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We're hitting our midweek stride with our week of Oracle WebCenter Partners. Don't forget to check out TekStream Solutions and FishBowl Solutions from earlier this week. Today, we'll feature one of our global Oracle WebCenter Partners, Lingotek with some great information in their guest post today as well as an upcoming webinar to learn even more.

LINGOTEK Use Case for a Global Company Using Oracle WebCenter 

By Calvin Scharffs
VP of Marketing @ Lingotek


With a presence in over 100 companies around the world, the global company needed to equip workers in all locations with customized, localized marketing messages, while providing headquarters with the ability to synchronize messages. The solution should be simple, scalable and cost-effective.   


The global company launched a worldwide web site localization project with Lingotek Inside Oracle WebCenter that enabled the translation and localization of content into 16 languages, with room to scale. 


Translation and localization now happen in a matter of seconds rather than days. Expected ROI of more than 400 percent as a result of implementing Lingotek’s in-workflow translation technologies.

Managing Global Workflow

The global company provides global customers with IT systems that are virtualized, automated, cloud-ready and sustainable. In addition to working with other global companies, the company itself has a presence all over the world, conducting business in more than 100 countries and regions. 

With such a large footprint, the company needed a way to communicate its corporate and product messages in a unified way to different regions. In order to provide its highly regarded storage virtualization services around the world and in many languages, the company needed a simple, cost-effective way to translate its content. 

The translation technology should be able to manage large amounts of data and automate workflows across a centralized system of record. Field workers in each country should have the resources they need in order to market the company’s products and services according to local culture and consumption patterns. The company had to simultaneously provide its corporate team with a centralized way to synchronize global messages. 

In order to accomplish these needs, which were to take place on a massive scale, the company embarked on a worldwide web site localization project. One of the key strategies in this effort was the translation and localization of content. The company wanted to start by translating its content into 16 languages, with the option of more as the company expanded into new countries.

Elaborate International Workflow Needs

Professional translation services were not only expensive, but interrupted the company’s rapidly evolving translation workflow. The company produced a continuous stream of content with which translation services had to keep pace. The company content included everything from web site content to social media, and the company’s website content alone changed 50-100 times a month. 

With each new language the company added, its content would double. The company couldn’t afford to wait for professional translators. By the time the translated content arrived, it was already outdated.

Pure machine translation wouldn't work either. The company needed highly accurate translations that could adapt to the specifics of local languages and their unique nuances. It was extremely important to ensure that all contingents were saying the same things in the same ways, despite varying languages. This included ensuring that idioms and metaphors were translated appropriately so that they did not lose their meaning in the switch to a new language.

In-Workflow Translation Generates Real-Time Results

The company selected Lingotek’s award-winning translation management system to continuously and automatically translate its global content, in real time. The company, already an Oracle WebCenter customer, benefitted from the fact that Lingotek’s translation platform is embedded in Oracle WebCenter. The company was able to localize its content for each of its global markets without leaving Oracle’s content management system. 

Lingotek enables the company to take advantage of several possible workflows. They are automatic machine translation, community (customer or employee-based) translation and professional translation. Together, these workflows enable seamless multilingual publishing, automatically and in real time. 

Infinite Scaling, Immediate Localization

Lingotek’s automation kicks off translation workflow whenever the company’ corporate web site changes. This ensures that the company’ global sites are always synchronized, even though many incremental changes to content take place daily. Lingotek’s automation makes all translation fully scalable. 

In a boon to the company field teams worldwide, Lingotek’s community features allow for local input, localizing content in real time. Thanks to the community component, the company can add new languages without hiring additional people to help translate content. Moreover, Lingotek's interface in the field is extremely easy to use and also enables field teams to edit content as needed to be congruent with local customs.
Immediate Quadrupling of ROI

By harnessing Lingotek’s unique ability to engage a community and publish translations in real-time, the company saved significant time and money. The company has empowered its corporate and global branches to reach out to specific audiences and markets with relevant content. The end result is an enhanced bottom line. The company expects a potential ROI of over 400 percent from the implementation of Lingotek's technology.

Join Us for a Webinar to Learn More

5 Steps to Open Your Website to a Global Audience with Oracle WebCenter Sites

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST

Presenting your web content in a single language will limit your success. To build a global brand, businesses need to create a web experience that is accessible in many languages. Calvin Scharffs, Lingotek’s VP of Marketing, will demonstrate how to build a multilingual content presentation using Lingotek’s Global Web Experience Management solution, cloud-based software that utilizes Discovery, Analytics and Automation. Lingotek experts will show you how to manage a multilingual content Oracle WebCenter Sites site, synchronize the site’s content and manage changes in a continuous publishing model.

In this webinar, Calvin will walk you through the five steps needed to produce and maintain a multilingual website, including how to:
  • Easily manage your multilingual sites
  • Synchronize content and manage changes
  • Translate content on the fly
  • Use your community to translate
  • When needed, professionally translate the content on your site


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