Friday May 17, 2013

TEAM Informatics: Successful WebCenter Solutions from Minnesota to the World

Hello again everyone.

Well it's Friday and we would like to wrap up this week by showcasing another one of our great partners, Team Informatics.  For those of you that caught the webcast yesterday featuring Mortenson Construction, you might remember that Team Informatics is the partner that assisted Mortenson in their very successful roll out of WebCenter Content and Portal.  If you have not taken the time to check out the webcast, you can do so at anytime by registering here and viewing it on-demand at your leisure.  And once you register for the webcast, you can also freely access the latest whitepaper entitled  "The Top 10 Criteria for Choosing an Enterprise Content Management System" as well as a previous webcast on the "Seven Ways Content Can Improve the Health of Your Business".  It's fun for the whole family!  :)

Here is a brief overview of Team Informatics that we hope you will find useful and informative. 

Team Informatics

TEAM Informatics, Inc. ( is an employee-owned, Minnesota-based software products and systems integration firm with a global customer base. TEAM was formed over 10 years ago and has experienced a sustained aggressive growth rate with over 200 global customers.

TEAM is an Oracle Software Reseller and a global member of the Oracle Partner Network, specializing in areas such as WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites (formerly FatWire). Offerings include professional services, managed services, enterprise and development support, and an expanding set of products. In addition, TEAM is a Google Enterprise Partner and Reseller for the Google Search technologies. TEAM's suite of business applications include TEAM Cloud for managed delivery of WebCenter products on an Oracle engineered system, TEAM GSA Connector for enterprise search, TEAM Sites Connector for enabling web experience management, TEAM Email Manager for email and communication compliance and management, and ContentWorx for complex document process management and assembly. Get more information on these and all of TEAM's offerings at

GSAConnector thumb2.jpg
WebCenterSites Connector thumb2.jpg
eMAILmANAGER thumb2.jpg

With TEAM’s growing customer base, they have been able to showcase and announce key customer successes, as well as nurture partnerships to provide best-in-class solutions. Some of their most recent announcements include:

TEAM Informatics Provides Strategic Roadmap for City of Las Vegas Oracle WebCenter Deployment

Engineered to Work Together – TEAM Informatics WebCenter Sites Connector v. 1.1 for WebCenter Content

TEAM Informatics Announces Full Life-Cycle, Paper to Paperless Solution, with Gill Digital

TEAM Informatics Announces Growth in North American Public Sector with Continuing Success in Oracle WebCenter

TEAM Informatics Announces Award Winning Project with Mortenson Construction

These announcements reflect TEAM’s on-going strategy of providing solutions that get the most out of software, providing all-in-one solution packages, and growing in each vertical with each successful project. Their commitment to their customers is only strengthened by their commitment to Oracle technology.

For more information, a demo, or to have a conversation with TEAM, please contact them via this link.

And in other news.... Are you a WebCenter Innovator?

Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation

Striving for success is what drives Oracle and its customers and partners to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to deploy successful and groundbreaking solutions and best practices. The Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation recognizes customers and partners that have excelled in driving business value together with Oracle in eight award categories including Oracle WebCenter. Nominations for 2013 Awards are now open. Details and nomination forms can be found here.
Deadline for submission is June 18th, 2013!

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Learning from our customers: Mortenson Construction

Today, Thursday May 16th at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific, we will be broadcasting a new webcast featuring a WebCenter customer, Mortenson Construction.  I hope you can take the time to join us, either live or later on by viewing it on-demand.  Many of know the benefits of enterprise content management (ECM) but they have taken it to another level by making sure that every person involved in a construction project has immediate access to the info they need.

OK, so some of you may be saying, isn't that what ECM is all about?  Immediate access to the right content in order to make the right business decisions.  Well, yes, ideally but I suspect we all know scenarios where that is not necessarily the case.  For businesses that do not take the time to incorporate a centralized approach to content management and dissemination, ECM can become a great place to hide information, not use it effectively.

Mortenson Construction has done a great job of making sure that project owners, managers, designers, architects, trade partners and finance teams all have secure access into the project information they need.  And best of all, they can do it from anywhere, on mobile devices, even on the job site itself.  Most of us are not in the construction industry but we have seen projects underway.  

You've probably seen the trailers that are placed on the job site so that managers, foreman and various craft workers can meet and discuss the latest design specifications and resolve problems as they arise. But what about the work team on the 16th floor of the high-rise being built?  Do they have to take an extended break every time there is an issue to resolve and make their way back to the trailer to discuss it? Not if they work at Mortenson!  They have a portable "Field Box" that is effectively a small office in a steel container. It can be moved anywhere by crane and be immediately online with access to every bit of project information.

Mortenson calls this "Project Connect" and it is a great example of how a company can take the power of content that must be securely managed within an ECM system to meet information governance and compliance requirements and get it to every one that needs it... anywhere!

We hope you will join the webcast tomorrow and hear directly from the team at Mortenson Construction about the benefits that they are realizing by using WebCenter Content as their ECM system.  Maybe you can realize some of those benefits too!

Click this link to join us and register to watch this informative webcast. 

Monday May 13, 2013

aurionPro SENA: achieving clients’ glamorous (and unglamorous) use cases with Oracle WebCenter

Welcome back to the WebCenter Blog.  

Last week, we presented a number of different partner solutions for WebCenter.  This week we will be focusing a bit more intently on the value of Content Management in the enterprise and to start things off, we'll be hearing from our partner, aurionPro SENA about their offerings for WebCenter, including their mobile app and Accounts Payable solutions.


The buzz throughout the halls of recent conferences spotlights “glamorous” technologies: cloud, social, mobile. It’s the mantra of industry analysts and has been adopted by pretty much everyone. Cloud, social, mobile. The ‘triad’ is unavoidable. Many of our customers are asking to implement Facebook or Yammer-style intranet solutions, and everyone’s asking for mobile delivery of more and more content. We’re proud that we've done some of the most innovative work completed to date building mobile apps and social/collaborative platforms leveraging the WebCenter suite (a few examples are included near the end of this post). But WebCenter is not just about cutting edge use cases.

aurionPro SENA has been working with WebCenter and its underlying technologies from the very beginning. In fact, ten of our technical, sales, and executive leaders were long-time Optika, Stellent, and/or Oracle employees (including our newest leadership team member, Ed Jackowiak, who previously was leading Oracle’s efforts to build and grow the North America IDM business). With over a decade of focused experience, and Specialized Status in both WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal, we’ve seen and solved pretty much every use case possible…both the glamorous and the unglamorous.

You don’t see many keynote speeches these days focused on streamlining accounts payable processes. But WebCenter is an unsung hero for even the most commonplace use case. WebCenter’s Image Processing and Records Management solutions have saved huge amounts of hard dollars for dozens of our clients by automating manually-intensive and error-prone processing tasks. Replacement of legacy and homegrown systems with an Oracle WebCenter solution, along with the ability to integrate WebCenter features with back-end systems of record, are the driving factors for achieving these benefits. One of the true industry experts in this field, Sam Harp, previously a long-time employee of Optika, Stellent, and Oracle, has been leading these types of implementations for more than 20 years.

Somewhere in the middle of the glamour curve falls the topic of web solution and mobile app security. It’s certainly a hot topic, but maybe not as glitzy as ‘the triad’. As employees push the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace for convenience and productivity gains, companies are aggressively implementing information security solutions to ensure that sensitive data is protected through every channel that it is being accessed. The good news for WebCenter customers is that Oracle’s Security Suite, Identity Management (IDM), is second-to-none in the industry. It provides everything from single-sign-on functionality all the way through fine-grained access control, an absolute must for regulated and compliance-heavy industries like Financial Services and Healthcare. Implementing security processes such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding and integrating with multiple directory and user profile repositories can be challenging undertakings. Working hand-in-hand with Oracle, aurionPro SENA’s IDM practice, winner of 2 of the last 4 Oracle Excellence Awards in IDM and led by Oracle Deputy CTO and aurionPro SENA President, Swapnil Mehta, ensures successful and secure mobile, content, portal, records management, and image processing implementations.

From the glamorous to the unglamorous, the dedicated WebCenter team at aurionPro SENA has seen it all. In fact, we were delighted to have been recognized for our depth of expertise as the honorable mention in the 2012 Oracle Excellence Award in the WebCenter Category. Here are a few WebCenter solutions of interest that we've built recently:

  • ContentiD:  aurionPro SENA’s free WebCenter Content mobile app that allows organizations to securely search for and view documents, as well as review and process workflow assignments. All you need is network access to a WebCenter Content server and you’re up and running…there are no server components to install or customizations to make.
  • Download the app from Apple’s App Store here

  • WebCenter Managed Services: Many customers who have asked us to host WebCenter solutions on their behalf often mistake that the “cloud” is the best path for them. Their real business challenge is to be able to focus their resources on core business objectives and less on complicated day-to-day IT tasks. We’ve built a mature, 24x7 system monitoring solution and a world-class service desk to help offload our clients’ costly and time-consuming support tasks. Some of our largest customers now trust us to manage their WebCenter solutions. Learn more here.
  • Innovative Intranet : Hampered by an outdated intranet solution implemented on unsupported software, an industrial components manufacturer turned to aurionPro SENA to envision a secure and fresh new experience for their 100,000+ employees through the implementation of an Oracle WebCenter and Oracle IDM Proof of Concept.
  • Business Expanding Extranet :  An entertainment services company wanted to provide better collaboration with production companies, studios, and employees in order to gain greater market share through improved relationships. aurionPro SENA helped them achieve their goals through the design and development of a WebCenter-based portal that facilitated electronic data input, replacing manually-intensive, paper-based processes and enabling document collaboration across their user communities.
  • Physical Records Management Deployment : A home improvement retail chain needed to replace a homegrown records management system that drove barcoding, labeling, and storage management. aurionPro SENA helped them to implement WebCenter Content: Records to manage 65,000 boxes.
  • Streamlined Accounts Payable Process: Inundated by a legacy, paper-driven invoicing process, an electrical services company needed to improve their Accounts Payable process. aurionPro SENA implemented WebCenter Imaging to achieve incredible efficiency gains and dramatically improve visibility into process bottlenecks.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our productized, pre-packaged, or consulting offerings, feel free to get in touch with two of our other long-term Stellent and Oracle experts, Mark Tepsic and Steven Sommer , or visit our website at .

Thursday May 09, 2013

WebCenter Partners Week: Extended Content Solutions

Today as part of our WebCenter Partners Week, we'll be hearing from across the pond in the UK, where our partner, Extended Content Solutions creates WebCenter Solutions to enhance our customer's experiences.

If you are just joining us today for the first time this week, you'll want to check out the past few days of posts from our partners, TekStream, FishBowl and Lingotek for some interesting reading and video views.

And for any of you WebCenter partners out there that are feeling left out - fear not - there is always room for you at the Oracle WebCenter Blog. We'd love to hear from you and feature your solutions to our readers in upcoming weeks. Contact me directly @  and we'll take care of you.

Extended Content Solutions

Founded in 2000 Extended Content Solutions (ECS) are an Oracle Gold Partner and WebCenter Specialist based in the UK. We pride ourselves on understanding customer requirements and delivering the finest solutions. All our staff are actively encouraged to undertake Oracle specialization training and we have experience in all aspects of Oracle WebCenter including Sites, Portal, Content and bespoke ADF development.

How do you manage your Digital Assets?

ECS produce a number of full product solutions based on the WebCenter platform. One of these is MediaStore which provides Rich Media asset management for enterprises.

MediaStore utilizes the underlying functionality of the WebCenter platform and enhances it with enterprise features such as bulk uploads and approvals, collaboration areas, copyright control, embargoes and integration with Oracle ATG commerce and WebCenter Sites.

MediaStore is being used by a number of organizations in the UK where it has been extremely successful in;

        • Reducing transport costs and project time by allowing third parties to share media and collaborate on new designs 
        • Enforcing corporate logos and branding
        • Reducing storage costs by providing a single repository for all digital assets
        • Enhancing digital asset management capabilities of Oracle ATG commerce

MediaStore is available as an online trial just get in touch for details of how to access it. For more information about MediaStore features and customer success stories please see the MediaStore pages on our websites at

Other products include Case Management, Scanning and Know Your Client (KYC) solutions all encompassing our unique and accessible user interfaces. For more information please see our website at

WebCenter for Financial Services

At ECS we recently completed a WebCenter Portal and Content implementation for the UK Fund Manager, CCLA. The results of this project have significantly reduced the time to process transactions, virtually eliminated paper from the processing team and saved costs by providing clear tracking of item status and ownership.

The CCLA implementation uses Oracle Document Capture (ODC) to scan mail items. These are then stored in WebCenter Content where they are indexed and validated including signature checking. Integration with Customer information allows transactions to be posted and reports are generated in Content for sending to Customers. WebCenter Portal is used to provide collaboration areas and dashboard overviews of item processing.

Videos describing the WebCenter implementation at CCLA are available below. 

CCLA Reduce Costs with Oracle Universal Content Management

CCLA Increase Efficiency with Oracle UCM

For more information about the use of WebCenter in CCLA and other case studies take a look at our website at or contact us at or on +44 (0)1483 688 030.


YOU COULD WIN a FREE Pass to Oracle Open World 2013 in San Francisco!

Oracle WebCenter is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family. So ... if you are you using Oracle Fusion Middleware (Oracle WebCenter) to deliver unique business value? If so, you can win a FREE pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in San Francisco, California by submitting your nomination for the 2013 Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation. Go to here for more details. Deadline for submission is June 18th, 2013.

Wednesday May 08, 2013

WebCenter Partners Week: Lingotek

We're hitting our midweek stride with our week of Oracle WebCenter Partners. Don't forget to check out TekStream Solutions and FishBowl Solutions from earlier this week. Today, we'll feature one of our global Oracle WebCenter Partners, Lingotek with some great information in their guest post today as well as an upcoming webinar to learn even more.

LINGOTEK Use Case for a Global Company Using Oracle WebCenter 

By Calvin Scharffs
VP of Marketing @ Lingotek


With a presence in over 100 companies around the world, the global company needed to equip workers in all locations with customized, localized marketing messages, while providing headquarters with the ability to synchronize messages. The solution should be simple, scalable and cost-effective.   


The global company launched a worldwide web site localization project with Lingotek Inside Oracle WebCenter that enabled the translation and localization of content into 16 languages, with room to scale. 


Translation and localization now happen in a matter of seconds rather than days. Expected ROI of more than 400 percent as a result of implementing Lingotek’s in-workflow translation technologies.

Managing Global Workflow

The global company provides global customers with IT systems that are virtualized, automated, cloud-ready and sustainable. In addition to working with other global companies, the company itself has a presence all over the world, conducting business in more than 100 countries and regions. 

With such a large footprint, the company needed a way to communicate its corporate and product messages in a unified way to different regions. In order to provide its highly regarded storage virtualization services around the world and in many languages, the company needed a simple, cost-effective way to translate its content. 

The translation technology should be able to manage large amounts of data and automate workflows across a centralized system of record. Field workers in each country should have the resources they need in order to market the company’s products and services according to local culture and consumption patterns. The company had to simultaneously provide its corporate team with a centralized way to synchronize global messages. 

In order to accomplish these needs, which were to take place on a massive scale, the company embarked on a worldwide web site localization project. One of the key strategies in this effort was the translation and localization of content. The company wanted to start by translating its content into 16 languages, with the option of more as the company expanded into new countries.

Elaborate International Workflow Needs

Professional translation services were not only expensive, but interrupted the company’s rapidly evolving translation workflow. The company produced a continuous stream of content with which translation services had to keep pace. The company content included everything from web site content to social media, and the company’s website content alone changed 50-100 times a month. 

With each new language the company added, its content would double. The company couldn’t afford to wait for professional translators. By the time the translated content arrived, it was already outdated.

Pure machine translation wouldn't work either. The company needed highly accurate translations that could adapt to the specifics of local languages and their unique nuances. It was extremely important to ensure that all contingents were saying the same things in the same ways, despite varying languages. This included ensuring that idioms and metaphors were translated appropriately so that they did not lose their meaning in the switch to a new language.

In-Workflow Translation Generates Real-Time Results

The company selected Lingotek’s award-winning translation management system to continuously and automatically translate its global content, in real time. The company, already an Oracle WebCenter customer, benefitted from the fact that Lingotek’s translation platform is embedded in Oracle WebCenter. The company was able to localize its content for each of its global markets without leaving Oracle’s content management system. 

Lingotek enables the company to take advantage of several possible workflows. They are automatic machine translation, community (customer or employee-based) translation and professional translation. Together, these workflows enable seamless multilingual publishing, automatically and in real time. 

Infinite Scaling, Immediate Localization

Lingotek’s automation kicks off translation workflow whenever the company’ corporate web site changes. This ensures that the company’ global sites are always synchronized, even though many incremental changes to content take place daily. Lingotek’s automation makes all translation fully scalable. 

In a boon to the company field teams worldwide, Lingotek’s community features allow for local input, localizing content in real time. Thanks to the community component, the company can add new languages without hiring additional people to help translate content. Moreover, Lingotek's interface in the field is extremely easy to use and also enables field teams to edit content as needed to be congruent with local customs.
Immediate Quadrupling of ROI

By harnessing Lingotek’s unique ability to engage a community and publish translations in real-time, the company saved significant time and money. The company has empowered its corporate and global branches to reach out to specific audiences and markets with relevant content. The end result is an enhanced bottom line. The company expects a potential ROI of over 400 percent from the implementation of Lingotek's technology.

Join Us for a Webinar to Learn More

5 Steps to Open Your Website to a Global Audience with Oracle WebCenter Sites

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST

Presenting your web content in a single language will limit your success. To build a global brand, businesses need to create a web experience that is accessible in many languages. Calvin Scharffs, Lingotek’s VP of Marketing, will demonstrate how to build a multilingual content presentation using Lingotek’s Global Web Experience Management solution, cloud-based software that utilizes Discovery, Analytics and Automation. Lingotek experts will show you how to manage a multilingual content Oracle WebCenter Sites site, synchronize the site’s content and manage changes in a continuous publishing model.

In this webinar, Calvin will walk you through the five steps needed to produce and maintain a multilingual website, including how to:
  • Easily manage your multilingual sites
  • Synchronize content and manage changes
  • Translate content on the fly
  • Use your community to translate
  • When needed, professionally translate the content on your site

Monday May 06, 2013

WebCenter Partners Week: TekStream Solutions

WebCenter Partners Near and Far:

The Oracle ecosystem of partners and alliances is vast and wide on a global scale. Within our WebCenter family, we have a rich diversity of partners offering additional value to help our customers get the most from their technology investments. As we all know - there is so much more beyond just the technology acquisition that leads to success for each implementation.

With this in mind, we've decided to spend this coming week taking a deeper look at a handful of our WebCenter partners. In the realm of blog-time, a five day period is relatively short - so if your favorite partner isn't featured this week - don't give them grief about it - this is really only a subset of our larger partner community that responded to a quick ping for participation. If you are a partner reading this and have something interesting to add to the conversation for a future feature - please contact me @ and we can add you to a future partner-focused week on WebCenter Social channels.

TekStream Solutions

TekStream Solutions is an Atlanta-based technology solutions company that specializes in addressing the company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses, such as consolidating and streamlining disparate content and application delivery systems and the market challenges to create “anytime, anywhere access” to data for employees, partners and customers. TekStream’s IT consulting solutions combined with its specialized IT recruiting expertise helps businesses increase efficiencies, streamline costs and remain competitive in an extremely fast-changing market. We are an Oracle Gold Partner specializing in the sales, deployment, resourcing and service of the Oracle WebCenter suite. Our mission is to use our extensive IT experience to deliver tangible business results enabling our clients to profit from the advanced use of technology. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on a shared vision for success and a relentless focus on quality delivery to exceed our client’s expectations.  
As we adapt to customer demand and solve the most valuable challenges Oracle customers face, we are happy to officially announce the launch of our new services aimed at improving the customer experience by leveraging the most complete portfolio of portal, web experience management, content, social, and collaboration technologies: Oracle WebCenter

1)    CloudStream:

TekStream’s experts discuss the complex, and extremely rewarding, next generation Oracle Cloud solutions.  Learn how TekStream’s proven methodology quickly and efficiently provides cloud-based solutions for the Oracle WebCenter Content, Imaging, Sites, and Portal family of products. Based on a world-class hosting service, CloudStream provides customers with turnkey content and information solutions delivering intelligent performance, ease of use and ease of management, and a rapid return on investment. Dig into the details and learn the top 5 value-added tips and tricks on how to significantly reduce your innovation debt while giving your company the tools and time it needs to scale. Imagine a world where your data migrations, managed services, upgrade implementations, and hosting services work in perfect harmony.  That’s the best WebCenter experience at the lowest cost. That’s CloudStream.

2)    TekStream University:

Customers engaging with TekStream University can be assured that they will receive professional and effective instruction on the Oracle WebCenter stack of products while having access to consultants who have hands-on best practices to supplement our training agenda. Available onsite, at a National training facility, or in the Virtual classroom, our consultants/trainers average over 10 years of experience in their given product expertise and are eager to share that wealth of knowledge with TekStream clients. TekStream’s experience, complemented with TekStream University’s streamlined standard training materials (including a course manual, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on labs), ensures that students receive practical instruction that can be directly applied to their own environments.
TekStream University Datasheet

3)    WebCenter Content Connector

Oracle customers seeking to deploy WebCenter Portal (WCP) and Spaces utilizing WebCenter Content (WCC) as the foundation for easily accessing content have been faced with the dilemma of using an older version of Contribution Folders aka Folders_g, from WCC. FrameWork Folders is a long-awaited upgrade to Folders_g, providing scalability and new features. As of the current release of WCP/Spaces and WCC, there is no out-of-the-box support for WCP/Spaces to utilize the FrameWork Folders’ capabilities. TekStream has created a connector application which now allows WCP/Spaces environments to maximize the potential of content integrations with WCC utilizing FrameWork Folders.
WebCenter Content Connector Datasheet

4)    WebCenter Imaging Upgrade

Customers currently deployed on Optika, Stellent, or Oracle Imaging and Process Management (I/PM) solutions are quickly coming to terms that their existing applications have become outdated. Optika/Stellent/Oracle I/PM customers should look to enhance and expand their I/PM solutions by upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Imaging 11g, which has been updated to include mission-critical features that improve usability and functionality. TekStream provides Stellent and Oracle UCM customers with an upgrade path designed to limit the risks of data loss, loss of functionality, and reduce the overall impact to the organization that comes from large-scale upgrades.
WebCenter Imaging Upgrade Datasheet

5)    ResCare Case Study

Our client is a leading North America human services and support provider, serving more than a million people each year, at over 1,000 locations across the country. They provide residential, therapeutic, job training and educational support to people with developmental and other disabilities. Our client also provides these services to seniors who need in-home assistance, to youth with specials needs, and to adults who are experiencing barriers to employment. Our client’s business has continued to grow through organic growth and acquisition and now has annual revenue over $2B and operating their services on a national level.

TekStream resources led the requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, and post-implementation effort to streamline the high-volume invoice handling process through the automation of paper and email-based input channels, leveraging Oracle’s WebCenter Imaging, Document Capture, Forms Recognition, and EBusiness Suite Accelerator. These enterprise level tools provide an integrated solution for customers using Oracle’s EBusiness Suite solution to eliminate paper-based routing and storage, enable automated and electronic workflow approvals, reduce manual data entry of invoice information and provide visibility into the overall Accounts Payable process. In addition, this solution is capable of being used for other business processes and is supporting our client in automating their Oracle iExpense solution be providing electronic imaging for expense report receipts and in the automation of their Capital Expense approval process by automating the imaging, routing and approval of multiple documents associated with approving large scale projects.
ResCare Case Study

6)    WCC 11g Upgrade

Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) provides industry-leading document management and records management services designed to support the most demanding enterprise. In today’s environments, organizations have multiple content management systems deployed. Most of these were purchased to support specific department needs while others are older systems that are no longer supported. WCC provides a robust content management platform that can support organizations down to the department level while providing the enterprise consistency needed to drive business at a macro level. TekStream provides strategic Services to assist companies in streamlining their content management consolidation, migration, and upgrade efforts to Oracle WCC 11g.
WCC 11g Upgrade Datasheet

7)    QuickStream Methodology

QuickStream is a four to six week service engagement aligning business stakeholders and IT organizations before a project begins; the insight provided helps organization avoid the negative business outcomes of IT project failures due to unmet quality, cost, and time expectations. QuickStream provides organizations with the tools and materials necessary for successful implementations, including:

•    Prioritized Requirements
•    High-level Technical Design, including Hardware/Software Architecture
•    Phase 1 Detailed Project Plan including Resource, Cost, and Time Estimate

QuickStream saves you the time and hassle of doing the work yourself, and gives your resources the room they need to focus on growing your business. Rest assured that TekStream offers committed and professional resources to see your project to completion and achieve excellent results.
QuickStream Datasheet


Datasheet: TekStream Company Datasheet

“TekStream - Service, Support, Software, & Sourcing”

Webinar:  WebCenter Interaction to WebCenter Portal Migration Planning

As Premier Support services come to an end for AquaLogic Interaction (ALUI) and WebCenter Interaction (WCI), now is the time to plan your migration from these legacy platforms to the WebCenter Portal platform.  While ALUI and WCI platforms have provided a long-standing portal solution over the past decade, they can no longer be considered modern portal platforms; and often leave behind an infrastructure that is heavily dependent on their feature set and functionality.  Planning a migration from these systems to Oracle's WebCenter Portal and/or WebCenter Spaces requires a proven methodology that leverages experience with both sides of the equation: this is neither the time nor the project to learn on one's feet.  In this webcast, learn how to approach and what to expect from a WCI to WebCenter Portal or Spaces migration from the TekStream Solutions migration team.  Learn More:

If you’re interested in learning how TekStream is perfectly positioned to help you achieve your goals, contact us at or at

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

7 Ways to use Content to make your Business Healthier!

Join us on Thursday, April 18th at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific to learn about the 7 ways Content and the proper use of ECM can help improve the overall health of your business. We hope to see you then! 

Monday Apr 15, 2013

Getting past Heartbreak Hill

UPDATE:  We're horrified to hear of the bombings that occurred today at the Boston Marathon.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured on Boylston Street today. 

Here in Boston, today is the day of the Boston Marathon.  One of the most difficult sections of the marathon course is a section called "Heartbreak Hill".  It begins about 20 miles into the race and while the ascent is only about 88 feet, it comes in the portion of a marathon distance where muscle glycogen stores are most likely to be depleted—a phenomenon referred to by marathoners as "hitting the wall."

When it comes to content management and how each of our organizations manage information, a lot of organizations have also hit the proverbial wall.  Information growth continues exponentially year after year and it can sometime seem as if there is nothing you can do about it besides throw more storage devices at the problem and hope that somehow the problem goes away.

Of course, we all know that the problems related to the growth of information are not going to go away.  We have to face them in order to make it easier for our fellow employees to find the content they need quickly, to facilitate more efficient business processes, reduce our exposure to risk and yes, reduce our storage infrastructure costs through archiving and disposition. 

What will you and your company do to push through the wall and overcome the business challenges created by the unchecked growth of business content?  To help you think about new ways to overcome your business challenges with better content management, we are having a webcast on the topic that we think you will find useful.  

Please join us on Thursday, April 18th at 1pm ET, 10am PT to learn about the Seven Ways Content Can Improve the Health of Your Business.    We will see you there!

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Innovation Takes Courage

I've just returned from a roadtrip with my daughter to look at one of the colleges she's been accepted to attend next fall. Yes - with limited time to make a decision, we're attempting to hit as many of the admitted student open houses that we can to aid the decision process. As an admitted student, these trips take on a very different feel than our pre-application college roadtrips. Now, she needs to "try on" each school and see if the vibe of the campus fits her well. At this exciting time in her life, it was great to get out and spend some time with her on the open road on our 5hr+ drive to upstate NY. 

As we were driving, we were also conducting an experiment with our newly updated dashboard NAV/GPS in our Prius against our other older TomTom GPS. We programmed both for the exact same address and hit the GO - take us there button on each screen. Here's where the fun began. Our built in dashboard NAV (running off of a brand new latest version DVD) told us the drive would take 7+ hrs while our TomTom NAV reported closer to 5 hrs in a New Zealand accent. You can imagine, of course,  which one we were going to follow. Now - anyone familiar with the Boston area and NY knows that its pretty easy to just take the Mass Pike (90) to the NY ThruWay (90) and then hit all the windy country roads to reach any number of small liberal arts colleges nestled in beautiful little college towns. All along the route - our dashboard NAV would be directing us off of 90 to some other minor road or highway which we'd ignore - it became a guessing game as we'd skip the directed exit and watch the NAV recalculate the route and time to arrival. They still wouldn't match in ETA by very significant differences of hours.  We stopped and checked at one point to make sure that we really had entered the identical addresses into both devices. Same address - check.  We were amused and privately, I was formulating the complaint letter to Toyota in my head about the horrible product I had just upgraded (for a ridiculous price) from 2010 to the latest 2012 map data.


We stopped for a break with about 2 hrs left in our journey and stretched our legs. With the car now in PARK, we found another hidden setup menu of controls that was disabled as a safety feature while the car was in motion. Buried deep in a menu dungeon, we found our answer. As the default setting, a checkbox saying "AVOID TOLL ROADS" was checked. Everything made sense now for why the NAV was always trying to get us off of 90 (a toll-intensive highway) and onto alternative slower (but toll free) roads. As soon as we unchecked that box - VOILA! our ETA's for both NAVs were now aligned providing a discordant harmony between the New Zealand accent and the generic woman's voice - the only voice available on the dashboard NAV for every upcoming turn. The TomTom was turned off and put away. One small setting with huge ramifications for our journey. Our experience on the small backroads, while taking many hours more might also have been an interesting ride. The routes both ended up at the same place - each just took us on a different journey - a different experience with different points of reference along the way. Little did I know at the time, the powerful metaphor for the college experience was building around our journey and would also provide me a great intro for today's blog as well. 

The next morning, we were sitting in multiple sessions while the university admissions, faculty, students and special alumni guests spoke to us passionately about why our children should choose to matriculate at their school. Each spoke about the value of the journey our children were about to embark upon and how their programs would be the best fertile soil to aid the development of an already exceptional student into something even better. Creating the best environment to foster innovation across multiple disciplines was core to their pitch. They combined classes with Philosophy and Biology, History and Physics, Ancient Greece and Political Science, all the while causing students to step outside their comfort zones and approach topics from a completely different perspective. Taking risks, intellectually, was central to breaking age old patterns of traditional thinking. The administration would tend the soil, watch after the seedlings and produce a new crop of young adults with the ability to think critically, be nimble in new environments and experienced in approaching interdisciplinary challenges from new perspectives to find innovative solutions while working with others from a variety of backgrounds across the globe.

After numerous sessions throughout the day, I was firmly convinced that I wanted to go back to college and attend this school, but someone has to keep working to pay for it, so we finally hit the road to head home. Along the way, through small towns full of old silos and sagging barns - I couldn't help but wonder how many of these people were able to survive. There was no obvious industry or employment. My daughter and I talked about how people really needed to be resourceful and play with the hand you've been dealt the best you can to survive. It was at this point that we passed the sign for the "Petrified Creatures" Museum and we understood that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes across the world, often driven by looking at what you have in front of you and who you can pull together as a team to work together. Summed up by the fortune (above) from the fortune cookie I got with our less than stellar chinese takeout along the route home (I know.. what were we expecting...? ).

So... what does this have to do with Oracle WebCenter? Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Winners in the Oracle WebCenter category last year have shown that same spirit of tackling a problem from a different perspective for positive results. One of my favorites is the LOUI project. They were featured in an article in Oracle's Profit magazine in Feb. 2013 and are shown here below in a video talking about their project that brought together healthcare workers and technology innovators to solve a public healthcare challenge in Kentucky.

At Oracle Openworld 2012 the University of Louisville won the prestigious Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation in the Oracle WebCenter category for their implementation of the LOUI (Louisville Informatics Institute) Initiative, a Statewide Informatics Network, which will improve public healthcare and lower cost through the use of novel technology and next generation analytics, decision support and innovative outcomes-based payment systems.

Solution Summary
The University of Louisville (UofL)  is a state supported research university located in  Louisville, Kentucky, USA. When founded in 1798, it was the first city-owned public university in the United States.

UofL business objective was to develop tools that improve the acquisition, management, communication, processing, and sharing of healthcare information.

As part of the LOUI (Louisville Informatics Institute) Initiative, they implemented Oracle WebCenter Portal to provide a secure, personalized, and rich user experience and Oracle WebCenter Content  for the management of unstructured content and digital assets (such as streaming video) that  supports the on-going patient education, wellness, and treatment. Using the Oracle WebCenter products, the University of Louisville is now providing the infrastructure for their Facebook for medicine.

This project is anticipated to produce an annualized Return on Investment of 277% based on avoidance of hospitalizations, earlier intervention and improved patient compliance that is matched to an outcomes-based reimbursement model. 

University of Louisville
Company Overview
The University of Louisville (UofL) is a state supported research university located in  Louisville, Kentucky, USA. When founded in 1798, it was the first city-owned public university in the United States.

Business Challenges
Healthcare is in worldwide crisis, costs are rising, quality is inconsistent, and there is a need to integrate the expanding information upon which healthcare depends. Healthcare informatics is widely recognized as an opportunity to dramatically improve public health, service, and cost.  Since informatics spans the interfaces between medicine, science, and technology, it offers an opportunity to develop tools that improve the acquisition, management, communication, processing, and sharing of healthcare information. 

To address these challenges, UofL created the LOUI (Louisville Informatics Institute) Initiative, a Statewide Informatics Network, with the following objectives:

  • Deploying understandable patient specific informatics to underserved patients in order to improve treatment compliance
  • Empower Healthcare Knowledge Workers and Health Coaches with access to near time clinical data and engage the patient in their community 
  • Evaluating the impact of correlated physiologic data to claims data on risk adjusted reimbursement models that improve healthcare delivery and cost
  • Score illness severity in individual patients based on their changing blood chemistry values, and objectively measure treatment outcomes in patients with chronic diseases including kidney disease (CKD), diabetes, congestive heart disease, chronic infections, and hypertension

Solution Deployed

The University of Louisville has implemented Oracle WebCenter Portal to provide a secure, personalised, and rich experience specific for each person using it, regardless of role. To improve proactive management of patient healthcare, Oracle WebCenter Content is used for the management of unstructured content and digital assets (such as streaming video) that  supports the on-going patient education, wellness, and treatment.   This information can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs based on his or her particular treatment or condition.

Business Results
This project is anticipated to produce an annualized Return on Investment of 277% based on avoidance of hospitalizations, earlier intervention and improved patient compliance that is matched to an outcomes-based reimbursement model. 

This ROI is achieved by

1) Deploying understandable patient specific informatics to underserved patients in order to improve treatment compliance;

2) Expanding two new healthcare job roles:  Health Knowledge Managers and  “health coaches”

3) Evaluating the impact of correlated physiologic data to claims data on risk adjusted reimbursement models that improve healthcare delivery and cost.

Listen to Priscilla Hancock, CIO and VP  and Russell Bessette, Associated VP for Health Affair University of Louisville on how they use Oracle WebCenter to securely build communities and how they provide their Facebook for medicine.

Monday Mar 25, 2013

Waiting on the paperwork...

Last Friday evening, I boarded a connecting flight as I made my way home across the country.  Tired yet relieved to be going home after working at an Oracle-sponsored industry event, I got on board and watched as every last bit of seating and storage space was consumed by fellow travelers.  We were then notified that the plane had a maintenance issue that was being investigated and within seconds, many of us on the plane were automatically notified of the new estimated departure time on our smartphones.  In terms of customer communication, so far so good!  The airline (who will remain unnamed) was informing customers promptly about an unforeseen issue and the customers responded by settling in with whatever reading material they had.

Within a half hour, we were notified that the problem was resolved.  But then, those dreaded words came across the PA system from the Captain. "We are ready to go, but we are waiting on the paper work."

Now the crowd emitted an audible groan.  Why is that?  In my case, when someone tells me that they are "waiting on the paper work", I immediately have an image of a slow, tedious, bureaucratic process requiring a manual approval.  Sure enough, we waited for quite a while as our now perfectly operational aircraft was held on the ground...  by paper.

What struck me as I loitered on the plane with my fellow passengers that night is that there are still, surprisingly, many business processes that rely on physical paper and manual signatures.  It's easy to think in this day and age that everything is now automated.  We live in a world of notifications and alerts, automatic updates, text messages, social collaboration and news feeds.  Yet at the same time, there are a myriad of areas in our personal and professional lives that rely on paper and pen.

In the case of airplane maintenance, procedures must be followed and documented.  There are industry and government mandated regulations that outline exactly how maintenance repairs are performed and formal records must be kept of every repair done on each plane for safety and legal reasons.  And yet with automated imaging, scanning and forms recognition solutions such as those available with Oracle WebCenter, these approved forms could be routed much faster. Management of the records and associated documents would also be more efficient and less prone to human error and possible loss or damage to the paper documents.

If there is room for improvement in business processes that directly impact customers at one of the world's largest airlines, what about your business?  Are you still relying on paper forms and documents in critical or regulated business processes?  How does this effect the customer experience you provide?

Oracle WebCenter provides a plethora of solutions for businesses looking to improve the customer experience. From Self-Service Portals to targeted Web Experience Management to Enterprise Content Management and yes, even Automated Imaging solutions that help you eliminate paper from your processes.  As a reader of this blog, we hope we have already helped you solve some of your business challenges and we look forward to helping you address more in the future as you strive to continuously improve.  Thank you for joining us!

Friday Mar 15, 2013

Making a Real Impact on Your Bottom Line

This week, we've been focusing on how your business can realize significant cost savings by implementing automated capture and imaging solutions within your existing processes.  If you haven't already seen the screencast overview that illustrates the benefits of doing so, please take a look and share it with your colleagues at work.  We think it will be 7 minutes of your time well spent.

To further peak your interest, today we want to highlight a couple of recent customer examples from those that have already started using Oracle WebCenter Content and Imaging solutions along with their e-business processes.  The first customer that we will take note of is Texas Industries, or TXI.  As a mid-size company that is a leading supplier of cement, aggregate and consumer product building materials, TXI is very decentralized with 100 plants across 5 states.  Manual processing in many locations was proving very costly, to say nothing of the costs associated with managing, shipping and tracking of invoices and related documents. 

After implementing Oracle WebCenter Imaging, they have reduced the number of invoices that have to be manually verified by over 25%, reduced their invoice cycle time from around 30 days to less than 5 and reduced their shipping and storage costs by 50%.  Significant savings that helped TXI realize a fast return on their investment and fund further innovation.

Another company worth noting is Development Dimensions International, or DDI.  As a leading provider of Talent Management and Learning Systems, DDI works with thousands of customers and individual clients.  Enhancing back-end processes while securing sensitive content in a compliant fashion has paid immediate dividends.  Since implementing Oracle WebCenter Content and Imaging solutions in conjunction with their Oracle E-Business Suite, DDI has seen an 80% reduction in the costs associated with technical support and service and reduced reliance on manual, paper-driven processes has helped them save 20% on storage and management costs.

With today’s budgets and expectation to be as efficient as possible, it behooves any size company that relies on back-end e-business systems to evaluate how those processes run today and what can be done to make them more cost-effective.  Oracle WebCenter Content and Imaging solutions offer a powerful way to quickly realize cost savings be enhancing the systems you already rely on to keep your business running.

We hope you find this information informative as you look to improve the way your organization handles internal and external business processes. Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope to see you again soon!

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Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

WebCenter Customer Spotlight: DDI

Author: Peter Reiser - Social Business Evangelist, Oracle WebCenter

 Solution Summary

Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) has been helping hundreds of organizations around the world―including half of the Fortune 500 companies―close the gap between where their businesses need to go and the talent they must have to take them there. With associates in 42 offices in 26 countries, the company’s expertise includes designing and implementing employee selection systems and identifying and developing talent, from front-line workers to executive leadership.

As DDI continued to grow, it experienced escalating costs associated with searching, storing, and recreating critical, expense-related documents for its operations around the globe.

They  implemented Oracle Internet Expenses and integrated  a new document-capture solution based on Oracle WebCenter Imaging,  that enabled the company to overcome the limitations of its legacy system with an open, enterprise architecture that facilitates a flexible deployment.

DDI cut administrative costs associated with managing paper-based transactions, as well as operational costs associated with photocopying, faxing, and couriering documents and decreased its physical storage requirements & costs.  DDI estimates that it is saving the equivalent of one full-time staff member in IT management.  In addition, the company gained the ability to track, access, and manage information more efficiently to assist with regulatory compliance related to information protection and privacy.

Company Overview

Since 1970, Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) has been helping hundreds of organizations around the world―including half of the Fortune 500 companies―close the gap between where their businesses need to go and the talent they must have to take them there. With associates in 42 offices in 26 countries, the company’s expertise includes designing and implementing employee selection systems and identifying and developing talent, from front-line workers to executive leadership.

Business Challenges

The company previously used a third-party system to manage employee expenses, a solution that was extremely complex to maintain, as it was not built on a standards-based architecture.  As DDI continued to grow, it experienced escalating costs associated with searching, storing, and recreating critical, expense-related documents for its operations around the globe. Every year, employees spent thousands of hours and the company expended significant financial resources distributing client-billable expense receipts across several departments globally. This largely manual system delayed employee reimbursement and client billing and prohibited the rollout of shared services centers, designed to elevate efficiency and customer service.

To address these challenges, DDI defined following business objectives:

  • Advance DDI’s global, shared services strategy to help it to reduce costs, improve administrative efficiency, and expand its ability to deliver world-class talent acquisition and development services
  • Enable the company to more efficiently capture and process employee expenses, eliminating manual processes and accelerating reimbursement, as well as customer billing
  • Reduce IT complexity and management costs by eliminating custom integrations between the company’s business-critical applications and systems
Solution Deployed

DDI implemented Oracle Internet Expenses to accelerate expense report submission, approval, processing, and payment, and control expenses with flexible audit tools. The solution automated the approval workflow and accelerated and ensured accurate expense attribution in client invoices.
At the same time, DDI implemented  a new document-capture solution. It deployed Oracle WebCenter Imaging, a solution that enabled the company to overcome the limitations of its legacy system with an open, enterprise architecture that facilitates a flexible deployment. As part of the rollout, it integrated Oracle WebCenter Imaging with Oracle Internet Expenses. Oracle WebCenter Imaging operates as an infrastructure-supporting solution, as opposed to an application unto itself—so the company can leverage it as a shared service that extends wherever imaging is required throughout the enterprise. 

Business Results
DDI cut administrative costs associated with managing paper-based transactions, as well as operational costs associated with photocopying, faxing, and couriering documents. Further, the company decreased its physical storage requirements and costs.  DDI estimates that it is saving the equivalent of one full-time staff member in IT management. The team can now apply time it previously spent managing and maintaining custom interfaces to more strategic initiatives. In addition, the company gained the ability to track, access, and manage information more efficiently to assist with regulatory compliance related to information protection and privacy.

We are very pleased with the way Oracle WebCenter Imaging enabled us to achieve process efficiencies by capturing receipt images up front and making them accessible to managers and other approvers all along the workflow. We also like that we can retrieve images not only from Oracle Internet Expenses, but also from Oracle Payables, as well as within Oracle WebCenter Imaging itself.

Mike Fieldhammer, Corporate Controller, Development Dimensions International

Additional Information

Monday Mar 11, 2013

The Attractiveness of Automated Capture, Scanning and Imaging for Your E-Business Applications

Ok, let's face it.  When we bring up a topic like automated capture, scanning and imaging, it might not make your heart flutter.  And when we see a blog post about automating processes like Accounts Payable Invoice Processing, I doubt your pulse quickens.  But maybe it should!  Let me explain...

Today, we have posted a new "screencast" that walks you through a short before and after scenario showcasing how the use of Oracle WebCenter Imaging can slash the costs associated with AP invoicing.  It's about 7 minutes long and the perfect thing to watch before you head off to your next meeting.  While many companies use Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise or JD Edwards to optimize how business transactions are handled, the handling and management of associated documents and other files are often disconnected.  Fixing this problem and driving further efficiencies is certainly a great way to become bit more popular around the office.

Here's how.  Many companies are still relying on paper forms, faxes, letters, scanned images and digital content as key elements within business processes.  These items should ideally be easily referenced, stored and managed within the scope of the process, but when it is a piece of paper or a fax, that can get very tricky.  That invoice might be in a stack of papers on a specialist’s desk over at headquarters.  Or maybe that fax with the new contract terms got routed to a clerk’s e-mail but he is on vacation for the next 10 days.  You get the picture; the information is in the company...somewhere.   But when paper or disconnected and unmanaged files are involved, everything becomes a manual process which of course means it is error prone, slow and likely under a poor level of governance.

That's where Oracle WebCenter Imaging Solutions come in.  With native integrations for Oracle E-Business applications, you can automate the capture of documents, images and forms and automatically detect the type of form or document, retrieve line item information right off the document and route it into the appropriate process.  And that is where the appeal comes in.  When you bring in WebCenter and start improving first one, and then multiple processes, you will start seeing immediate results that drive significant cost savings.  Having that sort of vision and eye for strategic business improvement drives recognition and visibility within any company.  And who knows what might happen next with your newfound recognition?  Perhaps your boss sees your value and gives you that big salary increase you now so clearly deserve.  Upper management hears about the difference you are making in your part of the organization and invites you to present your ideas at the next leadership meeting.  The next thing you know you are having cocktails with the CEO's daughter on the porch of their summer house in St. Tropez. 

Admittedly, your scenario might be somewhat different from this one but when it comes to making significant improvements to the company’s bottom line by optimizing back-end processes like AP Invoicing, the results are proven and tangible.  Learning more about how your organization can save money and be more efficient is certainly time well-spent, and just might pay some personal dividends.  Check out the screencast to learn more and check back on this blog throughout the week for more information.  You may not end up in St. Tropez, but no matter where you work, being smart and saving money is always sexy.

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Thursday Feb 21, 2013



Whether you’ve established a content infrastructure and you’re ready to build solutions on top; or if you have tactical needs to solve specific business problems, Oracle WebCenter provides out of the box applications and a feature-rich foundation to meet your needs.

The more you plug into key applications and use cases, the more value your content infrastructure provides to the enterprise. Extend your reach, your ROI, and your value to your organization. Set the stage for future innovation.

Enable Employees, Partners, and Customers to Do More With Oracle WebCenter

Did you know that, in addition to enterprise content management, Oracle WebCenter also includes comprehensive portal, composite application, collaboration, and Web experience management capabilities?

Does Oracle power your portal solution for intranets, self-service portals or community websites? If so, did you know that Oracle WebCenter now also includes comprehensive content, web experience management and social computing capabilities?

Are you providing your customers with engaging online experiences using Oracle? If so, you probably realize that there’s more to exceptional customer engagement than just Web experience management. You must also empower your business by engaging and enabling employees and partners to deliver on customers’ expectations.

Now you can do more with WebCenter than ever before by creating advanced customer facing web solutions to improve customer loyalty and sales by delivering contextual and targeted multi-channel experiences to users across mobile, social and web channels. And you can manage the entire content lifecycle of not just the content in your portals but across your entire company as well.

Join us for this On Demand Series of 3 Webcasts and learn how you can provide a new level of engagement.

Learn how to Do More with Oracle WebCenter:

  • Do More with Oracle WebCenter – Expand Beyond Content Management
  • Do More with Oracle WebCenter - Expand Beyond Web Experience Management
  • Do More with Oracle WebCenter: Expand Beyond Portals

Learn more about how WebCenter:

  • Drives task-specific application data and content to a single screen for executing specific business processes
  • Enables mixed internal and external environments where content can be securely shared and filtered with employees, partners, and customers, based upon role-based security
  • Offers Web experience management, driving contextually relevant, social, and interactive online experiences across multiple channels
  • Provides social features that enable sharing, activity feeds, collaboration, expertise location, and best-practices communities
  • Drives sales and loyalty with an engaging cross-channel online experience
  • Enables self-service extranets, intranets and custom application dashboards
  • Enhances productivity with social collaboration
  • Optimizes information access with content management
  • Enables the social business by coordinating collaboration inside and outside the enterprise
  • Improves the online experience by delivering targeted multi-channel customer experiences
  • Manages the complete content lifecycle across all websites, applications and social tools on a strategic enterprise content management platform

What businesses sometimes forget, is that to truly engage your customers, you must also first enable and engage your partners and employees.

Do More with WebCenter, the user engagement platform for social business.

Watch Now: Do More with Oracle WebCenter Series

Thursday Feb 07, 2013

Planning for a blizzard of information

If you are watching the news this week, you know that there is a major snowstorm coming towards those of us here in the Northeast.  Here in Boston, some of us will get two feet or more of snow in the next 48 hours, so you can imagine the flurry (pun intended) of activity that is going on before the arrival of the impending storm. People are filling their gas tanks, crowding the supermarkets to stock up on supplies and getting ready to be stuck at home for a few days.

When I was at the store, standing in the extra long line at checkout, I was thinking about all this preparation going on.  Everyone in Boston is aware that there is a storm coming and doing their utmost to be ready. There is literally no excuse for anyone not to be fully prepared.  But when it comes to content management and dealing with the ever-growing onslaught of documents, images, videos, forms and every other type of content imaginable, do we prepare properly within our businesses?

Often the answer is no.  The tendency is to avoid dealing with any information management issues until they really become a problem.  Just imagine if we dealt with impending snowstorms that way!  "Hey, I don't see any snow right now, so there is obviously not a problem. I will just wait until I really see it coming down hard before I start preparing."  Not a great plan, I am sure you would agree.

Every year, reports tell us that the amount of information being produced by businesses and our customers is growing exponentially with no sign of stopping. What are we doing to properly prepare and be ahead of the game?  Is your "plan" to keep buying hard drives and servers until you run out of room?  Or are you proactively putting a plan together to define retention policies, disposition policies and business rules that keep things safe and securely under control?

Hopefully you are one of those doing the latter, but if you have been delayed in getting a better handle on the avalanche of information coming your way, it's not too late to start thinking strategically about how you address content management and how you can obtain more value from that content by integrating it within the fabric of your essential business processes so that everything is right at your users' fingertips.  We've produced a short whitepaper on the subject that I hope you can read when you get the chance.  It's called "From Unstructured to Strategic: How Content Management Is Driving Strategic Initiatives" and you can quickly register to download it by clicking this URL.

For those of you here in the northeast of the United States, stay warm and safe!


Oracle Cloud Content and Process power the next wave of productivity, mobile efficiency, and workgroup innovation. Only Oracle offers an integrated suite of content, process and sites cloud services that enable business users to easily collaborate anywhere, simplify business automation, and communicate more effectively.


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