Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

Customer Experience Online Forum

Missed Oracle’s Customer Experience Online Forum?  Don’t worry. You can still catch the sessions at your convenience. Watch the Customer Experience Online Forum on demand to hear from Bruce Tempkin, a leading expert in customer experience, as well as other thought leaders and they delve into topics such as the ROI of customer experience and strategies for winning over customers.  Simply register to gain access to these sessions and more:

The Customer Experience Revolution
Customer experience has become the most important and defensible differentiator for your business. The customer experience is a journey that transcends all customer touchpoints and stages of the customer lifecycle. Discover where you are in the journey, identify how to begin optimizing the experience you deliver your customers, and join the Revolution.

The ROI of Customer Experience
Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Transformist & Managing Partner, Temkin Group
Research of US and UK customers demonstrates a high correlation between a positive customer experience and loyalty. A successful customer interaction increases the willingness to buy more and to recommend your company. US companies can gain $380 million over three years by providing an optimized customer experience. This session will help companies determine the business impact that customer experience has on their specific business.

Integrating Marketing and Loyalty to Deliver Great Customer Experiences
New devices and channels, such as mobile, social and web, are creating radical shifts in the customer buying process and the ways your company can reach and communicate with existing and potential customers. Learn how leading brands are using Oracle's marketing solutions to harness big data and better understand their customers, extend their marketing reach into social channels, and retain their high value customers through more rewarding customer experience.

Where to Start Your Organization's Revolution
The process of crafting a great customer experience starts with understanding customers and their goals. This session helps you to begin mapping a sound customer experience strategy, describing the intended experience and kinds of processes that create differentiation.

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The ROI of Customer ExperienceThe ROI of Customer Experience: A Tempkin Group Insight Report

Did you know that customer experience leaders have more than a 16 percentage point advantage over customer experience laggards in consumers’ willingness to buy more, their reluctance to switch business away, and their likelihood to recommend? Did you know that even a modest increase in customer experience can translate into millions of dollars gained? Learn more about the ROI of customer experience in this free report.

Monday Jun 13, 2011

Lowering Costs Through Consolidation: Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Content Management

Many organizations are looking at the benefits of consolidating their systems to lower costs. Reducing training, hardware requirements, and maintenance fees are all benefits of these consolidation projects. We’ve pulled together a couple of examples of customers who have consolidated their systems so you can see some of the benefits they have realized.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers. Nuance deployed Oracle Universal Content Management to simplify content updates, ensure consistent branding and reduce its need to rely on Web developers for changes to its Web site.

Using Oracle Universal Content Management, Nuance unified its Web branding, as well as the look and feel of its Web properties, which were inconsistent as a result of acquisitions, legacy code, non-conforming micro sites, and the challenges of multi-lingual content management.
Nuance’s implementation of Oracle Universal Content Management was facilitated by TEAM Informatics, a Gold Level Member of the Oracle Partner Network. This implementation won the Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Blazer Award for External Facing Web Sites. You can find out more in this press release:

The American Institute of Architects has consolidated to Oracle Content Management from over 17 content management systems. Using Oracle ECM, the AIA reduced hosting fees from $4.1M to $700K in one year. They are also using Oracle Content Management as a service-based repository, wrapped in their own display engine, showing how open Oracle Content Management is for many different uses. You can see a video of Brian Skapura of the AIA here.

Melbourne University migrated to Oracle WebCenter Suite to deliver a world class Web 2.0 experience for students, and Unified Content Management to consolidate disparate content management systems. Melboure University had over 1.8 million websites. This implementation is also heavily integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. SeeMichael Carolan, Director for Application Services for Melbourne University, discuss this implementation in this video

Has your organization undergone a consolidation, or are you considering one? Drop us a comment and tell us a bit about it – you may find other organizations that can share experiences with you.

Monday Nov 29, 2010

ROI Case Study: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

View this ROI case study and learn how the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer teamed with Oracle and global consulting firm Deloitte to implement an integrated portal environment for cancer professionals, patients and the public using Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g.

Figure 1: Linking Canadians to cancer services, information and resources


Cancer View Canada (, the Partnership's publicly accessible cancer control information portal for people working in the health system, provides visitors with a "one stop shop" for cancer related information and allows registered users to connect and collaborate through Enterprise 2.0 services.

Figure 2: is a national resource for all Canadians to learn more about the importance of colon cancer screening


Read the case study to find out how the Partnership leveraged Oracle's comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality to meet an aggressive six-month timeline for portal rollout--without hiring additional IT staff and have provided various Enterprise 2.0 capabilities to create a modern experience for their users.

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