E2.0 Top 20:Can Facebook or similar social networks be used to substitute or evolve your company intranet?

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E2.0 Top 20 #2:Can Facebook or similar social networks be used to substitute or evolve your company intranet? Or does this social craziness only help your employees to waste their time and become less productive?

"If the problem is that everyone is standing around the water cooler, the answer is not to take away the water." -- Andy McMillan, Vice President of Product Management for Enterprise 2.0 at Oracle.

Providing social network tools within an Intranet is a simple way to get additional value. How many times have you had difficulty in finding the right person or up-to-date information within your organization? Using social network tools embedded in your Intranet provides this functionality, and allows you to create pages blending this functionality with other applications and services to provide a rich and complete solution. We are talking about the Next Generation Workplace: more productive, with better knowledge sharing between staff; more profitable, with ability to coordinate working parties and project teams; more cost efficient, with reduction of multi-copy emails and peer-to-peer self-help mechanism for users. AIIM (www.aiim.org) survey “Putting Enterprise 2.0 to Work”:

  • Over 55% consider internal E2.0 to be “important” or “very important” to business success, rising to 80% for the youngest segment of survey respondents.
  • Concurrent document editing, internal micro-blogs, and profile scanning for subject experts are the E2.0 uses set for the strongest growth.
  • Knowledge-sharing is considered to be the biggest benefit by users of internal E2.0, followed by faster response to queries, and fewer multi-addressed emails.
  • Getting participation is the biggest issue for internal E2.0, particularly from senior management. Content creation outside of ECM/RM is the next biggest issue.

Oracle helps organizations move beyond the idea of simply creating yet another Facebook-like destination for its employees, and instead shaping work environments around specific business tasks. Oracle WebCenter makes it easier to share and collaborate, enabling organizations to develop and deploy internal and external portals and websites, composite applications, mashups, and social and collaboration services all tightly integrated with enterprise applications. And that makes people more productive. To learn more, please view the following resources:


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