Oracle WebCenter: The User Engagement Platform for Social Business

Today this post caught our eye: Social Media Is Morphing Into Social Business, written by Beverly Macy. The move from Social Media to Social Business is something we’ve been saying at Oracle as well, where the benefits of social media can really be exploited when you integrate them with business processes. Beverly’s main point is that top management needs to move forward with these programs, and that they need to start learning how to be a social business. To get started, we have an online event tomorrow titled “Transforming Your Business By Connnecting People, Process and Content” that will address how companies are succeeding as a social business. In this event Oracle and our partners Deloitte, Capgemini, Wipro and Infosys will detail how ten different customers have transformed their businesses by combining strong processes with social and collaborative tools, to improve their overall information management, providing better customer experience, increasing productivity, and even creating comprehensive online communities for their customers and partners.

Last week we announced the new Oracle WebCenter, the user engagement platform for social businesses, connecting people and information. With this announcement the WebCenter brand covers portal, web experience management, content, social and collaboration technologies into a single product suite that can be easily integrated with enterprise applications.  You can see the announcement webcast now on-demand. 

One of the reasons for this unification is that the use cases for these products are so intertwined. When companies are looking to solve information management problems, they are often looking for a group of technologies that are now blending into a single solution. When organizations want to bring one or more application processes together with the documents that pertain to those processes, they are looking for composite applications and content management. When companies want to provide a strong marketing website, they are also looking for rich media management to bring the right assets to the site. And in some cases they are interested in injecting functionality, such as social and collaboration capabilities right into enterprise applications and business processes. These use cases all fall right into the capabilities of Oracle WebCenter. 

The Oracle WebCenter content theme includes Oracle ECM Suite, Oracle Universal Content Management, Oracle Imaging and Process Management, Oracle Universal Records Management, Oracle Document Capture, and Oracle Forms Recognition. For existing customers, there is no impact other than the fact that these products are united with the other WebCenter products under a single brand. You can continue solving problems for your employees, customers and partners using best-in-breed content management solutions from Oracle.

These product areas cover a number of use cases we typically see our customers solving:

  • Document Management Providing a repository for a workgroup, department, or the whole enterprise to store, find and update content in a managed way. With features like revision control and workflow, organizations can create and update documents in a managed way, ensuring that they are working from the latest version. This also lets them share documents across the organization, avoiding email congestion and enabling the organization to build on its existing knowledge
  • Content Publishing Beyond searching for content, Content Publishing lets you present your content as a browsable website. This is useful for instruction manuals, intranets, partner extranets, and other information-driven websites. Oracle WebCenter content can automatically convert over 500 file formats into HTML, and provides the tools to setup the navigation and flow of the website, automatically updating it when content is changed. It also provides WYSIWYG tools for content updates of web-based content.
  • Digital Asset Management Departments that create graphics such as branding and logos, magazine insert photos, or engineering graphics will love the ability of Oracle WebCenter content to automate many of the tedious tasks associated with digital asset management. You can set rules so that as new images are checked in, they are automatically converted to multiple formats - high-res, low-res, thumbnails - what ever you need. Oracle WebCenter content also provides sophisticated management for video, enabling thumbnails, conversion, compression, and integration with streaming servers
  • Records All content in Oracle WebCenter content provides strong records and retention management, enabling you to define classes and series, set retention periods, and place holds (even on physical records) from one centralized console.
  • Capture and Imaging For organizations that receive documents in paper formats, capture and imaging enable you to get that information into an electronic format and manage it. This supports many use cases, such as invoice processing, employee onboarding, and expenses to name a few. Oracle WebCenter content is integrated with top enterprise applications, so managed content can be presented in the context of these applications in accounts payable and human capital management modules.

Oracle WebCenter content provides a single repository for all of these use cases, so content can be easily found, de-duplicated and integrated with enterprise and custom applications. From an IT perspective, it provides one point of administration and can be expanded to new use cases to address all of you enterprise content management needs. Oracle WebCenter content is THE strategic content repository for Oracle, integrated with both Apps Unlimited and Oracle Fusion Applications.


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