The Power of Automated Targeting

Mariam Tariq, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle WebCenter SitesToday's guest blog post is from Mariam Tariq, Senior Director of Product Management  for Oracle WebCenter Sites. Mariam has worked in the technology space for over 15 years with a focus in web content management, social marketing, and mobility. She has also held roles in product management, strategy and engineering at Zenprise, Interwoven, and Scientific Atlanta. Mariam holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

In this day and age, consumers are bombarded with high volumes of information coming from multiple channels. Therefore, to keep online visitors engaged, it is important for businesses to understand their users and to choose the most relevant content to show each of them. Oracle WebCenter Sites provides targeting capabilities that enable business users to define customer segments from a variety of user behavioral and profile data and then create content recommendations for those segments. This results in a much higher degree of site stickiness and can maximize conversion rates.

In situations with large volumes of content and/or unknown user segments, automation can help business users make decisions about recommended content.  Oracle Real-Time Decisions uses powerful statistical models to continuously learn from visitor interactions. Real-Time Decisions correlates visitor attributes to displayed content and determines recommended content to show subsequent users.

The Decision-Making Process of Oracle Real-Time Decisions
The Decision-Making Process of Oracle Real-Time Decisions

Together, Real-Time Decisions and WebCenter Sites can enable marketing users to create highly effective targeting strategies. There are various possibilities of how to leverage Real-Time Decisions in WebCenter Sites. Marketers could create segments in WebCenter Sites and have Real-Time Decisions select a recommendation for a set of content that marketing has selected for each segment. Alternatively, marketers can choose to have Real-Time Decisions segment users and then select a recommendation from a list of potential marketing specified content.

Oracle WebCenter Sites & Oracle Real-Time Decisions

Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD)

A typical use case would look like this: A marketer first creates a recommendation in WebCenter Sites. This entails first selecting a course set level of content (‘choices’)  for Real-Time Decisions to select from. These choices can be chosen via a query (e.g. ‘show all content tagged ‘ holiday’, created  between 11/1 and present, less than $100.) The content could also be a specific list selected by the marketer.  At runtime, WebCenter Sites will send Real-Time Decisions the attributes for the particular visitor (such as location, age, gender, and preferences). Real-Time Decisions will then determine the best content and send the recommendation to WebCenter Sites at runtime. WebCenter Sites will send feedback back to Real-Time Decisions on the customer decision (clicked, viewed, etc). Real-Time Decisions will incorporate this information to refine its data models for future decisions.

 The following statistics reflect actual results from Oracle customers implementing targeting strategies:

  • Up to 150% improvements in click-through rates for eCommerce Self-Service website
  • 5% increase in average transaction amount for eCommerce customer acquisition
  • 6% improvement in sales conversion rates for eCommerce website
  • 60% lift in self-service registration

Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle Real-Time Decisions offers marketers a powerful combination of tools for the automatic optimization of online experiences.   To learn more about automated targeting with these products, download the white paper or register to view the webcast, Introducing Oracle WebCenter 11gR1: Transforming the Online Experience.


Great article. I just wanted to highlight another great real-life statistic for Oracle RTD.

"Online sports bookmaker Betfair has seen a 400% growth in revenue after implementing real-time decision-making software on its website to personalise content to each user."

Posted by Lukas Vermeer on May 05, 2012 at 10:50 AM EDT #

Thanks, Lukas, for pointing out that excellent case study!

Posted by Christie Flanagan on May 10, 2012 at 11:04 AM EDT #

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