Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012

At this time of year as we all try and stop for a moment and take a look back at what we’ve accomplished over the past year and where we’d like to improve in the next year, I’ve been pondering the multiple postings on the “Best and Worst <fill in the blank> of 2011.” Since we are in the Web experience business here at Oracle – it is only appropriate that I give a shout out to some of the best listings of the best of 2011 that have already been compiled here.

As the vortex of my screen and search engine suck the time out of my afternoon, I realize that I really can't do full justice to a complete compilation of the best of 2011, but will provide this handy link here so you can browse until the wee hours of 2011. 

With regards to what's coming in 2012? Lots of predictions but a few I'd like to call out specifically.

Simon Lande was spot-on target in his recent posting on CMSWire: “Web Customer Experience Management: More Is Not Enough In 2012” where he notes that while 2011 was the year of more more more… 2012 should be spent in adjusting the quality of more. Good ‘ol American super-sizing everything isn’t going to cut it anymore. He quotes one of my fellow Tufts' alumni, Seth Godin, who wrote recently on his blog

“Every interaction comes with a cost. Not in cash money, but in something worth even more: the attention of the person you're interacting with. Waste it — with spam, with a worthless offer, with a lack of preparation, and yes, with nervous dissembling, then you are unlikely to get another chance.”

On the Perfect Customer Experience blog, Louis Columbus wrote a great article entitledPredicting 2012: The Year Quality of Customer Experience Becomes King where the focus on quality of our interactions is paramount and integrations between our CRM and content systems hold incredible promise for improving the customer experience across our digital and human interactive ecosystems.

5 Star Service!

“In 2012 many businesses will need to step up their efforts to make better use of internal systems that are not integrated to CRM, analytics and customer service systems so they can deliver higher quality customer experiences immediately.  Integrating these systems together and making the quality of data and intelligence a priority will increase the quality of customer experience delivered.”

This post was a great intro for Oracle WebCenter’s Connected Customer Experience. The challenge for organizations today is to be able to manage the entire customer journey – from selecting products, researching and browsing, to transacting business, to seeking service for their products, to recommending products to others – in an integrated manner so that they can create a positive customer experience with the organization overall that will drive customer engagement, loyalty, sales, and the success of their business.

Effectively harnessing the power of your online channel is much harder than it used to be. Success today depends on your ability to provide rich, interactive experiences paired with sophisticated social engagement.

According to CITO Research, top-performing businesses are deploying flexible platforms that enable them to optimize online engagement and implement Web experience management. Download CITO’s latest white paper to learn about integrated customer experience strategies that help you attract and retain customers. Topics include:

White Paper

• Social networks
• Mobile channels 
• Relevance and optimization
• Decision-making and analytics
• End user personalization and segmentation
• Targeting and syndication
• Integrated customer data and campaigns

Happy New Year from all of us here on the Oracle WebCenter Team.

We look forward to an exciting 2012!

Happy New Year!


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