Friday Apr 06, 2012

Defense Manpower Data Center Wins Award for Excellence in the Workforce

The Defense Manpower Data Center milConnect website recently won the 2012 Award for Excellence in the Workforce. Defense Manpower Data Center milConnect is a centralized, online resource that provides military service members (active and retired) and their families (over 42 million in total) quick access to their profile, health care enrollments, benefits, and other military-related topics. An easy to use, safe and secure website, milConnect also provides service members with convenient access their personnel and service-related information. The self-service website allow users to quickly and easily find and, where applicable, update their information in the Defense Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and milConnect transmits information to and from one reliable source safely and securely. 

The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) maintains the largest, most comprehensive central repository of personnel, manpower, casualty, pay, entitlement, personnel security, person identity and attributes, survey, testing, training, and financial data in the Department of Defense (DoD).  This is one of the largest systems of record in the world. milConnect had the challenge of modernizing the user experience for over 42 million users. With records in over 22 applications and 25 interfaces in hundreds of existing systems, milConnect needed to reduce the complexity of multiple authentication sources as well as consolidating access to existing systems with sensitive information. It accomplished this using a service-orientated architecture, enterprise security and access and identity management for self-service access on a massive scale. By providing 24x7x365 secure access and handling over 5 million transactions daily, not only has milConnect, built on Oracle WebCenter, streamlined and improved the customer experience for military personnel and families. it has also done so while cutting costs, allowing self-service access, and promoting electronic government.

Congrats to Defense Manpower Data Center and milConnect! 


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