Monday Jan 09, 2012

Moveoff Documentum Gains Momentum

The Oracle WebCenter “Moveoff Documentum” program continues to gain momentum, as customers are declaring their readiness to moveoff Documentum. There are lots of reasons – some customers are looking to flesh out their Oracle stack, some are looking to move off a platform that has stopped releasing new versions. Some customers are frustrated by rising maintenance costs. And some are finding they can’t move forward with the use cases their business units and employees are demanding. And with Oracle offering a 100% trade-in on Documentum licenses for Oracle WebCenter Content, it's a great time to make the switch.

This week we will delve a bit deeper into what customers are experiencing and where the market is going. In the meantime, for review, here are some of our previous posts that discuss the Moveoff Documentum program:

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Thursday Oct 27, 2011

Stop Maintaining Documentum and Start Innovating With Oracle WebCenter - Webinar Recap

Thanks to those of you who joined our webinar yesterday. There were lots of great questions and there has been lots of good discussion since. So we wanted to take a few minutes to recap what we covered in the webinar. If you haven’t see it you, you can access it on demand here.

To recap, we focused on a few areas

  • Documentum has not had a strategic direction since the acquisition by EMC
  • Documentum is very costly to maintain. We looked at one customer example where they could reduce their maintenance labor by 93%. This profile has been used to create a Total Cost of Ownership comparison. You can contact your Oracle sales representative to have them sit down with you and work through the spreadsheet with your numbers.
  • Documentum can’t handle the use cases companies are demanding. Web Experience Management, Enterprise Search, Collaboration, and Enterprise Application Integration are non-existent or extremely impaired.

So this all leads to Oracle’s offer: Documentum customers can trade in their Documentum Platform licenses for a 100% trade-in on Oracle WebCenter Content (the credit is good for up to $1 million and cannot be more than 50% of the entire deal). With this offer, customers can evaluate their migration strategy and decide if it makes sense for them to make the move.

We’ve had a tremendous response to the program – folks are already lining up their paperwork to make the switch. Are you ready to Stop Maintaining Documentum and Start Innovating With Oracle WebCenter? Let us know!


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