Friday May 01, 2015

Vice President Scott Howley on Upcoming Executive Webcast

Happy Friday! You are all invited to the video executive webcast on Documents Cloud Service coming up on Wednesday, May 13 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. Need a reason to attend? If the evite hasn't convinced you yet, take a look at the star cast for the webcast and enjoy this brief preview video from Oracle Vice President and our webcast host, Scott Howley.

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Taming the SharePoint Beast

Microsoft SharePoint has been around for over a decade now and many companies have it in use to some degree, either departmentally or across the company. And most of these companies will tell you that when it comes to managing the growth of content and information, SharePoint introduces some, ahem, challenges. SharePoint sites tend to proliferate out of control and this eventually introduces many of the same headaches that companies were looking to overcome when they deployed SharePoint as a replacement for file shares.

For many organizations, integrating SharePoint with Oracle WebCenter is an ideal solution to reduce storage costs, improve archiving and retention policy adherence and lower operating costs. Be sure to join Fishbowl Solutions and Oracle on Thursday, November 21st as they discuss the business benefits of storing and managing content created in SharePoint within Oracle WebCenter Content. Members of Fishbowl's and Oracle's product management staff will discuss and demonstrate how the features of each of their SharePoint integration's can help you and your organization ensure compliance, reduce storage costs, and improve content accessibility.

Make plans now to attend and learn for yourself how Fishbowl Solutions and Oracle have positioned their connector integrations to solve specific content management business problems that organizations have encountered with SharePoint.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • The business benefits of storing and managing content in Oracle WebCenter
  • Use cases for Fishbowl's and Oracle's integration with SharePoint
  • Which integration option is best for you and your organization

Date: November 21st, 2013

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST, 12 - 1:00 PM CST

Click Here To Register

UPDATE:  The webinar recording is available and can be accessed here:

Monday Mar 19, 2012

Do MORE with WebCenter

WebCenter Team Juggles Time!

We’ve been extremely busy here on the Oracle WebCenter team. We hope that you’ve all be keeping up with the interesting news each week. Last week was jammed full of GartnerPCC and Gartner360 buzz. If you missed any of the highlights – be sure to check out both Kellsey’s post from last week: Gartner PCC: A Shovel & Some Ah-Ha's and Christie’s overview of Loren Weinberg’s PCC presentation: "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Engage Your Customers or Lose Them"  .

This week, we’ll be focusing on “Doing More with WebCenter leading up to a great webcast scheduled for Thursday, March 22 (invite and registration link below). This is the 2nd in a series of 3 webcasts dedicated to expanding the understanding of the full capabilities of WebCenter. Yes – that might mean that you are not getting the full benefits of the software you already own or the expansion potential via upgrade to the full WebCenter Suite Plus. Tune in on Thursday 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.


Be a Speaker @ Oracle Open World 2012Want to be a Speaker at Oracle OpenWorld 2012?

Oracle Open World planning has already kicked off. We know that it is only March and next October is far in the distance. But planning has already started for Oracle OpenWorld 2012. So if you want to be a speaker and propose your own session for this year's event in San Francisco on September 30th - October 4th, starting thinking now! 

The annual OpenWorld Call for Papers is now open until April 9th! All of the details to submit a paper are available here.

Of course, the WebCenter team here is interested in sessions including case studies, thought-leadership, customer stories around any of the Oracle WebCenter solutions, but the Call for Papers is open to all Oracle topics. When submitting your topic, be sure to describe what you plan to discuss and the value of the presentation to other attendees. Sell your session, because there will be a lot of competition to be selected. 

Bonus News: Speakers for selected sessions receive a complimentary full conference pass! Get your papers in and we'll see you in San Francisco!


Webcast Series: Do More with Oracle WebCenter - Expand Beyond Content Management
Oracle Corporation
Webcast. Do More with Oracle WebCenter—Expand Beyond Content Management. Oracle WebCenter. The Center of Engagement.

Enable Employees, Partners, and Customers to Do More with Your Content

Did you know that, in addition to content management, Oracle WebCenter now also includes comprehensive portal, composite application, collaboration, and Web experience management capabilities?

Join us for this Webcast and learn how you can provide a new level of user engagement. Learn how Oracle WebCenter:

  • Drives task-specific application data and content to a single screen for executing specific business processes
  • Enables mixed internal and external environments where content can be securely shared and filtered with employees, partners, and customers, based upon role-based security
  • Offers Web experience management, driving contextually relevant, social, and interactive online experiences across multiple channels
  • Provides social features that enable sharing, activity feeds, collaboration, expertise location, and best-practices communities

Learn how to do more with Oracle WebCenter. Register now for the Webcast.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Webcenter

Join us for the second Webcast in the series "Do More With Oracle WebCenter".

March 22, 2012
10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET

Presented by:

Presenter Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff
Senior Director, WebCenter Product Management, Oracle
Presenter Greg Utecht
Greg Utecht
Project Manager,
IT Operations,
Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together
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Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

Enabling Social Businesses by Connecting People and Information

Today Oracle announced the new Oracle WebCenter, the user engagement platform for social businesses, connecting people and information. It brings together the most complete portfolio of portal, web experience management, content, social and collaboration technologies into a single product suite that can be easily integrated with enterprise applications.

Oracle WebCenter is the convergence point for the Enterprise 2.0 portfolio, and brings together the Portal, Content, Social and Web Experience management solutions into a single product suite. 

Read the press release.  Please also join us today for a live webcast introducing what’s next in user engagement.

Oracle WebCenter enables organizations to:

  • Improve customer loyalty and sales by helping marketing-driven organizations deliver contextual and targeted web experiences to users
  • Provide employees anytime, anywhere access to information and applications in context of an interaction and business process through portals and composite applications
  • Enable people work together more efficiently through contextual collaboration tools that optimizing connections between people, information and applications
  • Ensure people access the right information in the context of the application or business process they are working on

Register online for What's Next in User Engagement?

Presented by:

Hasan Rizvi
Hasan Rizvi
Senior Vice President,
Oracle Fusion Middleware
and Java
Kumar Vora
Kumar Vora
Senior Vice President of Development,
Andy MacMillan
Andy MacMillan
Vice President
of Product Management,

Monday Jul 11, 2011

What's Next in User Engagement?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET

Please join Oracle executives in an exclusive webcast as they share what's next in user engagement. You'll hear our key executives discuss how Oracle is committed to delivering the user engagement platform to connect people and information and how Oracle will continue to deliver on and expand the most complete, open, integrated, and best-of-breed solutions to transform your organization into a social business.

Register online for What's Next in User Engagement?

Presented by:

Hasan Rizvi
Hasan Rizvi
Senior Vice President,
Oracle Fusion Middleware
and Java
Kumar Vora
Kumar Vora
Senior Vice President of Development,
Andy MacMillan
Andy MacMillan
Vice President
of Product Management,


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