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WebCenter for Transportation: Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras

Oracle Customer: Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Azul Brazilian Airlines )
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
Industry: Travel and Transportation
Employees:  4,500

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras Reduces Time Needed to Update Web Content and Marketing Campaigns and Offers Simplified Ticket Purchasing Process

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Azul Brazilian Airlines) has established itself as the third-largest airline in Brazil, based on a business model that combines low prices with a high level of service. Azul serves 42 destinations with a fleet of 49 aircraft. It operates 350 daily flights with a team of 4,500 crew members. Last year, the company transported 15 million passengers, achieving a 10% share of the Brazilian market, according to the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC, or the National Civil Aviation Agency). Azul also forecasts a high growth rate for the next few years due to the sporting events that will take place in Brazil in 2014 and 2016—the World Cup and the Olympic Games, respectively.

The company wanted to offer an innovative site with a simple purchasing process for customers to search for and buy tickets and for the company’s marketing team to more effectively conduct its campaigns. To this end, Azul implemented Oracle WebCenter Sites, succeeding in gathering all of the site’s key information onto a single platform. Previously, at least three server and corporate information environments had directed data to the portal. The single Oracle-based platform now facilitates site updates, which are daily and constant. Azul can now complete the Web site content updating process—which used to take approximately 48 hours—in less than five minutes.

A word from Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Azul Brazilian Airlines)
 “Oracle WebCenter Sites provides an easy-to-use platform that enables our marketing department to spend less time updating content and more time on innovative activities. Previously, it would take 48 hours to update content on our Web site; now it takes less than five minutes. We have shown the market that we are innovators, enabling customer convenience through an improved flight ticket purchase process.” – Kleber Linhares, Information Technology and E-Commerce Director, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras


  • Provide customers with an innovative Web site with a simple process for purchasing flight tickets 

  • Bring dynamism to the Web site’s content updating process to provide autonomy to the airline’s strategic departments, such as marketing and product development

  • Facilitate integration among the site’s different application providers, such as ticket availability and payment process, on which ticket sales depend


  • Gained development freedom in all processes—from implementation to content editing—thanks to the tool’s flexibility
  • Gathered all of the Web site’s key information onto a single platform, facilitating its daily and constant updating, whereas the information was previously spread among at least three IT environments and had to go through a complex process to be made available online to customers
  • Launched the new Web site during the busy season of summer time without incurring any loss in sales volume (despite the fact that the company considered it natural to have an 8% drop-off in sales due to the change in technology), enabling it to reinforce its public image as a bold and innovative company
  • Absorbed the increased sales generated at vacation’s time y the social network campaign to announce the re-launch of the Web site on the company’s third anniversary, preparing the airline’s site to accommodate rapid travel flow growth due to the major sporting events that will take place in Brazil in 2014 and 2016—the World Cup and the Olympic Games, respectively
  • Reduced time needed to update banners and other Web site content from an average of 48 hours to less than five minutes
  • Enabled the marketing team to dedicate less time to the Web site’s content updating process and invest more energy in strategic planning, gaining competitiveness in the commercial airline market thanks to the new site’s dynamic real-time updating based on a user-friendly platform
  • Simplified the flight ticket sales process thanks to tool flexibility that enabled the company to daring in design and improve Website usability

Why Oracle

“After evaluating the leading tools on the market through meticulous research, we chose Oracle for the freedom its tool offers in all processes—from implementation to content editing—as well as its excellent campaign and content segmentation method.” – Kleber Linhares, Information Technology and E-Commerce Director, Azul Brazilian Airlines


Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras worked with Oracle partner TQI to put the new ticket sales Web site online using Oracle WebCenter Sites. With the project’s integration carried out by TQI, it was possible for Azul to make the Web site its main communication channel with consumers.
“We were very impressed with TQI’s work. Even while working under a tight schedule, they managed to meet the deadline. Further, the attention they dedicated to the project and the experience their team demonstrated with different advanced technologies left us very satisfied,” Linhares said.

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Travel and Transportation: Doing great things with Oracle Technology

Schneider National Implements Next-Generation IT Infrastructure to Continue Leadership in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Oracle Customer: Schneider National, Inc.
  Green Bay, Wisconsin
Travel and Transportation
Annual Revenue:
  $1 to $5 Billion

Schneider National, Inc., a leading provider of truckload, logistics, and intermodal services, serves more than two-thirds of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Its customers rely on Schneider National’s transportation and logistics solutions to transport their products reliably, cost-effectively, and safely to markets in 28 countries.


  • Create a next-generation IT platform to efficiently and consistently manage the quote-to-cash process across the company’s various business units and support long-term growth objectives
  • Improve ability to provide drivers, customers, and business partners with convenient access to the information and services they need
  • Improve back-office processes to support greater operational efficiency and profitability

Schneider's Online Tools Today:

Schneider's online tools provide customers, transportation service providers and corporate suppliers with a secure environment to conduct their freight management needs. These tools will help access information that will reduce costs and improve  visibility to information to better serve their customers.

Track loads and retrieve documents, all with the click of a mouse. More than 2,000 Schneider Customers use the online tools to manage their transportation.

Customer Capabilities

  • Access to information specific to services and information available to their customers
  • Easy and timely tracking of extensive information regarding their orders
  • Ability to set customized order tracking searches that can be run with the click of a mouse at their convenience
  • Access to view, print, email and fax order related documents
  • Request and receive spot quote pricing

Transportation Service Provider Capabilities

  • Access to information specific to services and information available to service providers
  • Ability to search for freight available to be moved for Schneider
  • Easily provide tracking updates for Schneider freight
  • Quick and easy access to payment information

        • Used Oracle applications, middleware, and development tools to create a next-generation IT platform to drive profitability, reduce costs across all divisions, and position Schneider for continued growth
        • Leveraged Oracle SOA Suite to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, Oracle Transportation Management, third-party, and custom applications
        • Built 400 BPEL processes that generate over 60 million composite instances across five SOA clusters
        • Leveraged Oracle B2B for EDI with over 900 trading partners
        • Leveraged Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite to set up a shipment hub that provides real-time shipment data to enterprise applications handling more than 500,000 updates per day
        • Enabled secure access to enterprise applications
        • Implemented a centralized repository for digital content and documents that drives dynamic enterprise portals
        • Enabled drivers to quickly update their benefits, view online training, and check their pay statements
        • Provides customers and partners with convenient access to the information they need
        • Enables more streamlined monitoring and management of software and hardware
        • Enabled more consistent processes across functional areas, ranging from sales and operations to finance, improving order accuracy, profitability, on-time service, and payables management
        • Reduced days for sales outstanding significantly

 The post below is a repost from January by one of my fellow WebCenter teammates, Christie Flanagan.  I thought it was a great post to highlight yet another customer in the Travel and Transportation vertical doing amazing things with Oracle technologies.

Holland America: Optimizing the Online Customer Experience with Oracle Real-Time Decisions

Prior to the holidays, we spent some time on the WebCenter blog focusing on how to optimize the online customer experience using segmentation and targeting with Oracle's web experience management solution, Oracle WebCenter Sites.  We also introduced you to Oracle's real time decisioning engine, Oracle Real-Time Decisions, which can be used in combination with Oracle WebCenter Sites to enable automated targeting and segmentation.You can check out those posts using the following links:

Today, we're expanding on this theme and featuring a guest post from Oracle sales consultant, Sumeet Prasad.  Sumeet is part of the Oracle Real-time Decisions strategy team. Sumeet has been with Oracle for six years and has twelve years of experience in the real-time decisioning space. This post will give you a very good sense of the truly powerful capabilities of Oracle Real-Time Decisions for optimizing the online customer experience.


Holland America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corp. It is recognized as a leader in the cruise industry’s premium segment. Holland America Line’s fleet of 15 ships offers nearly 500 cruises to 320 ports of call in more than 100 countries and is expected to have carried over 750,000 cruise passengers in 2012 that visited all seven continents.

Like many in the travel industry, Holland was looking for ways to increase revenue and margin in a poor economy. Maximizing the revenue from their passengers was important to increasing overall revenue. The travel industry is trending towards more online bookings and customers are increasingly more web savvy. Holland’s existing websites for both cruise booking and shore excursion provided a one size fits all approach in regards to customer experience.

Holland America decided to utilize Oracle Real Time Decisions (RTD) to help achieve their goals. They went live with RTD in June of 2012 within their Online Shore Excursion booking process. They had 2 primary business goals for this initiative:

  • Leverage Real-Time Decisions to help increase booking revenue for Shore Excursions, Indulgences, Spa and Dining by optimizing cross-sell and up-sell offers in the web channel through adaptive learning and multi goal arbitration
  • Leverage Real-Time Decisions to improve the overall customer experience by providing personalized and targeted content, and product recommendations throughout the Shore Excursion selection experience.

RTD provides Holland America with a cross channel, centralized decision management service for Customer Experience Optimization. RTD enables real-time intelligence to be instilled into any customer interaction, thus Holland is able to learn and predict which shore excursions, indulgences, and dining options are most appropriate to deliver to a customer. By learning from every single interaction and adjusting their processes in real-time, Holland America always takes the best course of action and optimizes the value of each opportunity.

The RTD Decision Management Framework provides for user-defined business rules, automated segmentation, real-time predictive models, test and control capabilities and user defined performance goals for optimizing decisions. Both rules and models can operate on historical, transactional and contextual real-time information.  This allows Holland America to treat every customer coming to the Shore Excursion site as a “segment of one” and provide for personalized and optimized customer experiences.

There are four optimized decisions that RTD makes as part of the Shore Excursion Booking Process. 90% of visitors have the optimized experience (RTD) and 10% of the visitors have the control experience (status quo):

  • Decision #1: Show/No Show shore excursions landing page:  Determine which flow is best for each customer.
  • Decision #2: Which landing page image is best to display?
  • Decision #3: Rank order the top excursions on the catalog page for each customer?
  • Decision #4: What are the best additional shore excursions, indulgences and spa and dining offers to recommend on the shopping cart page?

Within one month of being live, Holland America saw booking rates increase by 14% for the optimized experience (RTD) vs. the Control Experience (status quo). The success of this first project is helping pave the way for future RTD projects, as well as the adoption of Web Center Sites for building and managing their websites.

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