Mobile Strategy: Defense or Offense?

In continuation of our week's theme of looking at Mobility for Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity, we'll start looking at what's being done today in solutions across the enterprise to deal with the growing demand. With the rapid and ubiquitous expansion of mobile devices into both personal and business lives as well as the blurring of the lines between the usage of devices for both home and business purposes, organizations are being forced to think about their mobile strategy today more than ever before. IT departments can’t hide from this anymore and best get onboard while the volume is slightly manageable before the tide comes in full force.

What is your company strategy for mobile access, mobile apps and content?  Are you deploying more mobile options for interaction? Are your managers, employees, partners and customers demanding more mobile technology options? Could you save money, increase productivity and revenue by deploying mobile solutions strategically in your business?

In today’s business climate, it is hard to be competitive without mobile tools that allow your employees, partners and customers to do their tasks faster and more efficiently wherever they might be at the time. What used to be an enterprise majority of BlackBerry devices in the past has now quickly grown into a much wider collection of iOS, and Android devices. As pop culture watchers will attest in venues ranging from television commercials to airport billboards, Apple and Google are battling it out daily for their market share of Smartphone subscribers as more and more of these devices become an essential part of both business and casual wardrobe accessories.

Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications play critical roles as strategic elements of a wide gamut of mobile solutions. There's an interesting article in this month's Oracle Magazine regarding how Oracle software continues to support the latest cloud and mobile hardware. We’re looking forward to telling you about what’s being done today in this exciting growth area and would love to hear how you are handling these challenges of mobility growth in your organization that you’ve faced and solved.

Here’s a short video to hear the issues that are top of mind at Oracle.  Kumar Vora is a Senior Vice President of Oracle and discusses the transformation enterprise Information Technology is undergoing including the consumerization of enterprise software, the impact of mobile devices and social software, and trends around collaboration.


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