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You may remember that the key goals of the new release of WebCenter are providing a Modern User Experience, unparalleled Application Integration, converging all the best of the existing portal platforms into WebCenter and delivering a Common User Experience Architecture.  So far, we've provided an overview of Oracle WebCenter and discussed the key goal of Convergence and this week, we'll focus on how the new release of Oracle WebCenter provides a modern user experience.
A trend we've seen in the market and that the analysts are talking about is this idea of providing a "modern user experience." A modern user experience really helps to improve individual, team and enterprise productivity by providing the tools users need to do their jobs directly in the environment in which they work. This allows them to simplify their interactions with enterprise systems and enables collaboration around key business processes. A modern user experience also delivers a much richer way for users to keep track of the information they need as they move around through the portal or application. Rather than forcing users to write down or remember information from different screens, a modern user experience minimizes the page transitions and helps integrate most information into unified, dynamic "dashboards". The user is then able to keep this information in the context of the activity, action, or task that they are attempting to complete.  It can deliver a highly targeted experience to end users by using past actions and activities to personalize and improve "stickiness" of the key tasks the user performs.  In this way, the portal or application becomes more productive for the user the more they or others use the site.  The more they keep coming back, the richer the user experience.  And in the new release of WebCenter, we deliver a modern user experience.

We've focused on providing this core technology directly to our Fusion Applications teams, which enables users to collaborate with other users directly in the context of the business application rather than forcing the users to another site making them switch back and forth.  And in the new release of WebCenter, we provide this modern user experience delivering highly customizable and personalized applications and portals which allow users to navigate, discover and access information and content in context and collaborate utilizing enterprise social computing services. With the modern user experience, we've really focused on transforming how users work privately & with others and within & across Enterprises.

Are you providing your users with a modern user experience? What capabilities of the new release of WebCenter are the most exciting to you? Keep checking back this week as we continue to discuss how Oracle WebCenter provides a modern user experience!


We're seeing a good amount of success with modern UX and WebCenter Kellsey. Here at Fishbowl Solutions we're bringing real enterprise solutions to our clients (case studies coming soon!!!) that combine the collaborative and compositing power of WebCenter with the maturity and control of WCM and UCM. Being OPN Specialized helps us get there and compete against the point and open source solutions. I wrote about that today on our blog here:

Posted by billycripe on February 14, 2011 at 08:00 AM EST #

Thanks for sharing that post, Billy! Great analogy with the BMW and moped. Be sure to keep us posted when your new case studies are out!

Posted by Kellsey Ruppel on February 14, 2011 at 08:04 AM EST #

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