Stuck in Your SharePoint Shell?: Break Free with Oracle WebCenter Webcast Q&A

Thank you for joining us on the webcast yesterday. We had some great questions that were asked, which we've captured below. Be sure to catch the replay  if you missed it!

What are the versions of both products that were evaluated?
Microsoft - Primarily SharePoint 2010, though some customers had a dual environment where they were working off SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. On the Oracle side it was Oracle WebCenter 11g.

Is your content server compatible with Oracle Linux?
Yes. As well as other common platforms. (Windows, Solaris, RedHat)

Can you provide the various links mentioned in the follow-up email, or perhaps a copy of the presentation?
The follow up email to this Webcast will have a copy of the InfoTrends White Paper. You can also download the white paper here and ask any questions on our WebCenter Blog in the comments section.

Is there a separate session to learn about functionality?
Check out the WebCenter Resources page ( for additional white papers and webcasts that talk about WebCenter. For even more technical information, visit Oracle WebCenter on the Oracle Technology Network (

Are all these adapters Oracle’s?
Adapters for WebCenter Content to the Oracle applications are indeed Oracle products. For other adapters (like SharePoint), they are often partner provided.

Is this WebCenter 11g?
Yes. The current release is for WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content.

Can we get an evaluation copy of WebCenter?
All Oracle tech products are available on for download -- for evaluation purposes. See the WebCenter page for more information.

Are the costs already included in the WebCenter license cost?
Not necessarily... There’s a pricelist posted on which is the official word, but if we remember correctly, the content adapters are licensed separately.

What integration options exist with Oracle WebCenter?
WebCenter includes many different integration technologies /options. Everything from multiple standard protocols like WebDAV to deep Web service integration as well as Portal tools like JSR 168/286 and BPM/BPEL for workflow based integration.

Does WebCenter offer something akin to MITS for dealing with DICOM images? Or would that require a 3rd party plugin?
Oracle plans to provide support for DICOM images directly in the WebCenter Content server. This is planned for the next minor release ( To get a feel for this support, we've provided sample code and software that will work with any version of WebCenter Content after (aka PS3). The download is here We plan to provide this as native support so we expect no additional charges, however, the plans are not finalized yet.

How is WebCenter integrated with Microsoft Office?
Oracle WebCenter supports Microsoft Office in several ways. From WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal, edit in place is supported  -- this means opening, editing and saving an Office document from the browser without having to make a local copy. Opening the document also locks it from changes on the server. Office documents (and another 200 or so formats) are automatically rendered for the document preview capabilities in both WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal. Desktop Integration Services (DIS) is tool that is loaded on the desktop and connects to WebCenter Content providing synchronization and access to documents stored on the server. More details about DIS are available here.

Are users using Google like search able to find data in WebCenter without costly add-ons?
WebCenter is integrated out of the box with Oracle Enterprise Search, which supports federated search. OES can be integrated with Google Search.

Do you have any documentation regarding SharePoint to WebCenter migration plans or best practices?
Migration is a rich subject and often more about business process than just moving content from point to point. Because WebCenter supports so many different interaction models with users, moving to an Enterprise content and portal solution gives you an opportunity to revisit the use cases and see where additional optimizations can be done. That said, there will be content to move from the source system to the new environment.  For the period of time those systems overlap, a connector is often a good way to build out the new system without disabling the existing system and interrupting the work process. Fishbowl has an Oracle Validated Integration between WebCenter Content and SharePoint which allows the SharePoint content to be moved over to WebCenter Content, but does not effect the use of SharePoint when accessing that content.   When it is time to move content into WebCenter Content, then Kapow Software has an Oracle Validated Integration that allows content and much if not all of the metada to be migrated over to the new system. Since there may be some changes to the business process, some transformations can be done at this point as well. See Fishbowl Solutions press release for details on the SharePoint connector and the Kapow Migration paper for more details. 

Are you planning to put the WebCenter in the Oracle Cloud?
Oracle announced its Cloud strategy at Oracle Open World 2011. More on this can be found here. Oracle Social Network, which is part of Oracle WebCenter is going to part of the initial roll out. We also have plans to put other components of WebCenter on the Oracle Cloud.

Do you need to use JDeveloepr for WebCenter development or can you use Eclipse?
You can use Eclipse as well. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) allow development to be done through Eclipse as well. More details on what is supported in OEPE are available here.

How is WebCenter different from WebLogic Portal?
Oracle WebCenter brings together the best of portal technologies from the leading portal products into a single product suite.

How do I download the slides?
The webcast is being recorded and is available on demand. You can access the slides used on today’s webcast here.

Can we have a copy of that whitepaper?
All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the white paper in the thank you email following the webcast. You can also download a copy here.

Where can you find a whitepaper in general to understand WebCenter?
You can find more details about WebCenter in this brochure or overview.


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