The Top 10 Benefits of Content Consolidation - Part 2

Continuing our top ten list, here are five more ways you can consolidate and save with Oracle WebCenter. You can see the first post in this series here. (Be sure to see all 10 reasons and more in our webcast tomorrow: Consolidate Your Content And Save With Oracle WebCenter)

5. Ensuring a single source of truth for content updates

With a single repository you can take advantage of features like deduplication. And by having a single instance of any content, you can be assured that when you make updates, they will be made to the latest version of the document, ensuring you will take advantage of all prior updates. Consolidation enables content reuse. Companies often have a set of information rendered all over the place – repositories, websites, mobile apps. This makes it very difficult to make updates. Customers are striving for a single source of content, where they can update it once, and then have the system take care of reformatting and delivering the content to multiple users/devices/audiences.

4. Storing content where it belongs

With a single repository you can track content access and usage, and automatically assign storage precedence. So highly accessed content can be readily available. Less used content can be moved to tape. So you can save further by optimizing your storage. Oracle WebCenter is integrated with Oracle Storage Archive Manager, which automatically manages these storage locations.

3. Security

Along with the a single point of administration, a consolidated content management infrastructure makes it easier to set and enforce security. Oracle WebCenter is integrated with the Single Sign-On capabilities of Oracle Identity Management, making it easy to ensure your content is secure.

2. Compliance

Content consolidation can make your organization more compliant. By having one place to affect policies, perform discovery, and place holds, you’ll be way ahead of where you were with multiple repositories.

1. Fostering innovation

With a consolidated content management solution, you can find information you have access to with a single search. Not only does this enable you to find the information you need, it also enables you to find content you didn’t expect. These connections can often lead to new ideas and innovations.

You can learn about these 10 benefits, hear customer examples and more by watching the webcast: Consolidate Your Content And Save With Oracle WebCenter


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