When it comes to Content and your business - Go Big or Stay Home!

Happy Friday everyone!  Yesterday I wrote briefly about the importance of honing your personal skills along with improving the way you use technology to manage content in your organization. Today, I want to focus on an old adage that serves as a great resolution to use almost any time, whether it be in your professional life or your personal life.

ECM Resolution #4:  Go Big or Stay Home!

I am sure you've heard that saying, or something close to it before.  My grandmother had a few variations of this one herself, some of which I probably cannot post in an Oracle blog!  :) But one of her oft-quoted reminders that stuck with me was that "any job worth doing is worth doing right".  A corollary of this might be "if you are going to manage your content properly and get maximum value, go with a proven and tested industry leader".

While my grandmother certainly never uttered those words about managing content, it's hard to argue with the idea of investing in the best technology that will deliver the best results.  It's especially true when it comes to technology that is at the fundamental core of your business!  One of the best ways to evaluate and recognize who the leader is in any business is via third-party analysts.  Gartner Research recently announced the results from their Magic Quadrant research on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and for the 5th straight year, the Oracle WebCenter ECM solution is again honored to be in the Leaders quadrant, recognizing the completeness of the Oracle WebCenter's product vision and our ability to execute.

As we talked about in previous blog posts, content and the proper management of it is (or should be) at the core of your business.  Your important content should never be stored in an information silo, in fact that is the last thing you want!  To make the most of your valuable information you also want powerful connected systems.  In addition to our strong history of being a leader in the ECM market, Oracle WebCenter is also recognized as a leader by Gartner Research in their Horizontal Portal and Web Content Management Magic Quadrants.

We are once again proud of this recognition from Gartner and similar recognition that we have received from other leading analyst firms around the world. But even more important are the testimonials we get from satisfied customers.  Recently, the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture was kind enough to describe the value of their WebCenter Content implementation in a short video. Check it out for yourself here.  Short video testimonials from other customers such as BDO , AIA and the Chicago Public Schools offer additional, valuable insights into real-life business scenarios enhanced with WebCenter enterprise content management.

Realizing a rapid return on any investment like this is essential, especially in the economic environment of today.  Embry-Riddle recently worked with us to proudly showcase the ROI they have realized by using WebCenter that is also worth taking a few minutes to view. All this brings us back to our final resolution of the week. Admittedly the above is certainly an abundance of "tooting our own horn" but when it comes to making resolutions that directly effect the direction your business is taking when it comes to content management, you want to know you are going with the best available technology solutions.  Go Big or Stay Home.  You are not seriously going to consider doing the latter - so make sure you do the former! 

We hope these resolutions throughout the week have given you food for thought as you evaluate your approach to content management and how it is really put to use within vital business processes across your company.  Thank you for taking the time to read the WebCenter blog and stay tuned next week for another valuable series of posts about WebCenter Sites.


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