Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

Moving Off Documetum to Oracle WebCenter Cuts Your Costs

As we explore our topic further this week – moving from Documentum to Oracle WebCenter – we can an immediate impact on costs. We have made our estimates based on working with customers and assessing their costs and savings. Be sure to join us on our webinar on October 26, Stop Maintaining Documentum and Start Innovating With Oracle WebCenter to see more details. As a follow-up to our webinar we will make these assumptions available in an ROI calculator spreadsheet so you can input your own costs and compare. Here are a couple of examples of our findings.

No per seat costs – Documentum charges $400 per seat for users. Companies pay this per seat cost and then pay maintenance on those licenses every year. This is in addition to the licenses they are paying for the Documentum platform, and the maintenance fees on those licenses as well. Oracle WebCenter offers per-seat licensing as an option, but most of our customers opt for CPU-based licensing. And our customers NEVER have to pay both.

More expensive to maintain – From a labor perspective, customers tell us that Documentum requires more people to maintain it and keep it running. In our webinar we will profile an organization with 800 users. And based upon the assumptions we have made we expect customers to save at least 50% on their administration costs. For a company that spends a million dollars a year to maintain their Documentum system, they can save over $1.5 million over three years in labor costs alone.

3rd party licensing – Many organizations that are using Documentum are also using third party tools to address key use cases. For search, most customers are using the Fast search engine from Microsoft. For collaboration, many customers are being told to look at Cisco Quad to address key use cases. This functionality is included in Oracle WebCenter. Eliminating those third party licenses and maintenance fees can be another source of savings. In our example use case we have a customer who is paying nearly $200K per year for third party licenses and maintenance.

Integrations Out of the Box – With Documentum, integrations to enterprise application need to be created. If you want to integrate Documentum with E-Business Suite for accounts payable, or with PeopleSoft for employee onboarding, you’re going to be paying consultants to create and then to maintain these integrations through upgrades. Oracle WebCenter provides certified, out-of-the-box integrations with E-Business Suite, Siebel, and PeopleSoft. And these integrations continue to work as you upgrade your applications.

We’ll show further examples and more detail in our webinar on October 26th – sign up now and join us to learn how you can cut costs by moving off Documentum!

Monday Jun 13, 2011

Lowering Costs Through Consolidation: Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Content Management

Many organizations are looking at the benefits of consolidating their systems to lower costs. Reducing training, hardware requirements, and maintenance fees are all benefits of these consolidation projects. We’ve pulled together a couple of examples of customers who have consolidated their systems so you can see some of the benefits they have realized.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers. Nuance deployed Oracle Universal Content Management to simplify content updates, ensure consistent branding and reduce its need to rely on Web developers for changes to its Web site.

Using Oracle Universal Content Management, Nuance unified its Web branding, as well as the look and feel of its Web properties, which were inconsistent as a result of acquisitions, legacy code, non-conforming micro sites, and the challenges of multi-lingual content management.
Nuance’s implementation of Oracle Universal Content Management was facilitated by TEAM Informatics, a Gold Level Member of the Oracle Partner Network. This implementation won the Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Blazer Award for External Facing Web Sites. You can find out more in this press release:

The American Institute of Architects has consolidated to Oracle Content Management from over 17 content management systems. Using Oracle ECM, the AIA reduced hosting fees from $4.1M to $700K in one year. They are also using Oracle Content Management as a service-based repository, wrapped in their own display engine, showing how open Oracle Content Management is for many different uses. You can see a video of Brian Skapura of the AIA here. http://medianetwork.oracle.com/media/show/16586

Melbourne University migrated to Oracle WebCenter Suite to deliver a world class Web 2.0 experience for students, and Unified Content Management to consolidate disparate content management systems. Melboure University had over 1.8 million websites. This implementation is also heavily integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. SeeMichael Carolan, Director for Application Services for Melbourne University, discuss this implementation in this video http://medianetwork.oracle.com/media/show/16685

Has your organization undergone a consolidation, or are you considering one? Drop us a comment and tell us a bit about it – you may find other organizations that can share experiences with you.


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