Monday Feb 24, 2014

Content-Enabling Your Insurance Business Using Oracle BPM and WebCenter Content

Hello everyone. Today we are featuring a guest blog post from Raoul Miller at TeamInformatics. TeamInformatics is a leading provider of consulting and implementation services for Oracle WebCenter and has recently published an informative whitepaper on the value of integrating WebCenter Content with our BPM technologies to deliver more cost-effective business processes.

Guest post: Raoul Miller, TeamInformatics

TEAM has worked with a number of insurance industry companies over the years and the advantages of content-enabling these enterprises are numerous.  Many insurance organizations have grown through acquisition, with the end result that they have parallel legacy systems in place with increasingly evolving complexity in meeting the challenges of integrating them. This makes the insurance industry ideal for deployment of SOA/BPM as an integration methodology and adding content and records management to this is a no-brainer (as the insurance industry is so document and record-driven).

Last year Oracle published a white paper (link) on how best to use their BPM (business process management) tools in an insurance industry setting. I won’t restate all their reasons as to why the Oracle solution is a good fit – but suffice to say that the Oracle Insurance business unit has a lot of experience in the area and solutions to meet all your needs. However, what was missing from the white paper was the value and flexibility gained by adding WebCenter Content, Records, and Imaging to the mix.

We are currently working with a number of customers on exactly these integrations – allowing for secure upload of files from agents’ offices, scanning and uploading of paper forms and documents (using capture and distributed capture), migrating legacy images from mainframe systems to modern Oracle WebCenter Content systems, and allowing users (for the first time) to truly search and retrieve content based on metadata and full text searches. TEAM’s Enterprise Architect, Raoul Miller, has produced a whitepaper that contains two case studies where SOA/BPM and WebCenter content enable businesses with these processes.

To learn more about these implementations, download the whitepaper here.

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

Oracle WebCenter: Integrated for Productivity

With the new WebCenter announcement (be sure to view the webinar), many customers have asked what the impact will be for them. The WebCenter products are already integrated, as we see at customers like Balfour Beatty and CPAC.

The business problems customers are trying to solve require many elements. A user interface that can bring together applications, and can be personalized by enabling users to layout their own workspace. Access to documents and the ability to create and update content easily in familiar tools. The ability to participate in business processes, and then to spin up conversations to resolve process decisions. The ability to find experts to consult on those decisions. The ability to store those conversations as a history that is compliant with our organizational policies. The ability to discover similar content when we are searching for answers. This is the way we work today, and it is important that we can move between these tasks as part of an effortless flow of actions.

One of the key ways WebCenter is integrated is through the enterprise content repository it provides. By having a single place to store and find content, people are able to work more efficiently. This takes away the common problem of having silos of information that are not connected, forcing users to go and search through different systems for answers. With one enterprise content repository, information can be easily found. Furthermore, it can be reused in many contexts. For example, a press release that is written in Word can be found and printed out. But with Oracle WebCenter it can also be converted into HTML and published to the website. A service contract can be available in Siebel, connected to a customer record, but it can also be published to a secure space where customers can view their contracts.  A product spec can appear on our internal portal, but it can also be syndicated to a partner and constantly updated. Oracle WebCenter can easily handle all of these use cases.

The ability to move through tasks, to share content, and to be integrated into business processes improves productivity, enabling not only faster decisions, but also ensuring the right decisions. The ability to discover new information and reuse learned information where you work makes Oracle WebCenter the most integrated user engagement platform for business.

Thursday Jul 14, 2011

Ten Customer Success Stories: Connecting People, Process and Content

Yesterday we presented the new Oracle WebCenter in our online event "What's Next In User Engagement." But you may be asking yourself, how does Oracle WebCenter work? Our online event next week will not only answer a lot of these questions but also show you some stunning examples of how Oracle WebCenter enables organizations to transform their business processes by connecting people, process and content.

  • Oracle VPs of Product Management Andy MacMillan and Dave Shaffer will present a roundtable session on the problems businesses are facing and how they are addressed through the move to a social enterprise
  • Oracle Sr. Director of Product Marketing  Howard Beader and Director of Product Marketing Maneesh Joshi will each present three customer profiles on enhancing productivity through collaboration and optimizing business processes
  • Michael Matthews of Deloitte will present on how the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer created a world class website and a community for people to share information.
  • We’ll hear Leon Smiers of Capgemini discuss how organizations are increasing their agility and visibility by creating processes that are built to change.
  • Rizwan MK of Infosys will discuss a case study full of best practices in leveraging SOA and Enterprise 2.0.
  • Gopalakrishna Bylahalli of Wipro will present on bridging automation gaps and eliminating redundant steps in the process and minimizing manual intervention in the banking industry.

Join us for this multi-presentation online event to see 10 customer success stories that illustrate transformations in action.

Wednesday Jun 29, 2011

Oracle Partners Delivering Business Transformations With Oracle WebCenter

This week we’ve been discussing a new online event, “Transform Your Business by Connecting People, Processes, and Content.

This event will include a number of Oracle partners presenting on their successes with transforming their customers by connecting people, processes, and content:

  • Deloitte - Collaboration and Web 2.0 Technologies in Supporting Healthcare, delivered by Mike Matthews, the Canadian Healthcare partner and mandate partner on Canadian Partnership Against Cancer at Deloitte
  • Infosys - Leverage Enterprise 2.0 and SOA Paradigms in Building the Next Generation Business Platforms, delivered by Rizwan MK, who heads InfoSys' Oracle technology delivery business unit, defining and delivering strategic business and technology solutions to Infosys clients involving Oracle applications
  • Capgemini - Simplifying the workflow process for work order management in the utility market, delivered by Léon Smiers, a Solution Architect for Capgemini.
  • Wipro - Oracle BPM in Banking and Financial Services - Wipro's Technology and Implementation Expertise, delivered by Gopalakrishna Bylahalli, who is responsible for the Transformation Practice in Wipro which includes Business Process Transformation, Application Transformation and Information connect.

In Mike Matthews’ session, one thing he will explore is how to CPAC has brought together an informational website and a community. CPAC has implemented Oracle WebCenter, and as part of that implementation, is providing a community where people can make connections and share their stories. This community is part of the CPAC website, which provides information of all types on cancer. This make CPAC a one-stop shop for the most up-to-date information in Canada.


Oracle WebCenter is the center of engagement for business—powering exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. It connects people, process, and information with the most complete portfolio of portal, Web experience management, content, imaging and collaboration technologies.


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