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Guest Post today by our partner, Stellar Services.

Over the last 20 years, Stellar Services has supported the information management requirements of the transportation industry. As transportation specialists this has meant putting in place and supporting systems used for capital program controls, project portfolio management, real estate process controls, corporate compliance case management, transactional process enablement like vendor invoicing or site inspection, and the list goes on. Combining our knowledge of enterprise content management with our experience in system’s design, operation, and maintenance we’ve been able to use our expertise, experience, and understanding of transportation business processes to assist our customers in the areas of enterprise content management, electronic records management, enterprise record classification schema development, email management, workflow, business process management and automation, system development, integration services, and document capture and scanning solutions.

We’ve found the needs of our transportation clients to be quite diverse. In one sector where we’ve done much work, airports, financial system integration, enabling of financial processes, integration of project portfolio systems, and simple collaborative document management are common themes similar to the examples which follow. But, with the need for constant growth to support the increasing population of fliers and the requirement to continually improve aging infrastructure, the one requirement that all of our airport clients seem to have in common is project controls.

JFK – Database and Document Control

  • Project Financial Database System
  • Document Control System

ATL - IT Master Plan
  • Web-based Enterprise Program Management System
  • Online Invoicing System

AUH - Project Controls
  • Design Review
  • Construction Change Management
  • Submittals
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Payment Application Review
  • Progress Reports Preparation
  • Contractor Schedule Review

IAD – Portfolio Integration

  • Archive of documents, video clips, & pictures
  • Collaborative document management
  • Email management integrated with Outlook
  • High-volume document processing
  • Integration with a web based Portfolio Management System

Project controls involves the use of collaborative document management and workflow to automate the exchange of documents between owners, managers, designers, and contractors. Something as simple as asking a question like, “Can we dig here?” can result in forms being filled out, auditable records of their receipt being entered, circulation of the question among multiple parties, and then an official response being produced. Without automation, such a process is tedious, prone to stalling out, and requires a significant effort to keep going.

But, with the introduction of enabling technologies like Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management applications integrated with content management, we’ve been able to help one of our municipal rail clients, San Francisco MTA, effectively automate their project portfolio processes.

Through the use of these technologies, the agency which manages San Francisco’s buses, streetcars, light rail, taxi, and its famous cable cars has centralized their access to applications, content, and consolidated reporting. The system is designed to meet the operational requirements for document and process control while adhering to the regulatory requirements to which the municipal agency must comply.

As a results, the SFMTA’s Capital Program Controls System (CPCS) is capable of tracking capital project budgeting, financing, contractor payments, handling complex engineering design and construction scheduling, and contract claims management. This solution provides the most functionality for SFMTA’s current needs while allowing for future growth and is typical of the systems being used by all of our rail and airport clients, today.

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