Monday Apr 18, 2011

Automating Content Migration Projects

Amongst all the great sessions we saw at Collaborate 11, Stefan Andreason, CTO and Founder of Kapow Technologies did a presentation on their migration technology. Kapow has been running a number of migrations into Oracle Universal Content Management. One client, NetApp, is using this to migrate from a homegrown website to an Oracle Content Management website. Amith Nair of NetApp will be present on this project at the AIIM Golden Gate chapter event on April 21st.

There were two points about the presentation that really impressed me about the Kapow solution. First, the level of automation that Kapow's technologies provide. Stefan showed how a user can setup a process and then the tool takes over by automating the process - discovering content, and then opening Oracle Universal Content Management, filling in metadata fields, and checking content in.

The second thing that impressed me was the level of understanding of Oracle UCM and especially Site Studio architecture. Content can be understood and targeted so that it puts the right information into elements and regions so it can fully recreate a website from a source.

I spoke to three customers that were in the presentation about how they might use Kapow's product. The first person said that her organization was migrating from a homegrown website to Oracle UCM, much like NetApp. She was also very pleased about the understanding of Oracle UCM websites and the ability to recreate an existing website inside of UCM.

Another Oracle UCM customer mention that her issue was a set of vast shared drives that need to be categorized, checked in and indexed. She is looking into Kapow and said it looked promising for automating the migration and check-in, but that she needs to investigate further for the categorization capabilities.

The third customer, from Union Pacific Railroad, is looking at a competitive website product migration to UCM.

This is not a tool that is meant for developers - Stefan said that the most common users were librarians and content management administrators - people who understand what they want to do with the content. Very impressive stuff.


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