Wednesday Feb 04, 2015

A Primer on Oracle Documents Cloud Service Administration - Part 2

by Thyaga Vasudevan, Senior Director, Oracle WebCenter Product Management

I kicked off this 3-part series on Oracle Documents Cloud Service Administration yesterday with my post on tips to Add Users. As we discussed, you could do it one user at a time or do bulk import. In my second post today, we will look at Assigning User Quota and Resetting a User's Password.

Tip 2. Setting User Quota

As an administrator, you want to ensure that you have set the right quota limits for your end users so that they can enjoy the benefits of Document Cloud Service in the most effective way. There are 2 ways to set quota:


  • Open your web browser and sign in to Oracle Documents Cloud Service as an administrator.
  • Open your user menu in the top right corner and click Administration.
  • Select System-Wide Settings from the left menu.
  • Here you can set the default quota per user. Note that this quota will be applied to users that are provisioned later; it does not affect the quota of the existing users.


  • Open your web browser and sign in to Oracle Documents Cloud Service as an administrator.
  • Open your user menu in the top right corner and click Administration.
  • Select User-Specific Settings from the left menu.
  • Here you can change the quota for individual users. Begin entering the user name into the Select User field. Choose the required user from the list and change the quota.

Tip 3. Resetting a User’s Password

One of the common tasks that administrators of SAAS services have to perform is to be able to reset a user’s password. Of course, it is totally possible for users to do this themselves using the “Forgot Password” feature available on the your service login page at

If you have to reset an end-users password, follow these quick steps

  • Sign in to the My Services Application.
  • Click the Users tab.
  • Select a user from the list, and then click the Action icon to the right.
  • Select Reset Password.

So, there you have it. In my final post in this series, we will look at Setting a Public Link policy to allow outside firewall but controlled usage, as well as How to Monitor System Usage. Until then...

Thursday Jan 08, 2015

Oracle Documents Cloud Service R2 – Now Available!

By: John Klinke, Oracle WebCenter Product Management

Business success depends on effective collaboration both inside and outside of your organization – with customers, partners, suppliers, remote employees – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The latest release of Oracle Documents Cloud Service came out this week, and it delivers on this promise. With its fast, intuitive web interface and easy-to-use desktop and mobile applications, people can view and collaborate on files even when offline, keeping your organization running efficiently and your employees staying productive from any location.

Improved User Experience
Getting employees started on Oracle Documents Cloud Service has never been easier. New users now have access to welcome tours to educate them on how to use each client. Overlay help is also available to point out features. Welcome emails have been updated to provide new users extra guidance in getting started and the online help provides quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Enhanced Productivity
Improving productivity when it comes to content collaboration is one of the key objectives of Oracle Documents Cloud Service. Productivity improvements in this release can be seen across all the end-user applications – web , desktop, and mobile.  For quickly navigating to the most important files, you can now mark content as a favorite from the web UI and access all your favorite files with one click.  Another new capability is the ability to reserve content for editing so others are notified that you are working on it.  For mobile users, this release includes updated mobile apps with improvements around managing and sharing documents and folders from your smartphone and tablet. 

Increased Security

This release of Oracle Documents Cloud Service includes additional security around the use of public links for content sharing. Public links now have optional expirations dates for you to control how long links are active. You can have added security around your public links by setting up access codes, an 8-character or longer password that must be entered for anyone to access your link.

Seamless Integration
The Oracle Documents Cloud Service Developer Platform also saw numerous improvements in this release. Both the REST APIs and the embedded UI capabilities were enhanced to make it easier for customers and partners to integrate document-centric collaboration into existing applications and business processes. Developer platform enhancements include additional APIs for securely managing folders and fetching user information. For embedding Oracle Documents Cloud Service into other applications, enhancements include support for previewing documents and videos in an embedded iFrame as well as role-based embedded links.

Oracle Documents Cloud Service is Oracle’s next-generation content collaboration solution. Combined with Oracle WebCenter, you get a unified hybrid ECM solution for secure cloud-based content collaboration tied back to your ECM system of record, minimizing the costs, risks and complexity of managing your enterprise content.

Next-Gen ECM 
Oracle Documents Cloud Service delivers next-generation ECM  -- providing file synchronization and sharing capabilities. Employees need these functions to address the control and security your organization requires. Oracle Documents Cloud Service has to tools to provide the hybrid solution of secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration, as well as on-premise ECM integration that embodies a Next Generation Content Management System. 

For more information about Oracle Documents Cloud Service and Oracle’s hybrid ECM solution, please visit:

To make a purchase, you can do so here

Wednesday May 07, 2014

A Primer on SaaS and Cloud | Marketing Cloud Launch NYC

It has been a busy past couple of weeks here. The Oracle Marketing Cloud was launched in NYC last week and some great new videos have arrived. Here's a video primer on SaaS and Cloud and some of the highlights of the NYC launch. Enjoy!

Getting Smart About SaaS and Cloud: A Primer

Not all SaaS cloud providers are equal. In fact, some haven't modernized their CRM cloud, their HR cloud or their ERP cloud applications in ages. 21st century cloud technology is changing rapidly. Even the definition of cloud computing is morphing into a more advanced version. It is important to know what questions to ask about modern cloud best practices. Find out 3 important questions you should ask your software as a service cloud provider.

Oracle Introduces Oracle Marketing Cloud in New York City

Oracle introduces the Oracle Marketing Cloud during a special event at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

The Art and Science of Modern Marketing: Highlights

Oracle executives officially unveil Oracle Marketing Cloud, the integrated solution that combines the power and reach of Oracle's BlueKai, Compendium, Eloqua, and Responsys components with Oracle Social Cloud. Watch highlights from the launch event.

The Simplicity of the Oracle Stack

And for those of you that are still trying to understand the world of Oracle - Here's an great video that nicely explains the Red Stack. 

Monday Oct 01, 2012

OOW 12: Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together

If you were among the thousands of folks that filled the Moscone Center Hall D last night to hear Larry Ellison’s keynote, this will be old news to you.  If you weren’t able to catch the session, Larry covered Oracle’s fundamentally different approach to delivering technology that is engineered to work together to give customers extreme performance, simplicity, and cost savings. As you many know, innovating for growth requires the right investments and the right technology. And Oracle is equipped and ready.

If you are attending Oracle OpenWorld, you’ll want to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the following activities!

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Oracle Social Network: Connect Your People, Applications, Processes & Customers

Are you experiencing disconnected and unengaged teams? Are you looking for a tool to easily connect expertise across the organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities? Do you need a way to enhance & retain organizational knowledge? Oracle Social Network is the answer. Available in the Cloud and powered by Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Social Network enables business users to securely collaborate with each other using a broad range of collaboration tools and is seamlessly integrated with Oracle Fusion Applications, business intelligence, and business processes, allowing users to receive real-time information feeds from these systems.

Hear from Andy Kershaw, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Social Network as he talks live from Oracle OpenWorld 2011 after Larry Ellison announced Oracle Social Network - a secure collaboration tool for everyone you work with.

You also won't want to miss this webcast tomorrow to see Andy Kershaw give a demonstration of Oracle Social Network and learn how you can use Oracle Social Network to connect your people, your applications, your processes and your customers. 

Friday Oct 14, 2011

Webcast: Oracle Social Network -- Social Networking Without the Noise

Oracle Social Network -- Social Networking Without the Noise

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Time: 11:00 AM PDT

Join us for this Webcast and learn why Oracle Social Network is the secure collaboration tool for everyone
you work with. Learn how Oracle Social Network:
  • Drives enterprise collaboration through natural conversations
  • Enables purposeful social networking without the noise
  • Builds cross-enterprise knowledge by integrating conversations with CRM, HCM and other
    business applications

Presented by:
Andrew Kershaw

Senior Director, Oracle Social Network Product Management

Tara Roberts
Vice President, Oracle Fusion CRM Product Management

We hope you'll join us!

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011

Oracle Social Network: Collaboration in the Cloud

Are your sales teams disconnected and unengaged? Do you need a tool that can easily engage expertise across the organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities? Do you want to work more efficiently with your partners and know your customers better? Oracle Social Network is the answer.

“The biggest change over the past few years is social networking,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.  “Today, organizations want to connect their people, their applications, their processes and their customers. Oracle Social Network provides that; all the tools are integrated and employees can work from anywhere in the world with the devices best suited to their job.”

Oracle Social Network is a secure, social networking and enterprise collaboration solution with a broad range of social tools designed to capture information from people, Enterprise Applications, and business processes to facilitate collaboration between individual users and teams of people both within and across Enterprises. It drives business through natural Conversations and jump-starts productivity with more-purposeful social networking and contextual enterprise collaboration without the noise.

Oracle Social Network includes stream-based Conversations that consolidate IM, e-mail, applications, content, editing tools, and telephony into a single context. Unlike other collaboration tools that simply generate a lot of noise, Oracle Social Network enables Conversations that are context-based and tied to business activities and processes to help users collaborate more effectively.

Learn how Oracle Social Network can help your company collaborate more intelligently and effectively on Thursday, October 20 at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET in this upcoming webcast.

Thursday Oct 06, 2011

Introducing Oracle Public Cloud at Oracle Open World 2011

By Sandeep Banerjie

Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Public Cloud yesterday! For those of you who missed this exciting announcement live, let us quickly summarize it for you:

The Oracle Public Cloud is a suite of Oracle applications, middleware and database offerings delivered in a self-service, subscription-based, elastically scalable, reliable, highly available and secure manner. Oracle provides hosting, management, software updates, and world-class support for these offerings.

The Oracle Public Cloud includes the following services:

Application Services

  • Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service
  • Oracle Social Network Cloud Service

Platform Services

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service

So what’s unique about Oracle Public Cloud?

It is an enterprise cloud for business. It is an integrated suite of services spanning Oracle's complete portfolio based on open Java and SQL standards offering flexible cloud and on-premise deployment. The services offered in the cloud are based upon Oracle's complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions. They are fully integrated together so IT departments do not have to unify the solutions they buy, and the cloud provides an extensive array of timely and relevant 3rd party content to enrich applications. Applications can be built or extended using standards-based technology such as full Java EE applications and SQL. Organizations can deploy Java applications with no changes onto our cloud, customize Fusion Applications, and develop new custom applications. There is easy instant provisioning with a transparent, predictable pricing model that is based upon monthly subscriptions and consolidated billing. Additionally, applications and end users can move from Oracle Public Cloud to on premise and back. Finally, the cloud is based upon Exalogic and Exadata, offering superior reliability, performance, and elastic capacity.

To learn more about Oracle Public Cloud and get a first hand view of the different cloud services, be sure to attend the “Oracle Powers the Cloud” day at Oracle OpenWorld on Oct 6 (Thursday). It’s going to be an action packed day with keynotes, 25+ cloud sessions, and 15+ demos. And off course you don’t want to miss “It’s a Wrap” closing party that day, featuring Berlin and the Five Hundreds! So if you are not already registered for this special day at Oracle OpenWorld, do that right away at:

Be sure to attend the Oracle Public Cloud General Session repeated 3 times on Oct 6:

“Power Your Cloud: An Enterprise Cloud for your Business Critical Applications”

  • 10:30 – 11:30am at Moscone South 307
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm at Moscone West 2005
  • 1:30 – 2:30pm at Moscone West 3022

See you tomorrow and in the meantime, check out Oracle Public Cloud at

Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

Panda Security Improves Customer Satisfaction with Oracle WebCenter

Founded in 1990, Panda Security is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions with products available in more than 23 languages and millions of users located in 200 countries around the world. Among its latest offerings is Panda Cloud Antivirus (, a free, hosted solution that customers can download and manage remotely.

Since it was introduced in 2009, some 15 million home users have downloaded the anti-malware service. Read this ROI case study to learn how Oracle WebCenter provides a user experience platform and gives Panda Security customers 100%, anytime, anywhere access to leading products. You can learn even more about what Oracle WebCenter has done for Panda Security in this podcast.

Friday Jun 24, 2011

FMW Cloud Forum: Chicago


The increasing popularity of cloud computing is changing how enterprise systems are managed and organized--and that change does not stop at the datacenter. Cloud computing is also changing how enterprises develop and build business applications, a shift that will require unprecedented collaboration across the enterprise, from developers to the user community. Are you currently building applications in the Cloud? What concerns or challenges do you forsee in doing so? Oracle experts will be discussing these topics and how with a user experience platform you can leverage new collaborative practices to design and build applications that deliver business value and meet exacting user requirements. Join us in Chicago on June 29th to learn more and hear from Oracle experts. Not located in Chicago? We're coming to a city near you!


Oracle WebCenter is the center of engagement for business—powering exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. It connects people, process, and information with the most complete portfolio of portal, Web experience management, content, imaging and collaboration technologies.


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