Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

The Evolution of Enterprise Content in the Mobile Era

Q&A interview with Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant.

Q: It seems like the term “mobile” is becoming increasingly popular with the use of mobile devices in our personal and business lives. Can you briefly describe how enterprise content has evolved in this new mobile era?
A: This may seem like an obvious statement, but I think it’s important that we establish that when we talk about the term “mobile” we are talking about mobile access to all enterprise resources. From the top-down, those resources include business intelligence, applications, processes, content and data.

What’s changing (and what will continue to change) is which types of devices our users access content and metadata from. The availability and the popularity of mobile devices can influence how enterprise content is captured, stored, viewed, and retrieved.

The goal for any organization should be to identify how the use of mobile access to its content can add value to their business and help them reach their objectives.

Q: And how can mobile access to enterprise content help an organization reach its goals?
A: There are a couple ways that mobility can help your organization if implemented correctly:
  • Geographical data can be captured and analyzed.
    • Where was a user when they stored content?
    • Where was a user when they viewed content?
  • Deliver content based on geographical location
    • Content delivery engines can leverage geographical data to make determinations on what types of content to display
    • Customized experience for citizens or mobile-employees
  • Improve accuracy of metadata
    • Users can upload, access, and modify content in real-time rather than be forced to go back to their workstation
  • Improve the accessibility of content for users
    • By leveraging an Enterprise Content Management system your users can ensure that they are accessing a “single source of truth”
    • Coupling mobile access with an Enterprise Content Management system allows users to ensure that they are accessing the right content at the right time, and enables access from any location
Q: Who really benefits from a mobile-enabled Enterprise Content Management system?
A: The key to serving citizens is to create an optimized user experience. Citizens don’t just interact in the public sector space; they also visit commercial webpages and use content sharing products that are specifically tailored for their mobile devices. Their age, backgrounds, and technical expertise will range beyond the scope of your employees and are much more difficult to capture. If your organization is primarily serving citizens, you are probably already surfacing your content through a mobile-friendly user interface.

Where cost savings and efficiencies are actually realized are when mobile capabilities are extended to employees:
  • Consultants
  • Case workers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Field service employees
  • Assistants
Rather than addressing the needs of the user, with employees you are addressing wants. Mobile device enabled ECM systems:
  1. Enhance the productivity and readiness of your mobile workforce
  2. Provide your organization with real-time updates to content
  3. Allow for greater and newer types of metrics to be captured
Q: And what would you say are the keys to successfully implementing a mobility-enabled content management system?
A: Emphasize the user experience!
  • Access
    • Browser-based web interface with responsive design
    • Browser-based web interface with device-specific design
    • Mobile application
  • Security
    • Force authentication
    • Local file encryptions
    • Ensure access restrictions are enforced through mobile interface
  • Simplicity of design
    • Less screen space to work with
    • Be conscious of page-load times
  • Metadata
    • Index for searching
    • Categorize for filtering
Thank you, Mitchell for sharing your thoughts on The Evolution of Enterprise Content in the Mobile Era.  For more information on this topic, we invite you to listen to Mitchell provide an overview in this podcast.

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