E2.0 Top 20: What will be millenials and other younger workers expecting from the internal technologies deployed at my company when joining?

We're wrapping up our "Top 20 Enterprise 2.0" Questions & Answers series! We hope you enjoyed the topics we discussed around some of the challenges, best practices and strategies regarding Enterprise 2.0 adoption.

E2.0 Top 20 #20: What will be millenials and other younger workers expecting from the internal technologies deployed at my company when joining?

For digital natives, there is no going back to a world without texting and twittering and facebooking . So at minimum, if you expect these folks to be your customers, your employees and your citizens, then you need to apply their expectations to the next generation of enterprise IT systems. But of far more immediate importance is how much productivity gains businesses and governments are leaving on the table by not following the next generation’s lead. It’s not just the millenials anymore, all workers now are familiar with Web2.0 technologies and expect the same kind of capabilities for Enterprise Systems such as Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, HCM, and Extranets.  They expect to be able to share content easily inside and outside of the organization, connect with experts rapidly, discuss business challenges internally and externally, and find the right information quickly.  They don’t expect to use systems which are menu driven without rich media, without search, not mobile, and operating in a silo as many ERP, CRM implementations are today.
AIIM (www.aiim.org) survey “Putting Enterprise 2.0 to Work”:

  • Under 40s are twice as likely to be public social network evangelists or enthusiasts than over 40s.
  • There are plenty of evangelists amongst over 40s for internal social networks. They are more likely to be pragmatists than enthusiasts, but are just as willing to participate.

You need a modern user interface and applications which are user friendly, intuitive and efficient. Oracle WebCenter allows us to provide such a layer on top of existing applications and services. Oracle WebCenter is the cornerstone of what Oracle is doing with E2.0: it’s a modern user experience platform for the enterprise and the Web, based on a composite application concept with many integrated social capabilities, so you can build a composite application and add social tools for executing that application. Here are some additional assets where you can learn more.


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