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This post discusses the AIIM reports on Social Technologies and Business Process. You can hear AIIM President John Mancini discuss the findings in-person at one of these live AIIM/Oracle Social Business Seminars.

Last week AIIM released 3 reports on Social Technologies and Business Process. These reports were put together by Andy McAfee and the AIIM Task Force. This research was meant to uncover the status of social business and to identify if organizations are realizing any significant and measurable benefits from adopting social technologies. What they did find was a bit of a surprise:

  • More than 60 percent of firms who did invest in collaborative frameworks achieved big gains in knowledge sharing and communication accuracy between marketing and sales.
  • Open innovation delivers beneficial changes to both internal processes and external products, and is meeting the expectations of its sponsors. Open innovation helped realize major changes to the internal processes of 48 percent of responders and to the external offerings of 34 percent of responders.
  • A 60 percent satisfaction rate was reported for organizations with a rewards-based enterprise-wide Q&A. Respondents said high-quality answers often come from unexpected sources indicating that social tools are cultivating advanced knowledge sharing. 

You can download the AIIM reports here.

"We are clearly moving into a new phase in social technologies, one in which the critical success factor will be the integration of social technologies into key organizational processes,” according to AIIM President, John Mancini. “The end objective should not be to simply set up social networks inside our organizations, but to actually make our organizations social. There is still a lot of work to be done to fulfill this potential, but the three use cases suggest that significant progress is happening inside business."

This is precisely what Oracle WebCenter provides. As the User Engagement Platform, it enables organizations to engage socially, from right within its business processes. If you’ve ever wondered why the next generation of Oracle applications, Fusion Applications, is built on Oracle WebCenter, it is to provide the social infrastructure that is embedded into these applications. When a sales person is looking for best practices in selling strategies for a particular account, they can engage the community from right within their account planning application. When a marketer is trying to decide what campaign messaging to use, they can engage their community to get feedback.

The reports also find that over 90% of the respondents said that “anyone inside the company” can contribute to Open Innovation environments. But only 15% said that outsiders can participate.

And that hits right at what Oracle WebCenter is doing. If you look at customers like Land O’ Lakes, Texas A&M, and Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, they are providing communities for people to share innovations and best practices. But those communities do not end at the firewall. Oracle WebCenter allows organizations to pursue Open Innovation by enabling people inside and outside the company to participate in the innovation process.

You can find out more at these AIIM/Oracle Social Business Seminars.




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