Top Ten Technology Trends Lists

While we are on the subject this week of technology trends - I did a little searching to see what the zeitgeist of the internet had to say about the top 10 trends. I could have spent days listing and comparing, but it seemed more appropriate to just get it out here on the page for your viewing pleasure. Credits and kudos to the original authors as noted.

Top 10 Technology Trends Lists:

The Top 10 tech trends for 2012
By Pete Cashmore, Special to CNN
Pete Cashmore is the founder and CEO of

1) Touch computing

2) Social gestures

3) NFC and mobile payments

4) Beyond the iPad

5) TV Everywhere

6) Voice control

7) Spatial gestures

8) Second-screen experiences

9) Flexible screens

10) HTML5

The Top 10 Tech Trends, Straight From 5 Top Tech VCs
Robert Hof, Contributor - Forbes

1) Radical Globalization of Social Commerce

2) Zero Marginal Cost Education

3) Massive Sensors and Data

4) All Vehicles Go Electric

5) A Shift Toward Technocracy

6) It’s Just the Venture Cycle

7) The Gamification of Everything

8) The New Hardware: Bits to Atoms

9) Moore’s Law Accelerates Beyond Silicon

10) The Beginnings of Bioinformatics: Intelligent Design Over Random Drug Discovery

Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012

(Reports available on all trends from Gartner)

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012

  1. Media Tablets and Beyond
  2. Mobile Applications and Interfaces
  3. Contextual and Social Experience
  4. The Internet of Things
  5. App Stores and Marketplaces
  6. Next Generation Analytics
  7. Big Data
  8. In-Memory Computing
  9. Extreme Low-Energy Servers
  10. Cloud Computing

Here's a great video from Gartner outlining their "Top Ten" listed above:

Deloitte Predicts the Top 10 Technology Trends for 2012

Mobility, social, analytics, cloud and cyber represent five imminent technology forces for business innovation

(Re)Emerging Enablers:

1) Geo-spatial Visualization

2) Digital Identities

3) Data Goes to Work

4) Measured Innovation

5) Outside-in Architecture

Disruptive Deployments:

6) Social Business

7) Hyper-hybrid Cloud

8) Enterprise Mobility Unleashed

9) Gamification

10) User Empowerment

To download the full report, please visit .

Top 10 technology trends for 2012 - StartUp Smart

By Michelle Hammond
Thursday, 05 January 2012

1) Mobile commerce

2) Cloud computing

3) Social enterprise

4) Video

5) Gamification

6) Location marketing

7) Energy-efficient technologies

8) Machine-to-machine-to-people communications  

9) IT security

10) New IT skill sets

10 tech trends to watch for in 2012 - Tech Radar
Windows 8, Apple kit, ultrabooks and Android - but some big names face big trouble

1) Windows 8 revolution

2) Really good tablets

3) Big names in big trouble

4) TV continues to change

5) Voice input

6) More and more Ultrabooks

7) The end of boxed software

8) Everything in the cloud

9) Mobile payments

10) Censorship

10 Top Technology Trends for 2012 - The Futurist

More Detailed Article available here.

1) TV Becomes the New Center of Gravity in the tech universe, as all other devices find their niches in the TV galaxy.

2) 2012 Will See Tectonic Shifts in Phone Markets.

3) Clouds Are for Consumers (and Startups). Even as a large number of enterprises move pilots onto external clouds, it will become clear that the real trend is for enterprise to stay away from clouds in all key areas, for reasons both of security and reliability.

4) Security Splits the Tech World in Two, finally getting Front of Mind (and wallet) attention from CEOs: companies with real IP, and the others (Meat vs. Mashed Potatoes).

5) SIRI Stuns the World.

6) We Enter the Amazing World of Dave and HAL, as Voice Recognition comes of age.

7) E-Readers Prosper, but Pads Continue to Dominate the CarryAlong Market.

8) The Consumption World Explodes. Get ready for new devices, new content, new bundles, new connection techniques, new distribution channels, new aggregators, new pads, new phones, new players, new self-published authors, new garage bands, new consumption models riding on social networks: there is nothing but high energy in the content consumer market. People are now ready to spend subscription money for this sector, and the publisher response will be huge.

9) Governments and Corporations Focus on IP as though it were their most prized asset. It is.

10) Amazon Gets It All.

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