Friday Aug 10, 2012

The Butterfly Effect in Web Experience Management

Today’s guest post comes from John Prince, founder and CEO of DreamFire Interactive ( He has extensive experience in strategy, product management, marketing and sales for internet businesses. DreamFire has delivered its comprehensive internet marketing services and solutions to Fortune 100 brands and is an Oracle partner specializing in the web experience management solution, Oracle WebCenter Sites.

I was recently on a vacation, a much needed and deserved one at that, to Cape Cod to celebrate Independence Day along with friends. I decided to take a bus after considering various options and booked my tickets for a 9:00 AM bus that departed from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. I had some calls with our India office that were scheduled to end by 8:00 AM. I was impatiently trying to conclude my final call before I could take off, but the call got prolonged by 12 minutes. As a result, I managed to miss the bus to Cape Cod and found myself two and half hours later writing this blog. A seemingly small , 12 minute delay, ended up pushing my departure by two and half hours. But this was not the end of the story. Because of this initial delay I was met with increased traffic and reached the Cape after the sun set . This was not part of my original plan, but no big deal. I was on vacation.

You are just reading one small instance of what is called the Butterfly Effect. The phrase, Butterfly Effect, refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate, or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location. Sounds crazy, but it is not.

I would like to relate the Butterfly Effect to digital marketing to see how seemingly small things could cause significant effects. For example, let us look at the effects of ‘contextual relevance,’ the concept of delivering the right information, to the right person at the right time, in your digital marketing efforts.

Studies have shown that in the publishing industry, contextual relevance helps improve the average time spent by users by up to 300%. Recommendations can phenomenally improve average revenue per customer on eCommerce sites.

Contextually assembled home pages reduce bounce rates by 60% and improve customer engagement dramatically. Smart phones and tablets with geo-location take contextual relevance to a new dimension. Social media adds a new dimension of relevance to the user.

Real time decisioning can help drive contextual relevance of your online content. When used with Oracle WebCenter Sites, Oracle's Real-Time Decisions (RTD) platform combines both rules and predictive analytics to deliver a contextually relevant web experience to your users.

I have heard business clichés like 'make it rain' and 'think big' in terms of digital marketing. The truth, however, is that we can accomplish remarkable results by applying the Butterfly Effect and initiating small actions setting your initiatives in the right course. But chasing the storm hoping for lightning to strike you is rarely the best use of your money.

Friday Jul 13, 2012

Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld

The Customer Experience Revolution is here. Are you ready?

Organizations operate in a new era of the “empowered consumer” where customers are more in charge of their relationships with brands than ever before. In this new era, customer experience has become the most important and defensible differentiator and driver of business value.

To help you succeed in this new era, Oracle is launching a new conference within a conference: Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld. This event is being held October 3 to 5, 2012 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

This unique summit will bring together leading brands and experts to share their insights, success stories and lessons learned to help you and your organization succeed in the Experience Revolution. You will learn about Oracle’s vision, strategy and complete solutions for customer experience and have access to interactive workshops and extensive networking opportunities.

The Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld offers more than 40 sessions for you to choose from and combines general sessions, roundtables, working group sessions, and networking opportunities designed to help attendees get maximum value from their participation.

Expert-led sessions cover topics such as:

•    Identifying trends and innovations for succeeding with a customer experience–driven business strategy
•    Delivering great experiences throughout the customer lifecycle
•    Delivering real value through acquisition, retention, and efficiency
•    Demonstrating ROI for customer experience investments
•    Increasing revenue and referrals and reducing churn through better customer experience

Whether you are looking for ideas on how to identify the most pressing problems to solve, how to align your organization around your experience initiatives, or how to take your customer experience initiative to the next level, this summit is a must for business and IT executives charged with succeeding in the Experience Revolution. Learn more.

Thursday Nov 11, 2010

Live Webcast: One-Click WCM

Join us today for this live webcast as we discuss how with Oracle's revolutionary one-click Web content management, you can add services that enable content to be updated in real time by authors.

Please join us as we share with you how this revolutionary technology enables you to inject content management services into existing Web applications!


Monday Nov 01, 2010

Webcast: Supercharge Your Web Applications with One-Click Content Updates

Improved Web Content Management Is Only a Click Away!

With Oracle's revolutionary one-click Web content management, you can add services that enable content to be updated in real time by authors. Take advantage of in-context Website editing and instant updates to accelerate content development. Choose to add functionality by dragging and dropping a content management service into your application. Or customize the content management solution by creating your application in Oracle's development environment. Oracle Web content management is the only system that gives you that flexibility.

Join us on November 11 for this live webcast and learn more about Oracle Web Content Management. Brian Dirking and Michelle Huff of Oracle will discuss:

  • Three unique roles for managing Websites
  • A strong central framework with distributed permissions for controlling navigation and content
  • Digital asset management for creating fast ROI
  • A revolutionary way to enable content management services into existing Web applications

Register today for this live Webcast. 


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