How Critical is an User Engagement Platform for Social Business?

Today's guest post is from Alakh Verma, Director of Platform Technology Solutions at Oracle. 

The Internet has changed our lives - flattening the Earth (Tom Friedman) and connecting people and information without regard for age or location by bridging the digital divide so that content and information can be easily shared and accessed by anyone from anywhere.

We are witnessing some paradigm shifts and major changes in the computing landscape at the same time. E-Business platforms are rapidly moving towards mobility, cloud and social. Communication and collaboration channels interchangeably used via Web, mobile and social and the consumer world are driving innovation with mushroom growth of unstructured data in the form of text, videos, chat and conversation giving birth to Big data (Hadoop).

Social Business Transformation

While smart phones and tablets have a wider reach and larger penetration, social media has already challenged email. Irrespective of age and location, the world is using social networks and other social media-based services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Foursquare, and Yelp to stay connected, communicate, and collaborate. Oracle Fusion CRM, the next generation suite of applications integrates a social platform for user collaboration and communication.

What is the next big thing in Social Business software?

A recent report from Comscore revealed 70 percent of shoppers begin their buying process browsing on the Internet not only for product and services information but also to engage, collaborate and seek feedbacks. They look for ratings, feedback and recommendations before making decisions.

Almost 50 percent of shoppers who begin their search on Internet make a purchase in the physical store, while 40% transact online. Pew Research found that 87% of college grads and 88% of those earning $75,000 or more each year head online to research products or services

User Engagement Platform: Portal, Content, Web Experience Management and Social Computing

“Organizations are seeking ways to boost customer loyalty and improve business performance by maximizing engagement with internal and external constituents. The latest evolution of Oracle WebCenter represents the convergence point for all products under the Oracle Enterprise 2.0 portfolio making it easier for customers to achieve that goal. By bringing our entire portfolio of portal, web experience management, content, and social technologies into a single, integrated platform, Oracle WebCenter provides the power to transform organizations,” said Andy MacMillan, vice president, Product Management, Oracle.

User engagement platforms offer a simple user interaction interface that provide great web experiences in terms of navigation, search, conversation via chat, VOIP, feedback, recommendations and more, and cumulatively enable a social business. While social computing and social media are still evolving in the enterprise space, major vendors like Oracle have already started evangelizing and building software stack to address the social computing business needs.

Learn more about Oracle WebCenter and how it offers a complete, open and integrated portfolio of portal, web experience management, content and social computing technology in a single product suite.


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