Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Oracle Social Network: Connect Your People, Applications, Processes & Customers

Are you experiencing disconnected and unengaged teams? Are you looking for a tool to easily connect expertise across the organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities? Do you need a way to enhance & retain organizational knowledge? Oracle Social Network is the answer. Available in the Cloud and powered by Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Social Network enables business users to securely collaborate with each other using a broad range of collaboration tools and is seamlessly integrated with Oracle Fusion Applications, business intelligence, and business processes, allowing users to receive real-time information feeds from these systems.

Hear from Andy Kershaw, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Social Network as he talks live from Oracle OpenWorld 2011 after Larry Ellison announced Oracle Social Network - a secure collaboration tool for everyone you work with.

You also won't want to miss this webcast tomorrow to see Andy Kershaw give a demonstration of Oracle Social Network and learn how you can use Oracle Social Network to connect your people, your applications, your processes and your customers. 

Friday Oct 14, 2011

Webcast: Oracle Social Network -- Social Networking Without the Noise

Oracle Social Network -- Social Networking Without the Noise

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Time: 11:00 AM PDT

Join us for this Webcast and learn why Oracle Social Network is the secure collaboration tool for everyone
you work with. Learn how Oracle Social Network:
  • Drives enterprise collaboration through natural conversations
  • Enables purposeful social networking without the noise
  • Builds cross-enterprise knowledge by integrating conversations with CRM, HCM and other
    business applications

Presented by:
Andrew Kershaw

Senior Director, Oracle Social Network Product Management

Tara Roberts
Vice President, Oracle Fusion CRM Product Management

We hope you'll join us!

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011

Oracle Social Network: Collaboration in the Cloud

Are your sales teams disconnected and unengaged? Do you need a tool that can easily engage expertise across the organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities? Do you want to work more efficiently with your partners and know your customers better? Oracle Social Network is the answer.

“The biggest change over the past few years is social networking,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.  “Today, organizations want to connect their people, their applications, their processes and their customers. Oracle Social Network provides that; all the tools are integrated and employees can work from anywhere in the world with the devices best suited to their job.”

Oracle Social Network is a secure, social networking and enterprise collaboration solution with a broad range of social tools designed to capture information from people, Enterprise Applications, and business processes to facilitate collaboration between individual users and teams of people both within and across Enterprises. It drives business through natural Conversations and jump-starts productivity with more-purposeful social networking and contextual enterprise collaboration without the noise.

Oracle Social Network includes stream-based Conversations that consolidate IM, e-mail, applications, content, editing tools, and telephony into a single context. Unlike other collaboration tools that simply generate a lot of noise, Oracle Social Network enables Conversations that are context-based and tied to business activities and processes to help users collaborate more effectively.

Learn how Oracle Social Network can help your company collaborate more intelligently and effectively on Thursday, October 20 at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET in this upcoming webcast.

Thursday Jul 21, 2011

WebCenter Content: One-Click Content Integration

Oracle WebCenter Content is open, enabling many different use cases. We saw this in yesterday’s post on the AIA, where the AIA is using Oracle WebCenter Content to organize content, enable updates, and automate digital asset management, but then serves the content to a custom, and award-winning front-end.  

This openness enables Oracle WebCenter Content to integrate with custom applications. At Eaton, a patent database tracks patents the status of patents, but then refers to WebCenter Content to view filings, correspondence, and images related to each patent record. This kind of integration can be achieved in many ways depending upon the organizations requirements. Content can be simply associated via a series of URLs. Content can be packaged around a particular patent as a folio, which is a single object that ties together a group of documents or other objects. A folio can be referred to from the patent application to bring a whole information set together for a patent record. Or the patent application can be exposed through a composite application built in WebCenter Portal, displaying the patent records and the associated documents and images in one screen.

Oracle WebCenter Content helps bring content management authoring, design and presentation capabilities to multiple types of sites, portals and custom Web applications. With 1 click, developers can bring content management directly into new Web applications they build or even existing Web applications. By replacing content in templates with a tag, organizations can enable content management, without having to rewrite the application or port it over to a new technology stack or framework.

This instantly empowers business users to own their content changes on these sites and applications, without bottlenecks.

So in this example, we have the Avitek Medical Records sample application that’s shipped with Oracle WebLogic Server.

This application is an example of how an insurance provider or hospital could provide an online site to their customers to see past doctor visits.

Typically, these organizations would want to offer access to this data from a customer/patient support site. What about the content?

For example a nice welcome message for the users, or perhaps this is a good time to remind patients about eating healthy, exercising, calling the nurse online number, offering a customer support hotline, etc.

With Oracle WebCenter Content, we are able to take the existing template and simply drop in a contribution region that is exposed to the business user when they log in -- so that with a single click they can open up a Web authoring tool – add content, graphics, flash videos, etc. – preview their changes in context of the site or even approve items in workflow.

Their changes are instantly updated on the Web application – without having to redeploy the application or wait for a development cycle.

Many organizations have tens or hundreds of custom JSP applications written on top of WebLogic or WebSphere application servers – Oracle WebCenter Content fits directly into how they do business. Additionally, even if they are getting ready to build the applications in a newer framework, such as ADF, this gives them an approach to empower business users while freeing up development resources to focus more on the application development.

Oracle WebCenter Content is comprehensive, integrated, AND open for integration.


Oracle Cloud Content and Process power the next wave of productivity, mobile efficiency, and workgroup innovation. Only Oracle offers an integrated suite of content, process and sites cloud services that enable business users to easily collaborate anywhere, simplify business automation, and communicate more effectively.


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