Tuesday May 07, 2013

WebCenter Partners Week: FishBowl Solutions

As we continue our exploration of WebCenter Partners this week, today we will feature FishBowl Solutions, another fine example of a partner that is adding great value for WebCenter customers.

A disclaimer by necessity: a five day period is relatively short - so it is really impossible to feature all of our partners this week. If  you are a partner and feeling left out or a customer that doesn't see your favorite partner featured this week - don't give them grief about it - this is really only a subset of our larger partner community that responded to a quick ping for participation. If you are a partner reading this and have something interesting to add to the conversation for a future feature - please contact me @ michael.snow@oracle.com and we can add you to a future partner-focused week on WebCenter Social channels.

Access Oracle WebCenter Content on your iPhone or Android with FishbowlToGo

Fishbowl Solutions has been working with Oracle WebCenter customers since 2010 to extend WebCenter Content to mobile devices. We started working with mobile sales force enablement and have since extended our offerings to meet expanding customer needs. We are excited to announce the release of our newest mobile app, FishbowlToGo.

FishbowlToGo was developed in response to the growing number of customers looking for a way to easily access WebCenter Content and perform basic content management actions from a smart phone. A lot of the organizations we’ve talked to are fighting off ad-hoc adoption of Dropbox or other consumer document management solutions that provide a mobile delivery channel outside the enterprise infrastructure and without the security of WebCenter. FishbowlToGo provides much of the familiar functionality found on these consumer apps within the WebCenter platform.

FishbowlToGo is publically available for iPhone and Android. Any WebCenter Customer can download the app for free and install it on their phone. The free version lets you search for and view content from the Oracle WebCenter Content repository including documents, images, and multimedia. You can also view your workflow queue and set commonly-used items as favorites to quickly access them again. To get started, simply download the app using the links below or search “FishbowlToGo” from the app store – no component or administrator setup is required.

Fishbowl also offers a premium version of the app, which requires a server-side component and provides more robust content management capabilities. With FishbowlToGo Premium, users can review and approve workflow items as well as check in content from their phones. The premium component enables users to pick from configurable upload types such as notes, photos, invoices, etc., and check in those items without filling out lengthy check-in forms from their phones.

FishbowlToGo helps WebCenter customers increase the value of their Oracle WebCenter system by extending content management capabilities to convenient and familiar mobile channels while retaining benefits like consistent access to the up-to-date versions and a secure content repository.

Besides FishbowlToGo, Fishbowl also offers a tablet-based Mobile Library app. We recently did a webinar on this app; for a video recap check out “Inside the Fishbowl” below from our YouTube channel. The full webinar recording is also available. Fishbowl worked with Banner Engineering to deploy this app to iPads and Android tablets last year. Banner recently presented their solution at Collaborate13. The presentation and whitepaper can be found on the Fishbowl Solutions Collaborate13 page. For additional information on this and other mobile solutions for Oracle WebCenter Content visit the links below or email info@fishbowlsolutions.com.

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