Moveoff Documentum - An Interview with Joe Golemba

Today we have an interview with Joe Golemba, VP of Product Management at Oracle, on the Moveoff Documentum program. 

WebCenterBlog: Joe, how has the Moveoff Documentum program been running so far?

Joe: There’s been a great response, lots of customers have come forward and shown interest. The first week we kicked off the program a number of customers in EMEA stepped forward asking what paperwork they needed to trade in their Documentum. We were excited to see how quickly people jumped at the opportunity.

WebCenterBlog: What started the program?

Joe: For years we’ve had customers tell us they wanted to move off of Documentum, and asking why we couldn’t put a program together to enable them to move. With this price promotion, it removes one of the barriers to migrating from Documentum to Oracle WebCenter. The other barrier was the migration itself. With our relationship with Kapow Software, we have a partner that provides the software to automate the migration process. And with partners like TeamInformatics and USDM to provide the expertise in services, we’ve finally pulled together the pieces that customers need to move forward.

WebCenterBlog: What are the results so far?

Joe: In some cases we have net new opportunities based on the program. In other cases, it has validated that customers are on the right track choosing Oracle WebCenter. Some other customers have asked when we would offer similar programs for other competitors! As you can imagine these things don’t happen quickly, but we have a lot of customers that we are in deep discussion with. Overall we now have customers in all our key regions whom have taken advantage of this opportunity and more customers in our pipeline lining up to do so.

WebCenterBlog: What are some of the key issues?

Joe: These customers have a number of issues that are making them want to moveoff Documentum.

  • They are frustrated that they can’t address many of the emerging use cases. Web experience management, social collaboration, enterprise application integration – these are just a few of the things organizations are looking to do and finding they can’t with Documentum.
  • They are tired of paying increased maintenance charges for a product that hasn’t been updated in years. And they are starting to get the sense that EMC is really not interested in keeping the product current, but just in maximizing the revenue with a minimum investment.
  • And they are angry about being audited! EMC is coming into accounts and asking for an accounting of what products the customer owns and what they have paid. And in many cases EMC doesn’t even know themselves, so the onus is on the customer, in a sort of “guilty until proven innocent” approach.

WebCenterBlog: How does Oracle WebCenter address these issues?

Joe: Well, Oracle has a very aggressive development program on WebCenter. We continue to introduce new products (Oracle Social Network), enhance existing products (the most recent and upcoming patch sets are full of new features), and integrated new acquisitions (FatWire, ATG, and Endeca). As organizations evolve how they manage information, how they engage with their customers, and how they innovate, Oracle is leading the way with new solutions that provide a unified infrastructure to drive progress.

WebCenterBlog: What is next for the program?

Joe: Well, we continue to show more ways that Oracle WebCenter can be used to drive innovation and improve customer relationships. We also keep learning how customers are frustrated with Documentum and how we can address those issues. And we are working with more partners. Some Documentum partners are just as frustrated as the Documentum customers, so there are new opportunities for them to work with Oracle WebCenter.


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