Thursday May 09, 2013

WebCenter Partners Week: Extended Content Solutions

Today as part of our WebCenter Partners Week, we'll be hearing from across the pond in the UK, where our partner, Extended Content Solutions creates WebCenter Solutions to enhance our customer's experiences.

If you are just joining us today for the first time this week, you'll want to check out the past few days of posts from our partners, TekStream, FishBowl and Lingotek for some interesting reading and video views.

And for any of you WebCenter partners out there that are feeling left out - fear not - there is always room for you at the Oracle WebCenter Blog. We'd love to hear from you and feature your solutions to our readers in upcoming weeks. Contact me directly @  and we'll take care of you.

Extended Content Solutions

Founded in 2000 Extended Content Solutions (ECS) are an Oracle Gold Partner and WebCenter Specialist based in the UK. We pride ourselves on understanding customer requirements and delivering the finest solutions. All our staff are actively encouraged to undertake Oracle specialization training and we have experience in all aspects of Oracle WebCenter including Sites, Portal, Content and bespoke ADF development.

How do you manage your Digital Assets?

ECS produce a number of full product solutions based on the WebCenter platform. One of these is MediaStore which provides Rich Media asset management for enterprises.

MediaStore utilizes the underlying functionality of the WebCenter platform and enhances it with enterprise features such as bulk uploads and approvals, collaboration areas, copyright control, embargoes and integration with Oracle ATG commerce and WebCenter Sites.

MediaStore is being used by a number of organizations in the UK where it has been extremely successful in;

        • Reducing transport costs and project time by allowing third parties to share media and collaborate on new designs 
        • Enforcing corporate logos and branding
        • Reducing storage costs by providing a single repository for all digital assets
        • Enhancing digital asset management capabilities of Oracle ATG commerce

MediaStore is available as an online trial just get in touch for details of how to access it. For more information about MediaStore features and customer success stories please see the MediaStore pages on our websites at

Other products include Case Management, Scanning and Know Your Client (KYC) solutions all encompassing our unique and accessible user interfaces. For more information please see our website at

WebCenter for Financial Services

At ECS we recently completed a WebCenter Portal and Content implementation for the UK Fund Manager, CCLA. The results of this project have significantly reduced the time to process transactions, virtually eliminated paper from the processing team and saved costs by providing clear tracking of item status and ownership.

The CCLA implementation uses Oracle Document Capture (ODC) to scan mail items. These are then stored in WebCenter Content where they are indexed and validated including signature checking. Integration with Customer information allows transactions to be posted and reports are generated in Content for sending to Customers. WebCenter Portal is used to provide collaboration areas and dashboard overviews of item processing.

Videos describing the WebCenter implementation at CCLA are available below. 

CCLA Reduce Costs with Oracle Universal Content Management

CCLA Increase Efficiency with Oracle UCM

For more information about the use of WebCenter in CCLA and other case studies take a look at our website at or contact us at or on +44 (0)1483 688 030.


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