Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Bunny Inc. Season 2: Find Specialist Partner Resources for Success

You may need an additional hand to improve your IT infrastructure, or advice to evolve existing enterprise applications. Or perhaps you’re seeking revolutionary ideas to refresh online presence. Whatever the case, spotting the right partners’ ecosystem will be a central step to grow your business.

Don't be a Hare Inc. company by wasting valuable time sourcing relevant expertise, competencies and proven successes on Oracle's product portfolio on your own. Follow Bunny Inc. in the fourth episode of the saga and discover what our worldwide partner community can do for you thanks to the new Oracle Partner Network Specialized program

Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

Bunny Inc. Season 2: Optimize Your Enterprise Content

In a business environment largely driven by informal exchanges, digital assets and peer-to-peer interactions, turning unstructured content into an enterprise-wide resource is the key to gain organizational agility and reduce IT costs. To get their work done, business users demand a unified, consolidated and secure repository to manage the entire life cycle of content and deliver it in the proper format.

At Hare Inc., finding information turns to be a daunting and error-prone task. On the contrary, at Bunny Inc., Mr. CIO knows the secret to reach the right carrot!

Have a look at the third episode of the Social Bunnies Season 2 to discover how to reduce resource bottlenecks, maximize content accessibility and mitigate risk.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Bunny Inc. Season 2: Spice Up Your Applications

The quality and effectiveness of online services is strongly dependent on core business processes and applications. Nonetheless, user friendly composite applications are still a challenge for enterprises, especially if they are also requested to embed social technologies to empower customization and facilitate collaboration.

You can operate like Hare Inc. and disappoint your customers, delivering inefficient services and wasting outside-in innovation opportunities, or you can operate like Bunny Inc., leveraging participatory services to improve connections between people, information and applications.

And maybe you are ahead enough to adopt a public enterprise cloud to drive business through organic conversations and jump-start productivity with more-purposeful social networking and contextual enterprise collaboration.

Don't miss this second episode of Social Bunnies Season 2 to learn how to increase the value of existing enterprise systems while augmenting employee productivity, business flexibility and organizational awareness.

Still looking for more information on composite applications. We've got a ton of great resources for you to learn more!

Wednesday Nov 09, 2011

Bunny Inc. Season 2: Transform Your Online Engagement

Bunny Inc. is back for another season! You may recall Season 1, where we presented a series of 5 videos that discussed the benefits of becoming a social enterprise. We are happy to report that the bunnies are back and ready to show you that in your quest to making your organization social and engage your customers, partners and employees, why Bunny Inc. is better than Hare Inc.

In today’s socially enabled, multichannel online world, people increasingly expect their online experiences to be rich, engaging, and tailored specifically to their interests. Providing a compelling user interface is not always enough to engage prospects, increase sales and build loyalty.

Companies like Hare Inc. struggle to deliver modern, up-to-date, easy-to-use online services. Others, like Bunny Inc., leverage seamless access and collaboration to critical applications and social functionalities to attract, delight and retain end-users for a very long time.

Social Bunnies are back for a second season to remind you how to make it easy for companies to optimize online customer experience through best-in-class interaction, complete back-office integration and social capabilities. Do you want to be a bunny or a hare?

Looking for more information on how Oracle WebCenter can help your business get social? Access additional resources here! Looking to drive customer engagement with a personalized, social & multi-channel online experience? Register to attend this webcast!


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