Thursday Jul 21, 2011

Oracle WebCenter Customer AIA Wins Webby Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced that they are the recipient of 2011 Webby Award in the Associations category for their website.  

Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by The New York Times, The Webby Award is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including websites, interactive advertising & media, online film & video, and mobile & apps. The AIA beat out over 10,000 nominations to win this prestigious award.

Oracle WebCenter is used to manage the pages, documents and images associated with the AIA’s many websites, communications, and newsletters. With their partner TEAM Informatics, the AIA has created a custom front-end that drives their website. Oracle WebCenter is used on the back-end to ensure that the associated content is organized and accessible to the AIA website, in the proper formats, and ready to pass through the AIA’s CSS templates to provide a seamless branding experience.

More than just an award-winning customer experience, the AIA website has a rich back-end story. Contributors (both employees and customers) are able to update content using web-based tools or familiar desktop tools like Microsoft Office without having to work through the technical team. WebCenter provides the AIA with pixel-perfect digital asset management, which is necessary given their audience is architects, where something that is off by one pixel can have huge ramifications. By building on top of WebCenter, the AIA website has a  99.99% uptime. And they were able to consolidate from 187 sites on 161 instances of content management, cutting hosting costs from $4.1M to $775K in one year.

You can see Brian Skapura, Managing Director of Web Management and Development at the AIA, discuss their implementation of Oracle UCM, which is an element of Oracle WebCenter Content, in this video.

This implementation demonstrates how open Oracle WebCenter Content is - that it can be used as a repository that can be accessed using standards-based methodologies to deliver content to any application.

TEAM Informatics, the AIA's implementation partner, has integrated Oracle WebCenter Content in numerous ways. You can see another example of their work next week in this webinar, where they will profile another customer, ResCare, and show how their Oracle WebCenter Content implementation has been integrated with the Google Search Appliance, yet another example of how Oracle WebCenter is open for integration.

Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

New Look's Award Winning Social Enterprise

Organizations are always looking for ways to engage their employees. A sense of community within an organization can be an incredible morale builder. But more than that, an internal community can foster sharing of best practices and new ideas that drive profitability. New Look, a fashion retailer based in the UK, has engaged its 27,000 employees with online workspaces and social networking tools that it calls iLook. With blogs, wikis, and other social tools, New Look has fostered innovation by enabling teams to communicate and collaborate.

New Look’s iLook enterprise social network was recognized with the International Solution Award at the BT Expedite Retail Week Technology Awards. The iLook workspace provides New Look employees with access to company intelligence including corporate news, company videos, comprehensive staff directory and policy information, along with an online calendar and a cohesive marketing toolkit held as a central, shared resource for all marketing materials.

Marie Tysall-Blay, Head of Group Communications & Social Responsibility at New Look, said the underlying  Oracle technology was “a critical enabler of our transformation from a United Kindom-centric business to a rapidly expanding international retail community with global brand values, strategies, and goals.”

Congratulations to New Look on their award. For more on this implementation, you can read the New Look press release or the New Look customer snapshot.


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