2010 Enterprise 2.0 Blazer: Nuance

2010 Enterprise 2.0 Blazer: External-Facing Website Award

The External-Facing Website Award was given to the customer with the best use of enterprise content management to create highly visible, customer-facing websites. This year's recipient was Nuance and the partner involved in the implementation was TEAM Informatics.

Nuance-TEAM.jpgCompany Background


Nuance designs and delivers intuitive technologies that help people live and work more intelligently. They provide the tools to inform, to connect, and to empower people to be more productive and creative. They give people more than just control over their communications. They give them command of their lives.

From speech technologies that help companies offer superior customer service experiences, to healthcare solutions that help physicians focus on patient care instead of documentation, to imaging technologies that convert physical documents into searchable digital files, Nuance's priority is creating solutions that put people in command. That's what has made them the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions around the world.

Business Challenges

The key issues that drove Nuance to investigate an enterprise web content management system were:

  • Difficulty maintaining a consistent look and feel for the large volume of products and solutions on offer.
  • Heavy reliability on web developers, not only to create new sections of the www.nuance.com site, but also to maintain and update content on existing pages.
  • Large issue within areas of the business using 3rd party vendors to create "micro sites" that did not conform to the Nuance corporate branding standards.
  • Issues sending a consistent corporate message via their 9 additional multi-language sites.

Why Oracle?

Some of the key reasons Oracle UCM helped address Nuance's challenges where:

  • Use of Site Studios template-based architecture provides the required framework for contribution by business users. This enables non-technical contributors to update the web site with confidence; knowing that all corporate standards are being adhered to.
  • UCM's content oriented workflow prevents unsanctioned content from ever going live on the web. This is key to the solution due to the number of different business users that are allowed to update the website at any given time.
  • Site Studio's multi-site capabilities allow Nuance to look into the future of corporate intranets and business partner extranets, as well as hosting stand-alone public and private sites for campaign needs.
  • UCM's extendable architecture gave Nuance the ability to think outside the box when exploring ways of handling multi-languages in a single site hierarchy.

Based on the initial solution, Nuance is also in conversations with Oracle and TEAM Informatics in regards to integrating Siebel CRM On-Demand into UCM to allow for better control over content currently stored in proprietary formats.

Solution Overview

Due to a large number of acquisitions over the past few years, Nuance found that maintaining their internet presence was becoming increasingly burdensome. Added to this, the previous version of www.nuance.com was largely written in classic ASP. This created a number of issues around stability, maintainability, and overall performance - due to the lack of new features in the code library.

The goals of moving www.nuance.com into Oracle UCM with Web Content Management were to:

  • Decentralize roles and responsibilities. The goal was to have minimal reliance on a small team of web developers to manage and maintain www.nuance.com.
  • Provide ownership of the website to all areas of the business, allowing for each division of Nuance to contribute and add content to their sections of the web site.
  • Provide consistent look and feel across all of www.nuance.com via strict page templates and contribution forms.
  • Allow for multi-language countries to be able to drive their content off a single source of truth (the original US content) to ensure that the Nuance brand promoted a global message to its consumers.

In response to the issues and aspiring goals, TEAM Informatics assisted Nuance with rebranding and redesigning www.nuance.com (with assistance from LEVEL designs) and implemented a number of innovative techniques for managing content in multiple languages as well as allowing for contributors to easily build on-line web forms within the standard contribution editor.

Accepting the award on behalf of Nuance was Bridget Collins. Congratulations!


About TEAM Informatics

TEAM Informatics, Inc. is a Minnesota-based software engineering firm with 200+ customers worldwide. As an Oracle Gold Partner, TEAM specializes in Enterprise 2.0 areas such as portal, enterprise content management, and business process management. Offerings include expert professional services, managed services such as support and data center hosting, formal training, and a growing set of Enterprise 2.0-related products. With over ten years of experience in Enterprise Content Management, TEAM has worked with the largest and most sophisticated implementations of this technology. TEAM is privately held, owned by its 75+ employees, and has experienced a 75% compounded annual growth rate over the past decade.



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