Monday Jun 03, 2013

Planes and Trains and Automobiles - WebCenter in Transportation

When Elmo talks about transportation, he’s really only thinking about the planes, trains, and automobiles (and rocket ships of course) kinds of transportation. Here at Oracle, the Travel and Transportation vertical market goes a lot deeper and wider than most furry red creatures would ever imagine. Oracle leads in this vertical with some pretty amazing stats:

Leadership in Travel and Transportation

  • 20 of the top 20 airlines get better results with Oracle
  • 17 of the 20 top hotels get better results with Oracle
  • 20 of the top 20 North American logistics service providers get better results with Oracle
  • 10 of the top 10 North American trucking companies get better results with Oracle
  • 4 of the 5 top ports get better results with Oracle

Watch an On-Demand Webcast to Learn More!When I originally started thinking about focusing this week on “WebCenter for Travel and Transportation,” I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical myself about what I would find for showcasing our solution set’s strengths in this area. Deep down, I knew that Oracle WebCenter has an essential role in many implemented solutions within Travel and Transportation, and I was happy to find a wide variety of customers and partners that are all great examples of where WebCenter adds value within this arena.

WebCenter solutions are complementary and supplemental to all of the solutions you’d find listed within this industry encompassing all means of travel and hospitality, shipping, passenger and freight transportation by air, water, road or rail. Trucking, shipping and other logistics organizations can improve their efficiencies and cut invoicing costs, while Airlines improve the web experience for their customers. Organizations are providing collaborative portals for their truckers and other employees to communicate with each other while on the road or with their offices while managing all important assets in a centralized repository for digital content and documents for their dynamic enterprise portals and back-office business processes. Whether you know it or not, one of the WebCenter pillars: WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Sites or WebCenter Imaging and Capture are often there behind the scenes keeping business moving while providing an engagement platform for employees, customers, partners and executive management to do their job with a smile on their face instead of a frown of frustration.

Oracle Solutions for Transportation help Airlines like the Emirates keep costs down, efficiencies high and employees happy.

So – welcome to another week of exploration into areas where WebCenter makes a difference. I hope you’ll join us for a few minutes to explore or more to listen to one of the webcasts we’ll be featuring this week. We’ll be featuring some success stories, partner highlights and industry news. If you’ve never even heard of APTA or AASHTO before this week – you’ll gain a new found respect for our transportation infrastructure or how cool it is to see how it’s managed, maintained, improved and sometimes even destroyed to make room for something new (check out the video below boys!)


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