the “WCM_BEGIN_EDIT_SESSION” service via http will launch the Site Studio FCK contributor application, and allow changes to be made to the datafile. Functionality includes, but is not limited to:
1. Viewing datafile content within an external application (HTML/JSP/PHP/ASP etc.).
2. Launching the FCK Contributor from an external application
3. Viewing and editing Dynamically Converted content within an external application
4. Viewing and editing Dynamic Lists/Static Lists from an external application
5. Viewing and editing of Site Studio content within a Portal

If the Content Server exists in an environment that can be viewed by the client browser loading the portal, then there should be no issues with executing the services via HTTP.
If the Portal Server has a trusted connection to a Content Server located behind a firewall, the ability to execute the services is limited. In this environment, the client browser would generally makes a call to a JSP on the app server. That JSP would then makes an HTTPRequest to the Content Server to execute the WCM_Placeholder services. The pages returned will more than likely have links to images/CSS/JS assets on the Content Server. When the page loads in the client, it won't be able to see these items, unless a proxy was created that could convert them locally. The forthcoming Site Studio for JDeveloper contains a proxy to address this requirement.


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