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aurionPro SENA: achieving clients’ glamorous (and unglamorous) use cases with Oracle WebCenter

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Last week, we presented a number of different partner solutions for WebCenter.  This week we will be focusing a bit more intently on the value of Content Management in the enterprise and to start things off, we'll be hearing from our partner, aurionPro SENA about their offerings for WebCenter, including their mobile app and Accounts Payable solutions.


The buzz throughout the halls of recent conferences spotlights “glamorous” technologies: cloud, social, mobile. It’s the mantra of industry analysts and has been adopted by pretty much everyone. Cloud, social, mobile. The ‘triad’ is unavoidable. Many of our customers are asking to implement Facebook or Yammer-style intranet solutions, and everyone’s asking for mobile delivery of more and more content. We’re proud that we've done some of the most innovative work completed to date building mobile apps and social/collaborative platforms leveraging the WebCenter suite (a few examples are included near the end of this post). But WebCenter is not just about cutting edge use cases.

aurionPro SENA has been working with WebCenter and its underlying technologies from the very beginning. In fact, ten of our technical, sales, and executive leaders were long-time Optika, Stellent, and/or Oracle employees (including our newest leadership team member, Ed Jackowiak, who previously was leading Oracle’s efforts to build and grow the North America IDM business). With over a decade of focused experience, and Specialized Status in both WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal, we’ve seen and solved pretty much every use case possible…both the glamorous and the unglamorous.

You don’t see many keynote speeches these days focused on streamlining accounts payable processes. But WebCenter is an unsung hero for even the most commonplace use case. WebCenter’s Image Processing and Records Management solutions have saved huge amounts of hard dollars for dozens of our clients by automating manually-intensive and error-prone processing tasks. Replacement of legacy and homegrown systems with an Oracle WebCenter solution, along with the ability to integrate WebCenter features with back-end systems of record, are the driving factors for achieving these benefits. One of the true industry experts in this field, Sam Harp, previously a long-time employee of Optika, Stellent, and Oracle, has been leading these types of implementations for more than 20 years.

Somewhere in the middle of the glamour curve falls the topic of web solution and mobile app security. It’s certainly a hot topic, but maybe not as glitzy as ‘the triad’. As employees push the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace for convenience and productivity gains, companies are aggressively implementing information security solutions to ensure that sensitive data is protected through every channel that it is being accessed. The good news for WebCenter customers is that Oracle’s Security Suite, Identity Management (IDM), is second-to-none in the industry. It provides everything from single-sign-on functionality all the way through fine-grained access control, an absolute must for regulated and compliance-heavy industries like Financial Services and Healthcare. Implementing security processes such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding and integrating with multiple directory and user profile repositories can be challenging undertakings. Working hand-in-hand with Oracle, aurionPro SENA’s IDM practice, winner of 2 of the last 4 Oracle Excellence Awards in IDM and led by Oracle Deputy CTO and aurionPro SENA President, Swapnil Mehta, ensures successful and secure mobile, content, portal, records management, and image processing implementations.

From the glamorous to the unglamorous, the dedicated WebCenter team at aurionPro SENA has seen it all. In fact, we were delighted to have been recognized for our depth of expertise as the honorable mention in the 2012 Oracle Excellence Award in the WebCenter Category. Here are a few WebCenter solutions of interest that we've built recently:

  • ContentiD:  aurionPro SENA’s free WebCenter Content mobile app that allows organizations to securely search for and view documents, as well as review and process workflow assignments. All you need is network access to a WebCenter Content server and you’re up and running…there are no server components to install or customizations to make.
  • Download the app from Apple’s App Store here

  • WebCenter Managed Services: Many customers who have asked us to host WebCenter solutions on their behalf often mistake that the “cloud” is the best path for them. Their real business challenge is to be able to focus their resources on core business objectives and less on complicated day-to-day IT tasks. We’ve built a mature, 24x7 system monitoring solution and a world-class service desk to help offload our clients’ costly and time-consuming support tasks. Some of our largest customers now trust us to manage their WebCenter solutions. Learn more here.
  • Innovative Intranet : Hampered by an outdated intranet solution implemented on unsupported software, an industrial components manufacturer turned to aurionPro SENA to envision a secure and fresh new experience for their 100,000+ employees through the implementation of an Oracle WebCenter and Oracle IDM Proof of Concept.
  • Business Expanding Extranet :  An entertainment services company wanted to provide better collaboration with production companies, studios, and employees in order to gain greater market share through improved relationships. aurionPro SENA helped them achieve their goals through the design and development of a WebCenter-based portal that facilitated electronic data input, replacing manually-intensive, paper-based processes and enabling document collaboration across their user communities.
  • Physical Records Management Deployment : A home improvement retail chain needed to replace a homegrown records management system that drove barcoding, labeling, and storage management. aurionPro SENA helped them to implement WebCenter Content: Records to manage 65,000 boxes.
  • Streamlined Accounts Payable Process: Inundated by a legacy, paper-driven invoicing process, an electrical services company needed to improve their Accounts Payable process. aurionPro SENA implemented WebCenter Imaging to achieve incredible efficiency gains and dramatically improve visibility into process bottlenecks.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our productized, pre-packaged, or consulting offerings, feel free to get in touch with two of our other long-term Stellent and Oracle experts, Mark Tepsic and Steven Sommer , or visit our website at .

Friday Aug 05, 2011

The power to translate is now inside Oracle WebCenter

Today we are happy to have Lingotek join us for a guest post!

 Expanding your business into new International markets is an attractive growth strategy employed by many thriving companies.  However, maintaining multi-lingual websites can be a major challenge in today’s world of constant content creation.  The initial translation can be done using traditional translation techniques such as employing a Language Service Provider (LSP), but using that method for ongoing content additions is too costly and time consuming. Costly, because LSPs charge higher rates for smaller fragmented jobs and time consuming because the typical translation turn-around time is measured in weeks.  Consequently news and updates are constantly delayed and un-timely.  Studies show that 15-25% of the content of the average website is added or changed annually and that doesn’t account for sites with forums, community portals, news sections and blogs that are updated on a daily basis.

The fact is, with traditional translation methods, there’s simply no way to keep up with today’s continuously updated, socially-driven websites. Dynamic content needs dynamic translation!

Fortunately, Oracle has partnered with Lingotek to integrate a collaborative translation platform directly into Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle Site Studio.  Using these tools you can now allow LSPs other participants to translate content directly in its native environment -- on your website!  This provides a time and cost savings in itself, but even more powerful is the ability to engage any interested parties in the translation process be it bi-lingual employees, partners, or even customers.

How it Works


  1. Content identified and seamlessly viewable within the Lingotek Workbench
  2. Translation completed by:
    • Machine and or translation Memory
    • Community volunteers and/or crowdsourcing
    • Professional translators
  3. Translated content automatically saved back into Oracle WebCenter Content and Site Studio without in copy and pasting.
  4. Content within Oracle WebCenter Content and Site Studio

The Massive Benefits of Integrated, Collaborative Translation
Translating web content using this integrated, collaborative tool isn’t just superior to the old model of translation, it’s the only way to keep up.  Here are some of the massive benefits:

  • Cost Savings - You can largely avoid the cost of having professional translators work on small but expensive jobs by having your community do the translations.  If you still want professionals involved, have them just do a final review of the community translations at a much lower cost.

The following ROI Calculator shows the cost savings possible using Lingotek In-side
Oracle WebCenter Content for an average website:

  • Faster Translation Times - A strong community can identify new content and have it translated the same day with the right tools and access.  In fact, your community can self-select the most important content and translate it first.  Even if you still use professional translators you will see a substantial speed increase.
  • Higher Quality - It may seem counter-intuitive to think that a community of non-professional translators would produce higher-quality translations, but it’s true.  One study showed that computer-aided community translations were indistinguishable from professional translations and sometimes even superior since the community had a more topic-specific knowledge of the language. Subject matter expertise is important!
  • Real-time Monitoring - Know down to the sentence what has been translated and how much remains.  The days of emailing a word document into a black hole and waiting for it to come back translated with no indication of ongoing progress are gone.
  • Eliminate the Copy/Paste Method of Translating - Copying and Pasting content into emails or documents is messy and confusing.  Multiple versions of documents creates errors and lag in your project.  Translating content directly in its native environment facilitates a smooth flow and fast turn-around.
  • Increased Involvement and Loyalty - By engaging your bi-lingual employees, customers and partners in the translation process you can actually increase their loyalty and sense of community.  Offering incentives or awards for their contribution can help them feel the value of contributing and make them feel a part of something great.

About Lingotek
Lingotek, a Software Company based in Draper, Utah contracted with Bezzotech, a recognized WebCenter Content Oracle Partner to build the Lingotek Inside Oracle WebCenter Content Integration. With the help of the Oracle WebCenter Partner and Product teams Lingotek was one of the first announced Oracle Validated Integration Solutions tested and approved for Oracle WebCenter Content. In addition, Lingotek just announced their first four North American based channel partners to sell this (OVI) solution and each is also specialized in Oracle WebCenter Content sales and integration. Several Oracle WebCenter Content customers will be announced in calendar Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Lingotek recently introduced the Lingotek Inside Oracle WebCenter Content (OVI) solution to the Latin American Oracle sales teams and Channels and will be expanding to that geography as well as AsiaPacific and Europe before the end of 2011.

For more information please visit



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