Collaborate 2010 Recap: A lot of Excitement for Oracle Content Management 11g

Collaborate brought me to Las Vegas last week and what a week it was.  Each day was jam packed with Oracle Content Management sessions, and almost every session I attended was full.  Across the 35+ sessions that were given by my Oracle peers, Oracle partners, and Oracle customers, the majority of the discussion and questions that were asked had to do with the release of Oracle Content Management 11g.  Just to bring everyone up-to-speed, the first wave of Oracle Content Management 11g releases happened this past January as Oracle Imaging & Process Management and Oracle Information Rights Management went GA.  The next wave, which should be released soon, includes Oracle Universal Content Management and Oracle Universal Records Management.

Andy MacMillan and Roel Stalman kicked off these discussions last Monday, as they presented Oracle Content Management's product strategy and roadmap.  It seemed that the attendees liked what they heard regarding the strategy and future direction, but the question that seems to always come up after roadmap presentations is "when will the product be released"?  This is a question that none of us have the power to answer, but soon customers will be able to enjoy these new product capabilities:

  • Unified content repository across ECM
  • Centralized installation, access, administration & monitoring
  • Certified application integrations with solution templates
  • Open Web Content Management

Stay tuned for more news about the release of Oracle Universal Content Management and Oracle Records Management.  There are a lot of new assets currently being built that will help get everyone up-to-speed quickly.

Outside of the sessions that were presented, there were a lot of other activities that took place at Collaborate.  The Enterprise 2.0 solutions demo pod was busy, and attendees were anxious to see demonstrations of Oracle's end-to-end document imaging solution, WebCenter Spaces, and web site creation using Oracle Universal Content Management.   I also want to thank our partners (Fishbowl Solutions, Redstone Content Solutions, Bezzotech, Team Informatics, and DTI) for their efforts in creating detailed, insightful presentations.  Also, special thanks are in order to Thomas Feldmeier and Markus Neubauer of Silbury IT-Beratung GmbH for their participation.  It seems that Thomas and Markus were doomed to be stranded in Frankfurt after the Icelandic ash storm.  They couldn't get a flight out of their native Germany, and with fear that they would miss Collaborate, they rented a car and drove to Rome - some 800 miles (1,200 kilometers).  Anyway, they made it safe and sound to Las Vegas, and although probably a bit tired, they gave 2 Oracle Content Management presentations.  Talk about commitment.

Finally, a very special thanks to Al Hoof and Dave Chaffee of the Oracle Content Management Special Interest Group (SIG).  Al and Dave did most of the heavy lifting for Collaborate, including the coordination of all the sessions.  The Independent Oracle Users Group presented Al with the Chris Wooldridge award, recognizing him as the volunteer of the year.  Here is Al with his award:


I hope to see you next year at Collaborate as the show returns to Orlando.


Thanks for the kind words Jason. If you missed Collaborate, you can see our presentations on our C4 blog at

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