Migration Is Not As Hard As You Think! Move To Oracle WebCenter With Kapow Katalyst

Find out more about Oracle's MoveOff Documentum program, and be sure to register for the webinar on Wednesday October 26th. 

We have a guest post today from our partners at Kapow Software. They provide automated migration tools and have created a special offer for customers who are making the move from Documentum to Oracle WebCenter.

Here at Kapow, we are passionate about great technology.  Many of our customers share our passion, but are stymied by the real and artificial barriers to the adoption of the new and exciting apps available today. One of the biggest hurdles is migrating from an old, antiquated app to a modern alternative.  Migrations are perceived as expensive, time consuming and risky. Even when faced with a legacy app that is clearly inferior, difficult to manage and expensive to maintain, the perceived challenges of migration often leave people stuck. For years, we have been helping our customers overcome this challenge with our automated approach. Our automation solution began as collaboration between Kapow our strategic partner Oracle and culminated with our joint Documentum trade-in campaign. Finally, customers will have an easy, automated and risk free path to migrating to Oracle WebCenter’s best in breed technology.  As part of this campaign, Kapow will be offering prospective customers the following: 

  • Free inventory analysis of all existing content and metadata
  • 20% discount on Kapow Katalyst migration subscription 
  • Use of Kapow Katalyst for up to 3 months beyond the migration

Kapow Katalyst has been used by many customers to automate migration to new systems. Again and again our customers are astonished by how easy Kapow Katalyst makes the migration process, and when compared with the manual approach the contrast is stark. Some of the benefits to using Kapow Katalyst to migrate include:

Speed – Katalyst is fast. Our iterative approach allows for validation in real-time – a validation that is not possible with a manual approach

No Freeze – Manual migration processes require a highly disruptive content freeze period. With Kapow Katalyst content can continue to be updated during the migration eliminating any disruption to the business

Cost – Automating the migration process is more efficient and less costly than doing it by hand. Risks are identified upfront during the inventory process and new apps come online and start providing value quickly.

Kapow Katalyst enables you to build migration templates and flows quickly to automate migration

A recent customer was able to realize all of these benefits. They estimated that a manual migration would cost $9M in labor costs alone. With Kapow they were able to do it for about $500K and without any disruptive freeze. They were also able to use Kapow Katalyst to inventory and cleanse all of their content before the migration. The inventory process revealed that of the 2 million documents they intended to migrate, only about 500,000 were vital and worthy of migration. By understanding their existing content, they were able to further save money and time in their migration. We don’t know why anyone would do it any other way!

Please visit our website to find out more about this special offer. Migration really is affordable – it’s time to get off the systems that are holding you back and unleash the value of your content with Oracle WebCenter.

Jon Oelman


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